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Kylie's Bodyguard Roughs-Up Female Photog

1/15/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arriving at LAX today on a long flight from Australia, Kylie Minogue was in good spirits -- signing autographs for fans and posing for several pics. Her bodyguard, on the other hand, was a total grouch.

As Kylie made her way to a car, the bodyguard got into it twice with a female photog who he thought got a little too close. Back off, sister!

Looks like someone didn't sleep on the plane!


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2349 days ago


Very many thanks for a good work. Nice and useful. Like it!

2349 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    


DO NOT GO TO That is a hack site that screws up your computer. I know this, because I went to it a couple weeks ago and it gave me a virus more powerful than any STD that Tila Tequila has.

2411 days ago


Good! More celebs should have their body guards kick the hell out of you scum.

2411 days ago


Awesome... thank God her bodyguard was there. What kind of classless a$$hole Stalkerazzi crowds a recovering cancer patient?

2411 days ago


I also love your implication that bodyguards SHOULD be nice to you. It's their job to protect whomever they are hired to protect, not to kiss the paparazzis' ample asses. I'd be grouchy too if some jerkface wasn't just happy with a few pics and felt the need to invade my personal space.

2411 days ago


Well all I can say is listen were told to get back.

2411 days ago


He should have kicked her in the face a few times after he knocked her down. That way maybe she would learn not to get into peoples way on public sidewalks.

2411 days ago


Another day, another pap gets smacked. I love it. She seemed more annoying than the one who was after Holmes in NYC yesterday. Hilarious how she ran up to the window and started snapping away. Where the hell do these pictures go? I know there is a market for them on sites like this, but for crying out loud, with so many paps, they can't ALL be getting paid the big bucks. Most of those snaps are probably useless.

2411 days ago


It's about time Kylie learned how to become a big star here in America. Gotta get on TMZ!!! Her new album is awesome and needs to get a big release over here. Hope she finally gets the attention she deserves.

2411 days ago


Who gives a f*#@ about Kylie Minogue anyway? I wouldn't imagine those pics are worth a flip.

2411 days ago


She should have moved her ass out of the way! She knows these guys have a job to do. Female or not MOVE YOUR ASS BITCH!

2411 days ago


The Pap is now fair game. These pushy bastards need to hear the commands and respond accordingly. It seems to me that just cause britney loves these people in her life doesn't mean that the rest of the celebs. should allow them to intrude into their space. These pap people are getting what they deserve.

2411 days ago


Good cop, bad cop. Kylie isn't a fan of women photographers. I wouldn't be surprised if he was told by her to single out certain people.

What's the difference between Kylie and Anna Wintour? Not a lot.

No offense to Kylie but she was not recommended to have chemo - she wanted to. It wasn't that serious. Recovering cancer patient? She had a small tumor that was was the size if a pea that had some irregular cells. She's had so many plastic surgery procedures that are much more life threatening so I don't get her.

I had cancer, you loose so much weight and throw up's not nice. The company I was working for sacked me cause I was sick. It developed after I was given poison in green tea, by a girl I worked with. Her name was Suzi, she's still works for Abbott, got off Scott free, she looked just like Paris Hilton. Paris and Kylie are one and the same, except for the height. Miraculously I was cured and I'm still kicking.

2411 days ago


Whoever left the No. 12 comments is a retard. Did you even read what the crap you wrote before you submitted it? You dont get cancer from poison in green tea...

Kylie should have got out and punched the photog!

2411 days ago
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