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Dogg's 'Heart Attack'

Chillest 911 Call Ever

1/16/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that was made after Nate Dogg -- cousin of Snoop Dogg -- suffered what was described as a "heart attack" ... and you're not going to believe how nonchalant the caller is! It sounds like she's calling in about a hangnail -- not for a guy whose life's on the line!

Since the original incident, it has emerged in reports that Nate actually suffered a stroke, rather than a heart attack. The 38-year-old Dogg cousin is currently in a medical rehabilitation facility recovering from the stroke, after being released from a hospital on December 26 -- no other information on his condition is available.

But seriously -- you gotta hear this (unidentified) woman. The 911 operator is a helluva lot more animated than she is.


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B Scott    

Sorry to say. Sounds like Nate Dogg has screwed this woman over before. A woman scorned can be cold in emergency situations. Get better!

2481 days ago

Vanity Killz    


13. Why not just report about some bum down on Hollywood and Vine?? This is a non-story. ANY story connected with Snoop Doggy is a non-story. GOT THAT???

Posted at 3:02PM on Jan 16th 2008 by donatella

Your post is a non post. lol

2481 days ago

Britney u suck!    

GOD, i'd freak out more than that over a TOTAL STRANGER.

2481 days ago


Awwww, poor Nate Dogg!

Hey, I bet he would have wanted the 911 call to be that way.. that's his style, that's how he rolls.

2481 days ago

Vanity Killz    

Poor Snoop.This happening so close to Snoop will just give Snoop's wife has an actual almost legit reason for cutting him off from the Chicken wings :p Yeah ... I said ALMOSY mk !

2481 days ago


"Smoke weed everyday!"

2481 days ago


4. she was probably baked out of her mind

Posted at 2:53PM on Jan 16th 2008 by jbbart

LMAO!!!!!!! I felt high just listening to her. LMAO!!!!

2481 days ago


I found my mom blue and non-responsive, I tried to be very calm because I have seen where 911 yells and says to calm down. Apparently, my 911 operator didn't feel it was much of an emergency, after 10 minutes I called back and told them she had passed out and was making a snoring noise, and asked if they had the address correct. Mom is ok now, but trust me FREAK OUT when you call 911.

2481 days ago


Crack is wack! Gives you a heart attack!

2481 days ago


Years of pot and stoned every day will make you have a stroke and sound detached.. Could care less unless you are NOT in line for some inheritance.

2481 days ago


mad stupid... jesus you guys at TMZ are a bunch of idiots... can't blame you for enticing suckers like me to click though

2481 days ago



2481 days ago


I am a 911 dispatcher and nothing was wrong with this person's demeanor. I have answered many calls where the caller are screaming, yelling, and cursing that you can not understand in the earpiece what the caller is saying. Some people are on cell phones that have static, goes in and out. Some people can not remember or know the address of where they are at AND if they are on a cell phone we have no idea where the person is.

EVERYONE keep in mind that help is on the way many times before the dispatcher is asking questions. We ask questions to determine whether we need to send more help ( a Med unit vs a ambulance) also in order to provide intructions on what to do until help gets there. I am sorry to hear about the above posters situation, but being calm is the best way. It saves time and it also has a better chance of getting the appropriate help out.

2481 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

You ever hear most of the 911 calls made on TV? Callers freaking out and then the pot smoking 911 operators asking the stupidest questions like when did it happen, or how big was the knife, or is she still choking. Here's the deal....I'm's my GET THE F#@K OVER HERE.

2481 days ago
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