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Paris to Fans -- I Want to F**k You All!

1/14/2008 8:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a move sure to edge her closer to a humanitarian award, Paris Hilton gave her philanthropic presence to do some PR for LAX -- via a f**k-filled rant last night in which the heirmess spewed some filthy language from her already dirty mouth.

Britney would be so proud.


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Clair the breakfast club prom queen    

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is an example of real class. A true socialite. Just put this one in the scrapbook between the sex video and the mug shot, Kathy.

2481 days ago

So Angry!    

Paris is sooooo last year!

2481 days ago

Go away!!    

Why does her family not stage an intervention to get this coke whore clean? Do they have no control over this tramp or are they still of the opinion that there is no such thing as bad publicity? Do they have no shame?

CONGRATULATIONS paris, didn't think you could embarrass yourself anymore than you already have.

2481 days ago


I was unaware that Paris stil had any fans.

2481 days ago


ANGIE, my parents love me. They know who i am and that I have no shame. I'm not like you though, I'm hot you know. I will always have more money than you and i will always be hotter than you. And another thing, this wasn't embarrasing> I put out a sex video!

2481 days ago

Go away!!    

kathy did you teach your daughter to talk with such a potty mouth? If you wern't such a tw&t yourself you'd grab your herpes infected daughter, put her over you knee and smack some sense into her.

2481 days ago


she is actually stupid...

2481 days ago


DJ am sucks!!

Chicagos very own Todd Maverick is the nations best dj!!!

Bottom line!!!

2481 days ago


Way to represent the HILTON clan you low-life skank.

2481 days ago


What a douche bag. This very much explains that money doesn't buy class. I'm sure she was drunk and all. And those sad people, you all hate her. The only reason you're rooting for her is because you probably got lucky getting into the NOW TRASHY 'LAX' nightclub.

How can anyone buy her perfume?
What a slut!

2481 days ago


The thing about paris is not that she's not doing any harm, but the fact that she showing no true class and little respect for herself the dumb sl_t

2481 days ago


Face it , Paris either attracts 70 yr old horny viagra taken men, or 10-12 yr olds. Since all the kids are pushing toward Hannah Montana then Paris must cater to the old farts. Oh yeah, and that 800 pound gorilla who is her biggest fan.

2481 days ago


Grandpa Hilton,

Take it all away. She's a disgrace to what you've worked so hard for.

2481 days ago


To Jewel...#15

When she hits 30 and the paid-to-sell-yourself offers stop coming in, she won't be laughing. I live in Boston, and she is a disrespected joke here. When she visits Cambridge to claim her Lampoon Award at Harvrd, I can guarantee you, she will be booed heartily. She thought the Spike Awards were bad. (LOL)

2480 days ago


To Angie #88 --

Those films will probably do as well as "House of Wax." Hilton can't act, period. She is booed everywhere except for Vegas. Her clothing line is tanking as well. Prices have been cut repeatedly because they expected more sales.

2480 days ago
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