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Britney: God or Dog?

1/15/2008 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ cameraman tried to butter up Britney Spears today at Jerry's Deli, telling her she looked stunning -- her British response: "Oh my God!"*

With her tousled weave, ungainly Daisy Dukes and indelicate strappy shoes, Spears and Adnan ventured back into the Valley to pick up some take-out.

*A few TMZ staffers still swear she says, "I'm a dog." How appropriate.


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I think Brit is addicted to the pap and need serious help. I think that she is being used by her own mother and family. I also think that she is going to cause a serious accident or maybe kill herself. Brit get yourself help.

2470 days ago


And WHAT is adenoid doing wearing those sunglasses ALL the time?! He think he is a celebrity too? OR are they just high ALL the time??

2470 days ago

just wondering    

....for sure I see marriage and a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...just as soon as it can happen too!!!!!!!! doubt!

2470 days ago

river rat    

I swear I saw two little eyes peeking out from that weave. What a mess!

2470 days ago


anyone else notice Adnan never holds her hand he holds her wrist - whats up with that?

2470 days ago



2470 days ago


She looks awful cheery for having her visitation rights stripped yet again, and not seeing her babies for what 11 or 12 days now. I suffer from depression and anxiety- an illness I've battled most of my life- that I'm not in the slightest embarassed about, yet I love my children dearly and I take care of them everyday no matter how difficult my day is. She may be mentally ill but that is no excuse to mother the way she has. There was a point I checked myself into treatment not only for myself but my kids as well. I missed them terribly all 7 weeks I was away- not a minute went by that I didn't think of them, but they in turn got a much healthier mom. I hope she gets help soon for her babies sake as well as hers. No more excuses for her. If she doesn't want the media attention she should get help and move out of the big cities, and try to stay inside her mansion a little more often. She has enough money to last her a lifetime, I hope she puts her now dead end career on hold and try to become a mom to the ones that really matter. She is the only one who can help herself. Even if someone forces it on her, it won't help until she's ready for the help.

2470 days ago


#66 river rat

Once again, very funny, lol

2470 days ago


If Adnan really cares about her, then I hope he gets her help. Has he worked a day since they started dating? What does his wife think of her husband dating?

2470 days ago


I swear that girl must have trichotillomania. look at her, what a pathetic mess. She is crashing and burning fast.

2470 days ago


Please the poor girl alone. I feel sorry for her. All this attention, turmoil and media frenzy is going to drive to to suicide. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!

2470 days ago

L Vernay    

Worse than Dog. As a mother of 2 grown daughters, I cannot figure out why her parents do not drag her trashy no good self off somewhere and guide this train wreck back to reality. There is never a seat belt worn and all the money B. has ,the clothes she wears are so ugly and quote hooker like. She definitely doesn't want her 2 beautiful little boys, she makes that quite obvious. She is so full of herself and the skanky company she keeps is going to be her demise!. Shame on Britney and Shame on her parents, sorry parents. Anna Nicole had way more class than this one ever thought of!

2470 days ago

Colorado Hick    

Maybe she said god i'm a dog !

2470 days ago


TMZ I dare you guys to ask her why she has effectively given up her kids and tell her to stop using that horrible "fake" British Accent! Double Dog Dare You!!!! Stick some reality in her face and watch her squirm!! Maybe if you guys weren't always fawning all over her she might get a clue..............well maybe not, but it would still be fun to watch!! Just make sure you speak slowly and don't use any big words or she might not follow what you are talking about!!

2470 days ago


Well god or dog? what kind of question is that? they are getting something to eat, and you picture taking people will not give them any space at all to do it in peace... why not be a part of the healing process and give yourself a boundry so she can walk with out weaving in and out of you....... like give her 12-24 feet or so I am sure your zoom lense will get just as good of pics at that range

2470 days ago
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