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Amy Winehouse's "Working Girl" Weave

1/17/2008 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although snapped while walking the streets of London on Wednesday, Amy Winehouse's blonde rat's nest, Aqua Net hairdo looks like it just stepped off a morning rush hour Staten Island Ferry in 1988! Let the river run!

While she may not be joining the Morgan Stanley secretarial pool anytime soon, we do wish she'd trade those dilapidated ballet flats for a pair of Yuppie commuter Reeboks!


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Joshua Rogers    

you people are so hurtful. have some compassion. you should be ashamed.

2454 days ago

Joshua Rogers    

this is just a woman. im sure half of you that are leaving these comments are not half as attractive as this woman. imagine if you could not roll out of your bed in the morning, put on a pair of clothes, throw your hair back and just go out without having your picture taken every few steps that you take. add a substance abuse problem brought on by a self confidence issue, and you are going to have a train wreck. if this woman kills herself, which i can see it happening... her blood will be on the paparazzi and the people who chastize this woman. if when i had gotten out of rehab for my alcoholism, i had my pictures posted all over the web and the television and everyone was saying i was hideous... i dont know what i would have done. she is obviously not in a good state of mind, and it would be a waste of a great talent and a good person if she wasnt able to get better because of you paparazzi stalkers and you people who have nothing better to do than tell her she is ugly and crazy. this is a talented woman who just so happens to have a problem, but who doesnt? you all should learn some compassion. instead of criticizing her, maybe you should start wishing her well. this all just makes me so sick. i wonder who has the REAL problem. her or her stalkers?

2454 days ago


Hey I'm first!! She is just so disgusting - I like her music but she is just so gross!

2470 days ago

K. Jackson    

All I can do is shake my head and laugh! That's just pitiful!

2470 days ago

Dawn Day    

Lord! Same ratty ballet flats, same gold weave belt....she needs a stylist STAT!

Is the woman broke?? She wears the same stuff all the time! WTF?

2470 days ago

Never inked up!    

Everytime I think she can't get any worse, she proves me wrong! When will the burnett ladies see that attemping to go blonde is not a good idea. NEVER a good idea.

Besides, the darker colors are much more pleasent looking. The blondes always look very fake. Who has seen ANY of the blonde dyes as a natural color on someones head?

I didn't think gold, yellow, or white was a shade in nature. Wake up you dyed blondes out there-it looks really bad. Sorry.
The darker the color the brighter your eyes are. DUH!

2470 days ago


SHE LOOKS LIKE THE GIRL FROM THE MOVIE WITH SUDDENLY SEYMOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2470 days ago


This has gotta be a guy in drag! If not, she is the ugliest "he possible she" in a long time.

2470 days ago

Uh huh    

Well, better a blonde than the ratty wig she'd been wearing for ages! I think she's attempting to go for Nellie McKay hair to be honest (if you don't know who that is, google it). Still doesn't make any major inroads at improvement tho. ;-)

2470 days ago


As weird as the beehive was, I definately prefer it over this "blonde mess" she's got going on. Yuk!

2470 days ago


She looks more like Alexis Arquette. Mistress of Fug.

2470 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

About as attractive as a turd hanging half way out of a dog's butt! And she's an addict too! She's a Quarter Pounder with cheese!

2470 days ago


Wino is dilusional. Blonde is not cool when u look lik her and she is def not a ballerina. "Back to Black" please!

2470 days ago

laughin' in Malibu    

ok, guys..take a breath. Looks like she's trying! She's got a fabulous voice..give her some room to be a bit eccentic..does she really need to look likeevery other Hills Barbie?

2470 days ago


At Least she is not wearing the beehive anymore!!!

2470 days ago
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