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Brit Ditches Court for Empanadas

1/15/2008 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears couldn't be bothered attending her all-important custody hearing yesterday -- but mama had all the time in the world for more food from South of the border! Tengo hambre!

After showing up -- and then immediately bagging her court date yesterday, Brit hightailed it to the San Fernando Valley with dos hombres, Adnan and Sam, causing a mad pap crush at Gaucho Grill, an Argentinian restaurant chain.

Instead of quietly taking the elevator down to the private underground parking lot, Brit and the gang took a "look at us" escalator ride down into the waiting sea of paparazzi. After that madness -- and the requisite outfit change -- a British Brit then stopped off at a Hollywood Rite Aid, tightly grasping her man's hand as they traversed the photog-filled parking lot.


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Sick to my Stomach    

Ok - I used to think all of this wasn't her fault.....that people just blew things out of proportion...but I watched the live stream yesterday. She screams about being scared yet gets out of the car to get onto the other side - but the best part is - she does it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PAPS. There were maybe 10 paps on the other side of the building which she drove past 3 or 4 times - she could have switched sides of the car then....but why would she? she isn't scared of the paps - she's scared of getting her @$$ chewed out by the commissioner, and looking like a fool in front KFED. STop giving this girl attention. I've come to realize that she is ignorant. Her kids ARE better off without her.

2473 days ago


i understand brit giving up on the court battle. if i was in a legal battle with the f*ing loser KFED theres really no point in sharing visitation rights because any positive influence britney puts on her kids, KFED will undue when he has time with the kids. I hope both kids follow their daddy and have ridiculous stupid mohawk hairdos. again proving my point that the mother will always be a better parent then KFED the dork with the mohawk.

Posted at 8:57AM on Jan 15th 2008 by questor

You are possibly the biggest retard on the planet if you think that she could ever be a better parent than him. Wow, and here I thought that no one could be a bigger loser than her, but I think you proved me wrong. You are the biggest loser. Idiot. Oh, and by the way, the mohawk is for his role on One Tree Hill. I say again, idiot.

2473 days ago



You do realize that he has the mohawk because of an acting role.

What positive role is Britney exhibiting now?

2473 days ago

kh in virginia    

somebody please get her some help...take her away
so sad to watch someone self destruct like this.
please get this poor girl some help if she is truly this crazy and this is not just somebig act

2473 days ago


It would not surprise me if these 2 got married yesterday. Didn't they go to Mexico last week for the day?
Bet she paid for him to get a quickie divorce....this has something to do with the laws of having her commited, her spouse would have to commit her , not her parents now if she did marry him.
IF she did marry him it was to make it harder to commit her

2473 days ago


Did she really think that was an appropriate outfit for Court? Wow.

2473 days ago


What is her obession with the wedding dress??? Did you also notice the ring on her wedding finger??? I know they can't be married unless it was done illegally since "Dingle Dorf" is still married, Also, what is up with the new accent she is talking in now??? The girl has got many, many issues and is not fit to be a mother. There is alot of bashing of KFed going on and originally I was not a KFed fan but at least he is being a good parent and taking care of the kids. And he is showing up to court showing he does care about their well being. And even if it is money driven....Britney has ALL the power in the world to show she is capable of caring for her children and chooses not to do so. Also, what is her children are going to grow up and be able to see ALL of this one day. How incredibly sad.

2473 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Isn't that strange. She is wearing a wedding dress and sporting a big ring. The girl is about to orbit Mars...

2473 days ago


I'm sorry but in my opnion she is only focused on herself and not the well being of her children. She is a F#$@n loser and a C$*&nt! I say let her kill herself the kids would be better off! Die bitch! You don't deserve those boys!

2473 days ago


She is creating her profile at a biker dating site called, and she met a biker star there. They siad that Hilton and Britney have joined the site for love and passion.

Posted at 9:14AM on Jan 15th 2008 by Omh MN

Ok, let me try to keep my words small and short so your little, teeny, weeny pea-sized brain can understand what I am saying. NO ONE GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT YOUR STUPID SITES A-HOLE!!!!!! Idiot.

2473 days ago


She doesnt want her boys. How much more clear could that be. Why show up if your not going in? Guess she needed her picture taken. Give the kids to the father and be done with it all. Everything she does is for herself. I'm tired of seeing her face on the news and everywhere else for that matter. Never been a fan anyway. Feel sorry for her boys because of the loser mother they have. How can you have children and turn your back on them. Say it again.....LOSER!

2473 days ago


It is sad that you all can not understand that she needs help. As for the "whore calling" that is unacceptable. At least say the 'w' word be pc. She has not hit bottom yet and untill she does this will continue. I am sad for her. shame on all you saints , I wonder what would we see about your life and dirty lttle secrects were you to be watched and broadcasted worldly 24/7.

2473 days ago


To me, i'm thinkin celebs ruin their self and whats the big deal about talkin about them anyway. They are in the public eye all the time they chose that life!!! BRITNEY IS NASTY!!!

2473 days ago


"Instead of quietly taking the elevator down to the private
underground parking lot, Brit and the gang took a "look at us"
escalator ride down into the waiting sea of paparazzi."

Yep. They're camera whores. I bet it's fun the first couple times but
that's got to get annoying after a while. No wonder she started
screaming about how she's "f'n over it". She should be. Having all
those cameras around her helped her lose her kids! And yet she
continues. Complete idiot.

2473 days ago

Tiger Tale    

I think I got it. She showed to court suspecting her family might have her committed.

Brit was waaaay ahead of everyone. She is now married and Adnan is the only person who can commit her against her will.

She ain't so stupid.

2473 days ago
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