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Songwriters to Avril -- You're Off the Hook

1/15/2008 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Avril LavigneThe guys who accused Avril Lavigne of stealing their song, "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" for her own "Girlfriend" have relented, and are "satisfied" that any "similarities" are just a big co-inky-dink. That wasn't complicated!

Avril was sued back in July by Tommy Dunbar and James Gangwer for copyright infringement over their 1979 song, which seemed to have a similar chorus. Now, Dunbar and Gangwer have issued the following statement completely renouncing their suit:

"We are satisfied that any similarities between the two songs resulted from Avril and Luke's use of certain common and widely used lyrics. We therefore completely exonerate Avril and Luke from any wrongdoing of any kind in connection with the claims made by us in our lawsuit."


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Hey, isn't she the chick with the messed up teeth?

2480 days ago

Jeremy P    

oh they got rich big time off stolen goods
Jeremy lesser bling is the thing jeremy Lesser of the two evils~~~

2480 days ago


she is just a train wreak waiting she be on drugs and sucking you know what in a year

2480 days ago


Music today is so corporate. They are trying to market her as a serious song writer when all along it was this old guy, an actual musician, who writes all of her music. It's all smoke and mirrors like the wizard of OZ.

2480 days ago


i think those never-was jokers just realized that they had NO case whatsoever since thier song, which was never a hit, has been out of print for over a quarter of a century, and there is NO WAY this chick could have ever heard it in her teenage life!

2480 days ago


I know what happened.When she didn't have any sales or make any money off of the last cd they laughed in her face and were done with it.They couldn't get any money if she didn't make any money.C'mon people,she SUCKS.

2480 days ago


Sounds like she paid them off - they're kissin up too much.

2480 days ago


avril sucks!

2480 days ago


Avril Lavigne is just a spoiled little brat popstar wannabe. Sadly enough, when she is actually singing and not jumping around like a little idiot on speed, she actually has a decent voice but most of the time her roots show big time and I don't mean her hair. Anyone who comes from her area knows who she really is, just a hyper little kid who hung out with the kind of the people who thought making noise and jumping around was being "artistic." She spits at photographers like a disgusting little pig, makes obscene gestures and is generally just an embarrassment. She also happens to be quite pretty and photographs well so with the help of a pretty darn good publicist she was plastered all over the magazines a couple of years ago. Teens loved her because she was a rebel without a clue and of course most teens love that image. Then she dyed her hair blonde and got married and that generated one last little gust of publicity but she will disappear into oblivion, guaranteed. Her idea of fun is getting drunk and puking into the fountain, let's hope she holds off having kids for at least ten years until she has a chance to grow up.

2480 days ago

Frag The Paps    

You know what, I have been listening to her from the start sure she changed her tune. Who is going to take a girl that looks like this for a punk rebel/ She is way too hot for that. She writes good songs, and she is good for the kids. Has she gone to re-hab yet? Have you seen her beef curtains when she gets out of the car? has she nailed eveyone in sight? Everyone just needs to lighten up a bit. I bet if we had TMZ back in the day Marie Osmond would be called a drug addicted whore also. I took mu daughter to Avril's show, and it was great. She was really good, and I am a metal head. I would drag my nuts through 10 miles of broken glass just to eat the corn out of her poop.....she is that hot up close.

2480 days ago

veddy interesting    

poster #19 You are dead on the money. I want her to pay me for having to listen to that p.o.s song while I work.She SUX

2480 days ago


Wow- well, I guess money can buy satisfaction if not happiness.

2480 days ago


I bet their was a money settlement somewhere. I have heard the song and not only or th lyrics similar but the hook also. Whatever works I guess.

2480 days ago


Both songs were ripped off from "Get Off Of My Cloud" by The Rolling Stones.


2480 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Glad to hear that those musicians are happy as clams about Avril. Amazing what a few clams will do.

2480 days ago
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