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Brit Ditches Court for Empanadas

1/15/2008 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears couldn't be bothered attending her all-important custody hearing yesterday -- but mama had all the time in the world for more food from South of the border! Tengo hambre!

After showing up -- and then immediately bagging her court date yesterday, Brit hightailed it to the San Fernando Valley with dos hombres, Adnan and Sam, causing a mad pap crush at Gaucho Grill, an Argentinian restaurant chain.

Instead of quietly taking the elevator down to the private underground parking lot, Brit and the gang took a "look at us" escalator ride down into the waiting sea of paparazzi. After that madness -- and the requisite outfit change -- a British Brit then stopped off at a Hollywood Rite Aid, tightly grasping her man's hand as they traversed the photog-filled parking lot.


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This girl needs help. Her family has got to intervene. These vultures around her are just waiting to take her down even more.

2442 days ago


I agree with#41. Hold her sorry a** on contempt and put her in jail. In the real world with real people we would have lost our kids a looooooooooooooong time ago. Paris went to jail. Give Brit a taste of real reality.

2442 days ago



2442 days ago

God helps those who hellp themselves    

This woman can not find any peace in this state where she lives. Hounded by the stalkerazzi day in and day out. She can't even go to a rite aid. Now that the custody of her children was stripped from her, she can escape to another state and hide herself away from all the media hooplah.
She needs to seek solace, take time to reflect, look deep inside and inwardly examine her life, behavior and actions in the last year.
Find mental stability Britney .... now is the time it will make a world of difference if you sought some help from a professional on the state of your mental health. No one on the planet thinks you are acting normal except for you and the enablers around you. If they haven't made you feel true peace and happiness by now and if they can't argue a point with you or tell you NO, they are not in a good place and they are helping you stay unhealthy for a reason, people hide their agenda's from you, they keep you sick , please seek them out and remove these people from your world.

Surround yourself with the people who truely care for you , people who LOVE and care for you unconditionally. These people Im thinking of can only be your parents. If you can take that soloce reflection and know in your heart (the feeling you have for your own children) that unconditional Love and support for the boys is EXACTLY what your mum and dad feel for you GO to them and help them to help you through this difficult time. You need to come to a place of peace in your mind and that will only come by hiring a team of Dr.s who can diagnose and treat you. I promise you feel feel 100% better. Free that mind of yours. You are a broken woman now and need desperately to find happiness again.
many people suffer from all sorts of menatl issues 1% of our population has bipolar and left untreated any mental condition can escalate into freaquent unhealthy episodes that currupt our minds and make our lives out of control. There is no shame in seeking out the Dr's to make us feel better. You have a month to seek treatment before your next court date. Put your best foot forward now and do what is right for you and your children. They need you to be healthy and strong again and all is possible with treatment.God has a divine purpose for our lives, and there's such comfort and peace in knowing that even when our lives are a mess, He sees the incredible beauty underneath

2442 days ago


kill yourself brit and please go away you TRASH!

2442 days ago


So maybe she has given up on the kids and trying to have new ones. Ding dang, ya'll, if I can't see the kids I have, I will just have new ones! Come on honey, let's have a kid! How soon until we hear she's pregnant again? Ding dang, ya'll, I'm having myself another baby.

2442 days ago


I thought she was freaked out by all the photogs and that's why she left the courthouse.

She is such a loser. I really hope she never gets custody or even visitation.

Someday her kids will be old enough to see what happened and how she really didn't love them.

2442 days ago


Ya anyone els notice how she is wearing a ring on her finger she must be playing house and married life in her mind poor girl and what is with going to the gas station every night for a bottle of pop grocery stores sell them buy the box and rite -aid whats with that but i suppose if you don't so out in the public eye you are not newsworthy anymore which she needs to become stop reporting her everymove and maybe she will realize she needs help.
going to be princess Di al over again paps!!

2442 days ago


What's with the wedding dress at a custody hearing? And why are all the men in this picture holding their mouths so strangely? I think it would be fun if we all start a pool--all TMZ users try to pinpoint the exact date Britney and her latest "man" break-up!! Now that would be fun!!!

2442 days ago


Could someone PLEASE take those stupid cowboy boots away from her? Those are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen and she seems to wear them with damn near every outfit she owns.

Did you notice how "boytoy" moved out of her way so the paps could get clear photo's of her? No way I'll ever believe the paps kept her from getting into the courthouse. She loves the attention when it suits her then blames the paps when it doesn't.

2442 days ago


Judge not least you be judged, and you will be. I pity her because I know she is sick and I am sad that people with their petty jealous are so quick to condemn someone less fortunate than themselves.

2442 days ago


This is a such a sad situation. She is feeding on the photographers and media paying attention to her and unfortunately she is getting it. She has obvious mental problems and behavioral issues. Even worse, these low life people around her are using her and taking advantage of her unstable mental condition and there is nothing anyone can do to help her.

Her family needs to commit her and get these low-life men out of the picture. How much more low can this get? I hope we're not witnessing a public suicide. That sure looks like what is happening. It has gone from celebrity gawking to this very, very sad situation. It's hard to watch. A mother giving up on her kids....that is just impossible to comprehend.

2442 days ago

W T F ?    

Well, I see she has her nasty brown boots on again, so everything is right again in Twitney's world. Back to the same old same old. Yuck. This is so old. Go away, Twit. For good.

2442 days ago


I hope like hell she was picking up some birth control at Rite Aid

2442 days ago



2442 days ago
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