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Scott Storch -- Deadbeat Dad?

1/16/2008 9:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Music producer and Paris Hilton sidekick Scott Storch is a really bad baby daddy, allegedly stiffing his baby mama on child support.

TMZ obtained documents from Miami-Dade County Court, charging that Storch is behind in his $7,500 per month support payment for, Jalen, who turns two in April.

According to Dalene Daniel, Storch missed last month's payment and this month's as well. She claims he's been "habitually late" in paying support, even bouncing checks. And to add the ultimate insult, her bank charges her $20 when his electronic funds don't come through.

And here's the deal; Scott is considered one of the most successful music producers. Forbes estimates his 2006 income at $17 mil -- that's $1.4 million a month!

Scott, baby needs a new pair of shoes!


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Who would have sex with that ass-licking troll?

2438 days ago


Take one part sound mixing board picked up from your high school's music department, 1 part black friend who can human beat box and two thirds of your bar mitzvah money and what do you get? Scott Storch, one of the most successful music producers!

2438 days ago

Britney u suck!    

what a friggin loser to be making that kind of dough every month and he can't cut that little check for the sake of his own flesh and blood????? poor child.

2438 days ago

Britney u suck!    

i had to make sure that the pic was him and not some chick. what a weiner.

2438 days ago

Britney u suck!    

hahahahahaha. i guess you can't say f*g on TMZ.

2438 days ago


Guess any half-brained idiot out there can be a so-called 'music producer'. Show me the special talent? Get real...

2438 days ago


What you don't know....He has a huge coke problem. Child support payments are the least of his worries. Word is that he is going broke.Panche Report blind item was all about him today.

2438 days ago


17 mil????? I've seen better sunglasses in the bargain bins at the local flea market!

2438 days ago


That is too tacky

2438 days ago


#49 what the f are you talking about. do not talk about my jesus like that. you whore.

2438 days ago


Eww...Who would have a kid with him? He's creepy!

2438 days ago


All she was looking for was a pay check... so she spread her legs. If you cant afford a child on your own don’t have one. Get a job that doesn’t have SPERM DUMPSTER in the title. Most women are so predictably pathetic... one trick wonders using the best asset they have to pay the bills.

2438 days ago

Rocco and David    

Does the childs mother have a job? Or is she a member of the k-Fed club?

I just bet she doesn't have a job. This is a case of the table being turned. Its OK when the 'mother' doesn't work but let a father be unemployed and he get's the 'Loser of the year award' .... Hypocrites.

2438 days ago


Why is there a picture of Annie Lennox?

2438 days ago


Scott Storch is broke thats a known fact, she will never get that child support because he doesnt have it. I saw his house and cars on MTV Cribs a year or two ago and he had millions of dollars on cars. Those extravegant lifestyles they have catches up with them eventually. LESSON TO SOME WOMEN: every entertainer is NOT rich, it may just look that way because of all the expensive stuff they have. So stop trying to have babies by these dudes to get child support because one day you might look up and they may be broke.

2438 days ago
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