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Behold! Newest Scientolodroid Debuts!

1/15/2008 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman made television history yesterday when, for the very first time, he welcomed an android as a guest on his show. It did not jump on the chairs.

When the KH-9878 Scientolobot™ arrived, its Sociability Module had not yet been uploaded, and it entered the Ed Sullivan Theater without greeting the waiting press and gawking public. Note its remarkable Wintour-o-Bob Cranial Headgear!

As the KH-9878 was properly configured, it demonstrated remarkable human-like dexterity with an ordinary pen -- not to mention a fetching set of "gams."

Watch the world-premiere demonstration.


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2412 days ago


Finally! A Stepford wife! It took awhile but Tom accomplished his "perfect" wife.

2412 days ago


She's more like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

2412 days ago

Empathy Matters    

This poor child has been so thoroughly brainwashed by her Scientology mentor, I certainly hope she continues to walk on air and believe she is blissfully happy.

2412 days ago

too sad    

why is everytthing " AMAZING " with her ............?

i don't even want to save her any more .

2412 days ago


How presumptuous of her. She carries her own sharpie. Gah!

2412 days ago


This article is soooooooo hilarious! Can you imagine her surprise when she finally wakes up from her nightmare?

2412 days ago


Aww, I like Tom and Katie, and think it's in bad taste to defame someone over their religion. How would you like it if people started saying things about your religion.

Being an agnostic, I think all religion is ridiculous, but I do try to be tolerant.

2412 days ago


LMAO - TMZ, whoever writes for you is hysterical!! This is great :)

2412 days ago


lol #8 thats so funny coz that drives me crazy as well...every thing with Katie is AMAZING..Toms Amazing..Cookies are even Amazing..When you're happy and your life is really AMAZING you dont spend every moment trying to convince others of it..Poor Suri..and I bet Nicole is really happy she got out of that cult marriage and has a real hubby now.

2412 days ago


I am the first to say Tom Cruise is a bonafide nutjob, but whover wrote this needs to go back and take some writing lessons. I mean seriously, this is some lame cheesy writing. I've seen seventh graders who wrote better than this.

2412 days ago

No she didn't......    

That AMAZING comment was funny. He says it too. I did notice on the program she was very very reserved. In fact, you could tell she wanted to say how "cool" it was that her father and brother had run races, but she carefully put in the word "great". And you could tell she was very cautious when she had stumbled. I don't know what is going on there but its a bit much. But she would not be the first wife that was quite a bit younger than the husband. The husband usually likes this so he can control the situation.
You have got to check out this site. It really freaks me out as far as scientology goes. I was not caring either way, now I think - good god they are all whacked!

2412 days ago


7. How presumptuous of her. She carries her own sharpie. Gah!

Posted at 3:02PM on Jan 15th 2008 by FelicityShagwell

Probably cautious more than presumptuous, being a new mom she may want to stay away from the crowd germs, I would.

2412 days ago


Where is Katie Holmes and what have they done with her?

2412 days ago

Denise Moreth    

Scientolodroid = 21st century Stepford Wives

2412 days ago
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