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TMZ Live Stream -- Back Soon!

1/14/2008 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey folks -- don't worry, we'll bring the live stream back as soon as Britney's comin' round the bend. Yes, she's nearly 'round the bend now, we know, but you know what we mean.
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Stay tuned!


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britney on laski isoperse paskanaama nain meilla suomessa(finland)

2481 days ago


Maybe if they put a few gas pumps in front of the courthouse, she would show up to buy cigarettes.....

2481 days ago


27. How come no one went to her house and made sure she showed up, Like Mom or Dad, Attorney's might have been good. If she loses because she did'nt show up sadley, she deserves it. COME ON BRIT!!!!!! GET THE HELL UP!

Posted at 1:42PM on Jan 14th 2008 by vicki

I fail to understand why a grown woman in the middle of a custody battle would need someone to make sure she shows up.

And even by some unfathomable stretch of the imagination she did need it, her pap boy has been running her all over the place, you think he doesn't know where the court house is?

2481 days ago


""Anyone who defends Britney is braindead"

No, dear. They just have any understanding in the medical community that there is mental illness. Take off your blinders, and go listen to your K Fed CD."

Listen up, you braindead cow. We KNOW she is mentally ill - she can still make court appointments. She can still go to clubs, drive around, and steal things from parties. She isn't THAT mentally ill.

I'm not a K-Fed fan, but he's obviously the better parent.

Britney fans are retarded. Like you.

2481 days ago

Team K-Fed    

Right on Adrienne.... hahhahahaa.

Perhaps if you put a gas station with goodies, or a Target store nearby. Then she'd show!

What a joke. What a loser. Get a life Britney Spears. Go get help.

2481 days ago


27. How come no one went to her house and made sure she showed up, Like Mom or Dad, Attorney's might have been good. If she loses because she did'nt show up sadley, she deserves it. COME ON BRIT!!!!!! GET THE HELL UP!

Posted at 1:42PM on Jan 14th 2008 by vicki
Why should anyone go to her house and make sure she shows up? She's 26 years old. She's an adult. She knew there was a hearing today. It is up to her to be there.

Some of you Britney defenders on here act like she has the mental capacity of a 9 year old. She probably does. And that is all the more reason she SHOULD NOT have custody of those children. She is not capable of taking care of them. If she can't get her butt out of bed to show up at a hearing and fight for them, she sure as hell doesn't deserve to have them and they are way better off in the care of someone who will actually take care of them like a parent should.

I'm no KFed fan but he has certainly acted a hell of a lot more responsible than Britney has and at least he acts like he actually WANTS the children.

2481 days ago



lol, ain't it the truth!

2481 days ago

W T F ?    

16. she's late cause the wedding dress was at the cleaners...she needed it for the hearing...

Posted at 1:41PM on Jan 14th 2008 by momoney**************************************************************************************

That's funny, momoney! Like she'd ever send something to be cleaned! ha ha ha ha

2481 days ago

Animal Lover    

Hey anna russo, too bad you were born without a brain!!!!!!! NASTY NASTY person that you are.

2481 days ago


Is it true that her mom and a lawyer showed up?? If so I wonder if they are going to try and have her committed. Does anyone know how that works if the judge allows it.

2481 days ago

Pete Best    

Honestly - the judge should just find her in contempt of court, and have the cops drag her to court, just like would happen to common slobs like most of us.

2481 days ago

Phony Tony    

FoxNews just reported Britney could face criminal charges for not showing up to this hearing.

Oboy, won't that be great???

Britney in the can!


2481 days ago


25. Does anyone have any kind of ballpark figure Kevin could get in child support if he gets full custody? That's really the only reason I want her to show up. He does NOT deserve to get her money after he left her in a downward spiral!

Posted at 1:42PM on Jan 14th 2008 by on my radar
He is getting $25K per month per kid right now under their divorce agreement and that was for only having the kids a couple days a week. I would imagine that figure will go up considerably now that he has full custody.

2481 days ago


BB, here's why:

Brit made all that "loser" cash to begin with.
Everything he has is because of Britney.

Yes, Brit has mental problems; but the courts cannot hold that against her when she finally gets her act together.

Kevin knew Britney was vunerable and left her in a downward spiral after giving birth to two of his kids.

Sure he's being the responsible parent---there's money in it for him, sweetie.

I'm actually not so much FOR Britney, but AGAINST K-Fed.

BTW, Yes, Anna Russo. I completely agree with you! I'm glad you see it, too!

2481 days ago


I think she will show up at 3pm like she is suppose too eastern time. We shall see she better or she will lose them for a good period of time....

2481 days ago
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