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Behold! Newest Scientolodroid Debuts!

1/15/2008 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman made television history yesterday when, for the very first time, he welcomed an android as a guest on his show. It did not jump on the chairs.

When the KH-9878 Scientolobot™ arrived, its Sociability Module had not yet been uploaded, and it entered the Ed Sullivan Theater without greeting the waiting press and gawking public. Note its remarkable Wintour-o-Bob Cranial Headgear!

As the KH-9878 was properly configured, it demonstrated remarkable human-like dexterity with an ordinary pen -- not to mention a fetching set of "gams."

Watch the world-premiere demonstration.


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Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

anyone who shuns her real, loving and supportive, family for a crazy like tom and the scientologies has problems.

she had stars in her eyes when she met tom, and he used her pitifully. he doesn't love her. he loves his wierd science creation.

whacked out couple! keeeeeerazy!

2441 days ago


did anyone notice her scientology handler saying "not that one" just before katie turned around to face the photogs? wonder what it was...maybe a boob shot!?!?

2441 days ago


TMZ, you are getting boring with this same old Katie Homes = a robut stuff.

2441 days ago


Lay off people's religion. That is repulsive. As long as they leave you alone, leave them alone. This isn't Nazi Germany or is that the direction you are going? Whip up hate and intolerance in the ignorant and let's see where it goes?

2441 days ago


Low blow, Harvey Levin. I know you think it's funny to make fun of people, but there's a line you shouldn't cross, and you crossed it with Katie Holmes. Calling her a "robot" and all the assorted "witicisms" you've attempted here is nothing more than you saying you believe a "religion" is illegitimate. I wonder if you'd allow the same thing if one of your bitchy writers took a swipe at the Jewish religion, or called someone who's jewish a "miser" or something similarly disgusting.

I know you've lost so many brain cells, what with your massive coke habit, Harvey, but try to use what little brain you have left & think about what you're doing before you post something stupid like this again...

2441 days ago

emily santiago    

the Letterman interview was painful to watch. I had the feeling Letterman was not looking forward to the interview, stalled & had recollections of his bypass, chest pain, like he probably felt while sitting next to her. Would LOVE to know what he was thinking. I found myself too dreading when KH came out. She makes a fool of herself, so awkward, kept asking him the same question back to divert from herself. She has nothing to say anyway.

Does anyone think TC is sabotaging KH by sending her out to humiliate herself, is he getting off on this? Doesn't look like he gives a crap about Suri or his two other children. He stages camcording Suri at the Toy Store to make himself look like a caring family man. What fools!

2441 days ago


I really don't understand how Scientology qualifies as a religion. From what I have read about it, it seems more like Science Fiction, space ships, other dimension, ect. I'm not trying to be funny, but how does that qualify as a religion??

2441 days ago


To "Harvey Levin Sucks",

YOU ARE MY NEW HERO!! HAHA. Best comment I've ever read on TMZ!

2441 days ago


Damn! Nicole Kidman must be laughing her ass off and sighing a big relief, knowing she doesn't have to put up with that control-freak, kook ex-husband any more. Poor Katie. She's completely transformed and will never know her true self any more. What a shame.

2441 days ago


The Chruch doesn't play, they took down Toms recruitment vid already.

2441 days ago


Soooo Katie is "excited' about her daughter becoming a "movie star" huh? Hmm.....the kid isn't even in school yet. Nor will that kid ever really go to school either, just like the two children Tom adopted (but are never seen with). If these people are really a family, why are they never seen together?

PLUS, how about Letterman asking Katie if her family ALL WANTS MONEY! ha ha ha ha ha! It's the truth and Dave knows it! Katie is in it for the money. Just like stealing money in her newest movie. Sorry Katie but, I for ONE will NOT go see any Katie Holmes movies. I am burnt out on Miss Holmes. She's a bore! And I hate Tom.

Those here who think Scientology is a religion need to start reading the material. Because you see, THERE IS NO GOD in Scientology! Religions have a God. Scientology does not. It cost around $170,000. to work your way up their money making scheme. Of course it can cost they will send you through class after class to take your money. And claiming "your the one" with the problem. They should tax that crazy "church". Many many thousands never even finish it.

Regardless, Katie's only words are "excited", "amazing", "magical". Yeech! Any of you ever here your spouses talk that way? Now Miss Holmes has had plastic surgery, and stands like Posh with her legs spread out like an A. However, it doesn't work because Katies legs are not slim, they are HUGE. Well.........I've really come to dislike this particular D list star. Yuck on Katie Holmes. My opinion!

2441 days ago


THE TOP OF HER LEGS ON LETTERMAN WERE GIANT AND NOT SHAPELY AT ALL. MORE LIKE A SIDE OF BEEF, EACH ONE ... take a look at her beefy mother and look how thick she is... her face as an adult has lost it's petite prettiness too .. and it will get worse. Sad.

As for Scientology... it is not a religion about God, but can only get a tax deduction bt pretending to be a church of God. It is not !!! It is however a cult !!!

2441 days ago


The town of Stepford must be soooo proud.
Never again will I ever see anything Katie or Tom do.

Fans make you famous, Fans can make you go away!!!!

2441 days ago


She has become such a freak!!! I feel sorry for Dianne Keaton & Queen Latifah as she's going to hurt their movie like Tom did to Robert Redford & Meryl Streep.

2441 days ago


I think she looked younger and better when she had long hair . Now she just looks like a young girl trying to look older and more mature . Thats what her hubby wanted .He even asked for her to call herself Kate not Katie .It is all about how they are percieved . They are both so fake !I think he is creepy !

2441 days ago
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