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Paris to Fans -- I Want to F**k You All!

1/14/2008 8:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a move sure to edge her closer to a humanitarian award, Paris Hilton gave her philanthropic presence to do some PR for LAX -- via a f**k-filled rant last night in which the heirmess spewed some filthy language from her already dirty mouth.

Britney would be so proud.


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Idiots - don't you see by now that she is paid mad money to attend these club events and get the crowds going? Like Jewel said, she is laughing all the way to the bank. At least she isn't a total disaster like Titney Smears - I'm so sick of hearing about that hillbilly wacko, TMZ should have a separate section for her crazy ass and her tramp of a sister, this way I don't have to read it or see pics of that mess.

2476 days ago

the lost    

She wants to share her herpes with everyone, is what she's saying. See, she's generous. You can't say she doesn't give to charity! LMAO.

2476 days ago


TMZ, stop calling this crude, obvious, herpes infected, brain dead slut an heiress. She used to have a certain "cache" because she was "an heiress to the Hilton family fortune" who would inherit $600 Million. However, now that 97% of the hilton fortune is to be given to charity (due in no small part to her stupid public slutting around; I'm still surprised the other hilton heirs haven't cut up her face with razors yet), she'll be lucky to inherit $10 million. Still a staggering amount, but she's lost her "heiress" title; the bloom has come off the skanky rose. She's no different from rich kids who went to Beverly Hills high school, except she's less graceful, less honest, not educated, totally not patient, definitely NOT good looking, is NOT intelligent or socially acceptable. In short, she's a herpes infected leg spreading slutty skank. Stop doing stories about her; she's not even interesting anymore...

2476 days ago

who dat    

Paris is so self absorbed she doesn't understand what a outright embarrassment she is.

If TMZ has any stones they will send a copy of this to her grandfather.

2476 days ago

The Sovereignty of TMZ Whores    

Skank whore! I think she should be known as rotten crotch! The only thing she's truely earned in life.

2476 days ago


A desperate effort to suck some back from the Brit fiasco.

2476 days ago


Oh, Paris. You make me laugh (as well as vomit in my mouth.) Why? Because THIS is why your VERY VERY SMART grandfather will be giving all of his money to charity. You are a skank whore who most likely DID sleep with everybody there (again) and you know what that means! The pharmacies are re-filling up stock on the STD meds to help all of your infected "friends". In case you have not learned by now, we were all secretly hoping that you would rot in the slammer while getting attacked by "Butch" your lesbian lover. Daily. Oh, and by the way, I happen to know (100% true) a guy that you slept with and he said that you an ocean of fish.

2476 days ago


what a worthless slutbag whore

2476 days ago


Tacky and totally Gross....

2476 days ago


No class whatsoever - she is a shame and disgrace to the human race. No wonder her grandfather is so disgusted and wants most of his wealth to go to charity. That's one, nasty and ugly woman raised by Kathy & Rick Hilton.

2476 days ago


You know, lately TMZ has been getting very bad.

You are putting up totally misleading photos and trying to to put a negative spin on Paris Hilton, while building up Lindsay Lohan.

Who in your office hates Paris and loves lohan? You guys are so transparent and it's quite pathetic.

2476 days ago

d to the izzle    

Pardon me while I go to YouTube and watch David Letterman's interview one more time. The funniest thing I've ever seen with Paris since the sex tape.

2476 days ago

Jennifer (Anaheim)    


2476 days ago


Paris Hilton inherits through her father who is a multi-millionaire in his own right . THAT is why she is called an heiress, her grandfather has nothing to do with it.
Moreover, you guys don't seem to understand how a charitable foundation functions. The Hiltons are keeping control of any trusts and the foundation.

2476 days ago


Hasty Pudding at Harvard, the oldest theatrical troupe in the country, is giving Paris the "Woman of the Year" award in February. She also has two films coming out this spring - Hottie and Repo.
Congratulations to Paris are in order.

2476 days ago
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