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Brit Blows $10,000 at Kitson

1/17/2008 6:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had the owner of Kitson and Kitson Men open the store last night, just for her, at 1:30 AM -- and it looks like it was worth it. TMZ has learned that Miss Girl spent more than 10,000 bucks!

Spears walked away from Kitson with a slew of items, including a blue $265 Great China Wall sweatshirt, a $90 bottle of Agent Provocateur perfume, a $475 L.A.M.B. handbag and a $95 Blue Anchor hoodie. TMZ is told she didn't buy anything for her kids or anyone else -- everything was for her, even the shirts at Kitson Men.
What Britney Bought
She's a giver.


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It is her money. She can do as she damn well pleases with it. The rest of us can keep our two bit opinions to ourselves.

2433 days ago


A message to Britney......Give it up Bitch!!! you are what you are "A spoiled rotten bitch" who is out of control. And where the heck is her mother and father? Who the hell knows, they are not doing anything to help her because they enjoy the money and the fame and the mentioning of the family in the news...what sick bastards the parents are!......and another thing Britney should be fixed like a dog or should I say like the "bitch" she is....mark my words, she will be pregnant again in no time....I feel sorry for those kids....funny, there are women who would love to be real mothers and they can't for what ever reason to concieve, and yet these morons like so many out there in hollywood, they just pop them out like sausages....what a shame.

2433 days ago

It's Britney Bitch    

Sam Lufti was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning and clearly stated that they all got something, meaning everyone that was with her got a gift from Britney.(they're were 3 guys with her). Do you always post lies TMZ?

2433 days ago


despite it being 1:30 am, and she woke another human's sleep so that they could open their damn store for her (rude, rude, rude)...she sounded like the old Britney for once...

2433 days ago


Have you ever thought she's trying to throw the media and the public off? She was spotted shopping for a pregnancy test, then she has bloody panties the next day? She's probably pregnant, again.

2433 days ago

river rat    

After seeing those nasty photos on X17, I really hope Kitson burned whatever clothes she tried on and sanitized the dressing rooms.

2433 days ago

Jusst saying    

She can spend a fortune and STILL look like a washed up street walker!!! Too bad she doesn't spend 99 cents for a pair of panties to cover her fugly butt.

2433 days ago


Brit is getting just what she wants,making fools of the whole world watching and reading about her.Bad PRESS IS BETTER THAN NO PRESS.

2433 days ago


I don't get it.. why are you such morons.. if Brit actually makes $700,000 per month like you say she does (SHE DOESN'T however, we all know).. if she spent $10,000 in shopping.. that would be like a factory worker who makes $3,000 per month spending exactly $43.00 for that day.. now is that a story? get your head out of your and figure it out... quit making it seem like a big deal... put it in perspective.

2433 days ago



2433 days ago


I hope she got some stockings and drawz to go with the outfits she bought because walking around with busted up fishnets and a bare ass is just not cool

2433 days ago


Did she bleed period blood over all the clothes she tried on??????????

2433 days ago


that's because she got blood all over them!!!

2433 days ago

Clair the breakfast club prom queen    

Too bad she forgot to buy tampons! Skanky whore.

2433 days ago


She rocks. I would not have chosen that purse, but hey, to each her own. Too bad all you haters are uglier inside than Britney on her most tore back day!
hopefully she will not die, like all you hateful meanies are saying.

2433 days ago
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