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As Good as Gold

1/17/2008 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 38-year-old former child star resurfaced at an L.A. event last week, looking stunning!
Tracey Gold
After battling anorexia nervosa for years, Tracey was arrested for a DUI in 2004 in which she rolled her car -- sending Tracey, her husband and three children down a freeway embankment. Everyone survived.

Tracey is currently pregnant with her fourth child.


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come on people, we all know that you don't have to be drunk to roll your entire family down an embankment!!

More people die every year from sober drivers than drunk drivers, it's known fact that MADD does not want you to know.

So what, she had a glass of wine, it's still an accident, glass a wine, phone texting, talking, reaching to change the radio, etc...

2468 days ago


She looks happy, but a little worn out--like life has been hard on her.

2468 days ago

papaski 11    

Yeah! She looks good alright. She looks like she's been blowing the pipe to obtain some smokes

2467 days ago


Im friends with her and herr and her husband are amazing people. They are a great example of people who went through hardship and have put their life back together. They have a beautiful family and are good people. Just thought I would say so becuase you focus so much on the negative.

2467 days ago


Let's hope Child Protective Services take this baby away ASAP after the birth. So sorry they didn't feel the need to take away the first three.

2467 days ago


One hot MILF!

2467 days ago

Glad it isn't me    

Of course she did something wrong in driving drunk but she also paid the price by being judged on a level that few of us will ever know by having her dirty laundry aired worldwide. For someone suffering from self image issues, that could be the final nail in the coffin but she accepted responsibility and went on to advise others not to make the same mistake. She doesn't answer to us. If you have no skeletons in your closet, by all means judge her-otherwise just treat the story like you would someone you just cut off in traffic....glance at it and then go about your business.

2467 days ago


Do an 'all growed up' saved by the bell edition!! please!

2467 days ago

Milf Lover    

I'd drill that hole!

2467 days ago


Fat? I would not call her fat in a million years not to mention the fact that she is pregnant and due in a few months! I vaguely remember the DUI and it being said that she had a few glasses of wine at a friend's dinner party and her husband, the DD, had a few too many anyways so she drover feeling she was the better one to drive. Still not a good excuse but its not like she is like some of these yound celebs who are on multiple DUI's!

2467 days ago


To all of those calling her fat, did you read that she is pregnant? I would hope with her pregnancy and considering her past history with anorexia she would be putting on weight with her pregnancy and not exhibiting signs of anorexia again. I am sure most of the "fat" comments on here are just to incite people, but you really should think before you speak. I know many celebrities actually read this stuff and to come on here as a former eating disorders patient and see these comments on her weight has to bring back a lot of old feelings that weren't healthy. I think she looks like a healthy pregnant woman and I have seen her on TV not pregnant as well and she looked great, fit and healthy. Why is it that so many judge a person by what they weigh? Beauty comes in many sizes, not just a size two. Personally I would much rather have a body like say Selma Hayek in "Fools Rush In" than that of any of any of the size two crowd anyway. Curves are beautiful and most adult women have them. It is rather disturbing that some men and women are bothered by curves on a woman, I am not talking about being overweight, just a healthy weight with some hips, breasts, and a butt. It's a bit creepy, in fact disgusting, to want a woman to try and starve herself so that she has none of those things and looks as if she were pre-pubescent.

2467 days ago


I decided to play with Tracy's photo. This is just a bad picture and she is just being a normal person, not much make up, no stylist, just being herself, I like that she does that. She seems like a real down to earth person. I just thought that it might be fun to glam her up so that people would know that if she had done the 'star' thing she would have looked more like she usually does, which is a very pretty lady. I did take some liberties with her hair, but other than that I just did what professional make-up would have done. Oh, and her nose is a bit swollen from pregnancy so I tried to look at the older photo below to retouch it a bit to show that fact. I am VERY new to retouching and don't have a professional retouching program, so please don't go ragging on me, it's just something I did to help myself learn more and to show her off in a better way.

You can see it in my photobucket album, but I am going to put it back to private soon, so take a look while you can :)

2467 days ago


JUST IN - But she probably spells better than you!

2466 days ago


Let's see she looks pretty good, for 38 and after battling Anorexia. Battling Anorexia for all those years is bound to do some serious damage to your body. She's happy and healthy so that's all that matters.

2465 days ago


being an anorexic is no fun. Tracy should not be put down. I know;I am alot older and survived but not w/quality of life reduced. I break bones;currently in a cast for wrist. just had one taken off my foot. I just want young people to realize starving will catch up w/you. Gina

2465 days ago
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