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PETA to Jamie Lynn -- Pump Those Babies Out!

1/15/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has outdone itself! Its latest parody pushes spaying and neutering -- using Brit's kid sister as Exhibit A.


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TMZ has gone downhill really fast since starting that stupid show. I keep checking back to see if there is anything new and exciting, but it's always the same crap. This had nothing to do with the Spears family. Ryan Seacrest is not fat. Britney does not deserve around-the-clock news coverage. Ok, I'm done with this site now - thanks for nothing!

2410 days ago


People...People...Let's get the facts straight first!

This is brilliant Reporting on TMZ's part! Below is the official Press Release taken directly from PETA's website. Don't trust what You read...but also don't be so quick to judge TMZ!

Edgy TV Spot Targets Mothers With Lifesaving Birth-Control Message

For Immediate Release:
January 14, 2008

Melissa Karpel

New Orleans - What does 16-year-old Louisiana native and Zoey 101 star Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy have to do with the critical need to spay and neuter dogs and cats? Once PETA's new "Sex Talk" commercial starts airing in New Orleans next week, Lynne Spears and other moms throughout the Bayou State won't be able to help but make the connection.

That's because the 30-second spot features parents who encourage their teenage daughter to become sexually active. When the horrified girl asks, "What if I get pregnant?" the parents urge her to "pop out all the kids you can" and say, "If it has a pulse, you should be wrapped around it!" The ad concludes, "Parents shouldn't act this way. Neither should people with dogs and cats. Always spay or neuter."

The ad will air twice each day during Good Morning America from Monday, January 14, to Friday, January 18, on Jamie Lynn's local ABC affiliate, WGNO.

Why is PETA pushing animal birth control? One unspayed female cat can create 420,000 cats in just seven years, and an unneutered male cat can father limitless litters of kittens. Unwanted dogs and cats who never make it to animal shelters are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets, where they are often subjected to cruelty and suffer from starvation, diseases, or injuries.

"Just as Lynne Spears is under scrutiny because of her underage daughter's pregnancy, people who fail to spay and neuter their animals should also be feeling the heat," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "No one should be bringing more animals into the world when millions of deserving, wonderful dogs and cats are dying for good homes."

For more information and to view the ad, please visit or click here here.

2410 days ago


No, TMZ is outrageous.

That was totally uncalled for, TMZ.

Bashing Jamie Lynne for taking responsibility and not getting a quiet abortion in order to secure her future career in Hollyweird is beyond the pale.

Disgusting. Childish and vile.

2410 days ago


This is supposed to be about Jamie? I don't think so... uh duh TMZ

2410 days ago


And how was this targeted towards Jamie lynn??

2410 days ago

Vanity Killz    

49 You want me to dumb it down for you hun?

2410 days ago


Cheers to PETA for a great ad !!!Most people DO take this attitude on when it comes to their pets ,oh its okay we can always take the one/ones we cant find homes for to the shelter (or worse) .ANY ,and I mean ANYONE who doesnt spay/nueter their pets is guilty of just this such thing !!!Not to mention ,they must not really care for their pets -using them as some sort of accessory .I hardly ever agree with PETA ,yet in this instance I do .

2410 days ago


TO # 47 JJZ

Thank you for the PETA news release where it was PETA that originally made the connection between that commercial and Jamie Lynne Spears and her mother.

Now I am completely disgusted with PETA. Not that I have a problem with the spay/neuter theory. I'm all for that as a responsible pet owner. But to connect humans with the spay/neuter concept, particularly by singling out any one person, is still an irresponsible, cruel and reckless thing to do on PETA's part. What or who is next? Persons of low I.Q., ugly people, fat people, certain ethnic groups? No, I'm NOT impressed PETA.

People have choices. Animals are acting within their biological nature. You don't spay 16-year old girls, PETA.

Two thumbs down.

2410 days ago

just sayin'    

LIKE, OMG, PETA! Teenage pregnancy is like, SOOOO funny! You should TOTALLY make an awesome EDGY ad about it! Now go save a squirrel.

2410 days ago

La Mom    

Wow, this ad makes me want to have a New York Strip medium well, a side of boudin sausage and a bucket of yardbird. Your point with this ad, PETA, is what again .....? Oh yeah, Jamie Lynn Spears., that's who. Good going PETA, typical whoring for the media as usual by riding on the coat tails of celebrities, with a point that is nill and void of soul. Figures.

Oh by the way, this isn't TMZ reporting this, I just saw the same info on the news. Most stations are covering this in their entertainment report, and PETA made the connection, not TMZ, for zoning in on Kentwood La to gain viewers. TMZ is reporting this, not making it up. PETA did.

2410 days ago


This is a stupid sick ad. I have lost the tiny bit of respect for Peta that I did have. To have a ad of parents talking to a young teenage girl like she was a sl*t? What the hell is wrong with you people?

2410 days ago


By the way TMZ..about Britney-

Open letter to the paparazzi,

Britney has made you guys money for a long time now. You have to know she is very sick and needs help yet you stalk and chase her. She is dying inside and for some reason you guys are heartless. It's all about money even if it costs her life. We can all see that her days are numbered if she doesn't get help really soon. She isn't herself. She is out of control. Please I am begging all of you to give her space. Find other stories and let her get help. You see how heartless some are here that bash and slam her. It has to hurt her inside. She has given and given all her life. Now she needs you guys to help her get well. Stop treating her like a product please and relize this could have been your sister or own girlfriend who got very ill and needed help.

2410 days ago


TO: # 52 / OCD

My add was not a support of spaying any member of society or anyone of the Spears household. Personally, I think that BritBrit should move to Pakistan ( Though I do not believe it will do any good for the current government.

My contribution was to SHUT the mouths of those that think that this ad was not associated with Brit's sis.

I love all critters...though I do believe that 16 year olds should not have an IUD. Too bad it didn't work. PETA might actually be on to something here...

2410 days ago


I think that this commercial is horrible!! PETA should be ashamed of themselves for targeting Jamie Lynn this way ....who is a MINOR!!! Last time I checked PETA was supposed to be "helping" the animals not criticizing.. or humiliating a 16 year old CHILD.... this was a very tasteless move on their part... and hopefully they choose not to go through with airing it....

2410 days ago

chillout music girl    

Peta are a bunch of wackos anyway.............. someone needs to neuter pETA

2410 days ago
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