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Brit Ditches Court for Empanadas

1/15/2008 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears couldn't be bothered attending her all-important custody hearing yesterday -- but mama had all the time in the world for more food from South of the border! Tengo hambre!

After showing up -- and then immediately bagging her court date yesterday, Brit hightailed it to the San Fernando Valley with dos hombres, Adnan and Sam, causing a mad pap crush at Gaucho Grill, an Argentinian restaurant chain.

Instead of quietly taking the elevator down to the private underground parking lot, Brit and the gang took a "look at us" escalator ride down into the waiting sea of paparazzi. After that madness -- and the requisite outfit change -- a British Brit then stopped off at a Hollywood Rite Aid, tightly grasping her man's hand as they traversed the photog-filled parking lot.


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To put it all in perspective: You have lost custody, been hospitalized and haven't seen your children in days. Your attorneys have warned you that you must come to court to speak to the judge if you want to regain access to your own children. You don't make an attempot to arrive until hours after your lawyers and the myriad witnesses against you have come. Once at the court house, you feign fear and anxiety and promptly go get lunch.

What's wrong with that picture? This is the portrait of a person divorced from reality. It's sad but at least the children are being safeguarded from an unstable personality.

2439 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

For all of you people that think Brit, is crazy think again. There's nothing wrong with her. She was advised by her lawyers on every move that she made yesterday. She loves her boys and there will be justice served. Kevin may be a good father. But if TMZ was up his A$$ as much as they follow Britt. then he would probably act out the same way. Who will have the children when he parties in Vegas? The Nanny?? who will be watching the kids when his "Friends" come over and party?? So when Britt is out partying leave her alone. The more attention that Britt get the better K-Fed feels about himself, and the more money he will receive from Britt. I pray that her family shows up and supports her.

As for K-Fed, go out and make some money and prove to the world that you don't need Britt's money.. Just remember you CANNOT RAP or ACT.

2439 days ago


Check out Adnan's wife...........she is hott! To go from her to Britney he must be just as messed up! Of course read the article as it sounds like their relationship was very odd anyway.

2439 days ago


Hey coward, why dont you leave the osama bin laden wannabe alone and fight for your children .. loser.

2439 days ago

Just The Opposite...A Bright Future Ahead    

#71 - "What's with the wedding dress at a custody hearing? And why are all the men in this picture holding their mouths so strangely?"

Oh my - I almost just died laughing when I looked at the photo to see what this comment meant! I think they're all holding their mouths so strangely because they all think this little sideshow is a joke. Unfortunately, when Britney finally gets the therapy she so obviously needs, she is the one who is going to have to deal with the after effects of the "funny" games these men are playing with her children's lives.

2439 days ago


WHORE WHORE WHORE WHORE BRITNEY IS A 10 CENT WHORE!! You sound abit envious, what you only have a nickel?

2439 days ago


is anybody else waiting for the day her dead body is found so we don`t have to see this crap every damn day?

2439 days ago


It was not mandatory for her to show up to the hearing, just in the best interest of getting to see her kids. Who does she think she is fooling saying she was scared of all the photogs? She could have used a private elevator at the restaurant but chooses to take the long ride down the escalator where she can be seen. She's going to start eating there a lot, I bet she loves that escalator ride down with all eyes on her. And her boy toy.....I hear them yelling at him to move so they can get the shot of brit and he does, he moves out of the way. Wow, he's protective of her!!! And if it was soooo distressing, she would have just went home to hide out. She needs to stay the f**k home for once. Go to Rite-Aid, stock up on everything you will need for a week or two, stock up on smokes, whatever else you need, ugly red nail polish for your chewed up fingernails. You should have enough shampoo since you don't use that. Buy some Pro Active. And stay home. If you happen to run out of something, I bet one of your trained monkeys can go get it without you. Those poor kids, someday they will know their mommy did not even try...

2439 days ago


RE: #5 Questor
This brain-fart is just too good to pass up!
"no point in sharing visitation rights because any positive influence britney puts on her kids, KFED will undue when he has time with the kids." Please enlighten me as to how watching the police bust through the door and haul mommy away to the psych ward after she has held them hostage is a "positive influence"? How is being pushed off on a nanny while they are with mommy because she has "more important" things to do going to positively impact their lives? How is being trapped in a speeding car with no seatbelts on, running around LA at all hours of the night so mommy can be on the news going to make them happy? And watching mommy screwing a different guy every other week is certainly a wholesome way to bring up a kid...

KFed is certainly not going to win any parenting awards, but at least he doesn't put the kids in danger when he is around them. You don't see him out doing stupid things with the kids, and you can bet your ass that if he did, those Britney-loving enablers at X17 would have have it as a banner headline.

And your statement "I hope both kids follow their daddy and have ridiculous stupid mohawk hairdos" implies that you WANT bad things to happen to the boys, just because things aren't going well for your Brit-Brit! I doubt your girl wants to see YOUR wish come true.

Use your brain.

2439 days ago


To Couselor poster #76: Are you joking???

No attorney worth their license would advise any client to appear unconcerned to the presiding judge. I suspect you are quite young or you wouldn't say that. Every adult (and parent) knows that cusotdy issues are solely determined by presiding judges. There is nothing to be gained by losing favor with Commissioner Gordon unless Britney doesn't really want to be the primary caretaker for her kids. Now that's a possibility.

2439 days ago


I agree with #69.
She need help and saying all the ugly things about her does not help. It is so easy to look at someone else and say how you would act different but till you walk in her shoes you only know what you see in the media. For someone to say they wish she would die. I think you may need to look at your on life and find out why you are so angry at someone you do not really know. mabey you need help too.

2439 days ago



2439 days ago


Has Britney's latest/soon to be-ex boyfriend worked since he met her?

2439 days ago

hell with them all    

has anyone checked to see if those two had a GREEN in order to be in my country?

2439 days ago


"Dos hombres" ??? "A British Brit" ??? "Traversed"?????

What the-?? This writing is so bad, it's hilarious............guys, you really need to hire some actual writers and leave the high school crowd alone.

2439 days ago
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