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Matthew Knocks Up His Hot GF!

1/15/2008 10:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey is bringing a baby bongo player into the world.

M.M. announced on his website today that his girlfriend, Camilla Alves, is pregnant with his child.

McConaughey wrote, "My girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together ... it's 3 months growin in her womb and all looks healthy and lively so far." And we love this.... "We are stoked and wowed by this miracle."

Stoked and wowed -- DUDE!


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I am sure the baby will be a beauty - most mulattos come out gorgeous, look at Halle Berry. But, Matthew has a severe drinking problem, I do not know if he will be an efftective parent.

2418 days ago


Len if you " refuse to worship the golden cows of Hollywood" what the hell are you doing on TMZ then and posting comments? I hate hypocrite more than I do the judgemental. Congrats you carry both of those traits.

2418 days ago

"dreams of playing bongos"    

I think he will be the most fun daddy Hollywood has had to pick on in decades. Enjoy the pregnancy as much as you enjoyed the moment getting there!!

2418 days ago


Congratulations on the baby Matt and Camellia. I wish the best for you two! And for your baby! I really hope that all goes well for you all! God be with you! :)

2418 days ago


I hope fatherhood tames him down in the drinking and hell-raising department. There is more to life than partying.

2418 days ago


Gee poundyourself, the web site was linked to in an article I read online. In fact before today I don't think I had ever seen this extremely exciting website. As for why I would make comments here, I guess like the other adults with morals who have posted here, I am trying to educate the unwashed masses such as yourself. But ooooo-weee, if you can get psyched about someone you've never seen or talked to having a child out of wedlock, you are probably beyond help.

See ya now.

2418 days ago


No body uses protection in this day and age I just don't understand I guess these people have not regard for there life or the life of their children..of course I will get the do I know it wasn't planned...blah blah blah...maybe the condom on and so on

2418 days ago


maybe she got preggers on purpose to trap Matthew!!!

2418 days ago


Oh boy Len. Just because someone thinks it's okay to have a baby out of marriage, than that means they have no morals and they are not "grown-ups" as you state it? Is being judgemental part of your morals as well? Why can't you admit that you don't know these people so it's really none of your business whether you agree with it or not? People have different opinions on how to live their life and no one is better than another's. Maybe you could also add compassion and understanding into those so called morals that you claim you have. You immediately jumped to cheap insults after reading my post, so what does that say about you? My original post was merely explaining that it's wrong to judge other people when you don't know them. Instead of insulting others I think you need to take a good, hard look at yourself.

2418 days ago

Gatorade Please    

What is with these OLDER MEN knocking up young women......Jeezzzz, Yuk, Yuk, Yuk......

2418 days ago


Matthew says God Bless evolution- um I think this is an oxymoron. God certainly wouldnt bless evolution. Your baby was CREATED out of love it didnt evolve from a monkey Matthew.

2418 days ago


I guess Tom taught him the trick with the turkey baster

2418 days ago


Stoked and that anything like Shock and Awe?

2418 days ago

Anna Molly    

My guess is she "forgot" to take her little pill. My opinion of him just went way down the tubes.

2418 days ago


Good for her.. now she is set for life and she too will be famous for being around famous people. .. good for him .. now he has a child ... good for him even better ... now the press will have something to talk about him other then his weird "love me' body pics and his wanna be bloc buster flops - but this is ok... some serious A listers have babies right now and now he can be mentioned in the same type of conversations... wow this will help his career!!! So there you have it's all good! LOL

2418 days ago
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