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Brit Ditches Court for Empanadas

1/15/2008 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears couldn't be bothered attending her all-important custody hearing yesterday -- but mama had all the time in the world for more food from South of the border! Tengo hambre!

After showing up -- and then immediately bagging her court date yesterday, Brit hightailed it to the San Fernando Valley with dos hombres, Adnan and Sam, causing a mad pap crush at Gaucho Grill, an Argentinian restaurant chain.

Instead of quietly taking the elevator down to the private underground parking lot, Brit and the gang took a "look at us" escalator ride down into the waiting sea of paparazzi. After that madness -- and the requisite outfit change -- a British Brit then stopped off at a Hollywood Rite Aid, tightly grasping her man's hand as they traversed the photog-filled parking lot.


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We are ALL enabling this idiot. (myself included for writing this) If all the celeb sites would just stop for a week, it would be over. If only!

2441 days ago

who dat    

I wonder how log it will be before assault charges will be filed against britneys newest schlepper. He shoved a few fellow lensmen yesterday to move them back. I predict not long.

2441 days ago


She is a bitch. Selfish, sick, crazy bitch!

2441 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

she didnt appear 4 court again,I knew she was't,typical britney,and does that knowing she can get away w/ that ! only a few miles away eating just waiting oh, its not that important anyway, it only ur kids.

2441 days ago


Wow what a slap in the face to her children, she couldn't make it into court because of all the paps, but the paps didn't stop her from having a burrito or doing whatever it is she does in all the pharmacies she frequents. How pathatic! I did sympathize with her but this has clearly shown that she most definatly is NOT a victim in this scenerio. She is a pathetic excuse for a woman & mother & if I were her family, I'd completely wash my hands of her!

2441 days ago


What is with the British accent?

2441 days ago


Gaucho Restaurante...i think it's Brazilian even by the name of it,,,and Britney is just a loser

2441 days ago

My Opinion    

Adnan is wearing white and Brit's wearing some cream creation. Brit's has courtaphobia and is scarred of paparazzi but she's not to scared to go to Mexico with a paparazzi. Now she's eating empanadas. Next she'll start speaking in Spanish.

2441 days ago


Okay first of all she said she was scared of the pap so she did not go to court, but rides an escalator down instead of using elevator she loves the attention. Plus I think the only reason she showed up yesterday was to get her picture taken not to get her boys back. She makes me sick. I also think if everybody stopped paying attention to her and she realized hey nobody cares anymore then maybe just maybe she might get help.

2441 days ago


#6- She is either making some "deep" statement about marriage, or is in some denial psychosis about her life and is overcompensating with her wedding garb.

2441 days ago


#5--=questor--you are as pathetic and confused as Britney.

2441 days ago

Brits Grits    

Brit Ditches Kids For Empanadas

Obviously she decided her kids were not worth keeping. She paid the price and now she can't say anything about her kids being with the other money grubbing talentless homo sapien.

The show is over and somebody should recommend Brit being put on suicide watch, she'll go over the edge when the reality sets in that she'll never see her children ever again until they grow old enough to keep away from her on their own will.

2441 days ago


We all know that Britney has big problems. But my question is; What is going on with the Child Protection Agency in Ca.? In the Real World, this would have never taken place. It looks as if there is no fairness in Ca. system. This is shameful for the world to see.

2441 days ago


If she could have taken an underground elevator but chose the wide open papparazzi filled escalator, right there is your answer. She was so scared at the courthouse and could not go in, but any other time plays with the paps every chance she gets. She does not want these kids, but also has an attack of conscience about it, so she feels she should at least look like she is "attempting" to appear at the court hearing, when she did not want to show at all. There are so many things she could do to make her life more "papparzzi free" but she instead uses them every chance she gets. I will admit though, that celebrities should not be photographed all the time, or as close as the paps get to them. But in the case of Britney, she lives for it, even though she plays the "scared" or "fed up" little girl. And where did that british accent come from? Did she catch that when she kissed Madonna?

2441 days ago
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