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Crazy in Aisle 13

1/16/2008 9:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears lived up to the lyrics of her new song last night -- "I'm Mrs. Most Likely to Get on TV for slippin' on the streets, when getting the groceries" -- causing mayhem just by picking up a few items at Ralphs grocery store! She was not carted away.

Brit and Adnan were at Ralphs to satisfy Brit's chocolate cravings and to pick up a few mini bottles of wine. They ended up using store employees to aid in their exit -- with the store manager playing valet by picking up their car. Now that's service!

For real, we're not kidding you.


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2326 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is what she does on a daily basis and you wonder why they follow her everywhere she goes!

2387 days ago


TMZ, this is getting boring.

2387 days ago


britney your a hero to bad mothers everywhere.

2387 days ago


Is she still alive?
I'll check back later!

2387 days ago


"1. This is what she does on a daily basis and you wonder why they follow her everywhere she goes!

Posted at 8:55AM on Jan 16th 2008 by Lenn K."

And what is it that she did in that video that warranted your comment exactly? She's grocery shopping. A task that most of us humans can't do without. You don't go grocery shopping? You don't leave your home? It isn't her fault. And if you say, "She must have tipped someone off." Think again. These people stake her house and follow her everywhere she goes. Just read the article TMZ put up about her returning home after she left court on Monday. TMZ said, "Oh, lordy ... now she's back at home! We are at Britney's house and she just rolled up." This is someone who is being stalked by the paps.

2387 days ago


I was reading on Perez Hilton that britney left a suicide note wondering if that is true or not.

2387 days ago


*BURP*.......Im weary of this pig and her hangers-on, errr, followers,,,,,,errr....boytoys.

Someone give her a bottle of Halpirodol or Xanax or something so the bitch can get out of her own misery.

2387 days ago


Gee Imagine if she was coming out of a therapy session, now that would be new breaking!!!

2387 days ago


Good grief...can this gal at least wash her hair?

2387 days ago

Wow - Ugliness    

SHE LOVES THE ATTENTION!!!! She's such a camera whore, it's sickening. I say keep hounding her. Maybe the 2 watt lighbulb in her bald head will go on and she'll actually stay home for a change. Idiot...

2387 days ago


She is such a gross disgusting person. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

2387 days ago


this woman is a hot mess! if her new bf cared about her so much he would get this girls some mental health and maybe a make over. and what kinda of a man would be with a woman who doesn't care about her kids and that clearly has some mental/drug issues.

adan is probably the one tipping off the paps and telling them their every move.

2387 days ago


give me a break! if she didn,t thrive on the attention from pas, she would stay home and send someone else for the chocolate!! or at least stay in the damn car!!

2387 days ago


To all of you wishing her dead...

You lack any sense of humanity whatsoever. How could you wish for someone to die? JUST LIKE THAT. Someone you don't even know. How would you feel if someone wished you dead?

She may be a bad mother. We don't know that. And I hope you don't believe what TMZ and the other trashy sites put up about her because it is their business to make her look bad. Watch the videos they post about her without reading the headlines. I think it will open your eyes.

Even if she is a bad mother. Even if she truly is a whore. Even if she is trashy... Why would you say something as cruel and inhumane as, "Is this b*tch still alive?" or "Why isn't she dead?"

You're disgusting.

2387 days ago
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