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Ex to "Scrubs" Star: Here's Why You're Dr. Cox

1/17/2008 8:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned, a "Scrubs" star has scrubbed his child support obligation because of the WGA strike.

John C. McGinley, who plays Dr. Cox on "Scrubs," was paying his ex-wife, Lauren Lambert, $9,000 a month in child support since their 2001 divorce. McGinley, whose 10-year-old son (with Lambert) has Down syndrome, has been praised for advocating Down syndrome research. But we've learned McGinley has told Lambert he has decided to cut his child support payments in half because of the writer's strike. Sources say he's told her it's "not fair" for him to pay his full obligation anymore because his show is not in production.

We're told Lambert is incensed, especially because McGinley, who is remarried with a child on the way, can afford "a big house in Malibu."

Sources say McGinley is supposed to pay half his monthly child support on the first of each month and the other half on the 15th. McGinley paid half on January 1 but paid nothing on the 15th and doesn't plan on it. Sources say Lambert may ask the judge to hold her ex in contempt.

McGinley's lawyer, Lynn Soodik, tells TMZ, "He's following the court order which allows him to reduce support if the show isn't being shot." But we've learned the court agreement states McGinley can reduce support only after "the final episode." The final episode is scheduled for the end of this season, so the fat lady hasn't sung.


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Rich People they are REALLY SELF-ADSORBED azz'es.....Honestly..Joe Schmoe wouldn't be able to do this in are Normal society, they would be called Deadbeats and list goes on and on....

2448 days ago

What a greedy beyotch.

2448 days ago


So let him go to jail with the rest of the deadbeat dads. Oh, wait, this is Hollywood and they have a separate penal code than us mere mortals. I've heard this guy is a jerk anyway. TO HIS EX-WIFE-PUT A LIEN ON THE HOUSE IN MALIBU!

2448 days ago


What does she do- make babies and collect money?

Women like this give chicks a bad rep.

2448 days ago

I call Shotgun    

Deadbeat stepson's father is just over $30k behind in child support, but luckily I make damn sure the boy has more than he needs, I know what a loser is!

2448 days ago

she smiled    

This sounds like it has more to do with the new wife and less to do with the Writer's strike. He is not too bright to go along with this. Dude, that's still your son and his mother. Take care of them!!!

2448 days ago


If McGinley is doing this, then it kinda sounds like the show's done, which would make his decision justified. But we don't know what people really are like in real life.

2448 days ago


If his pay was cut in half then I think half of $9000 is fair. If the mom can't raise a kid with $4,500 a month let alone what ever she hopefully put away or she earns SHE is the dead beat.

2448 days ago

Frag The Paps    

9 grand a month? Wtf. Does any child no matter how disabled need that amount? She could buy the child a house in Malibu for that. I not saying shes a gold digger.............
So she had a life in line with that kind of income before she met Dr Beatoff? I know all the women are saying...yeah thats right 9 grand. I would say it's child support, not an excuse to never lift a finger again. If that was the case we should all give birth to a retard and sit back and collect the cash.

2448 days ago


This woman should be able to support her son and herself on $4500 a month. Come on! What does SHE do, besides collect child support?

2448 days ago

Stiff Willie    

SCREW her ! she wants custody of the child and is re married, then support it and quit sponging on his money.

2448 days ago


Gee, you'd think the revenue from those Miller Beer ads would be supplementing his income just's not like the beer business is in jeopardy! :( Jerk...

2448 days ago

mother of a child irreversibly injured by "medical professionals"    

Well, first off, I am surprised by some of the comments. I myself have a 7 year old with moderate-severe cerebral palsy. Depending on the degree of her son's disability, he may need more care, medication, supplies, therapy, doctor's fees, etc. Heck, the money I put out every month for gas to take my son to his appointments is crazy!! The list goes on & on people. I'm not judging saying she's getting too much or too little. But, I know first hand how hard it can be to take care of a child with disabilities & how much it can cost. I'm not choosing sides, but like I said, depending on his particular case, it's hard to tell what the costs are to care for him every month. I'm hoping that they'll be able to come to an agreement & continue to love their son & care for him.

Have a great evening all & God bless.

2448 days ago


Stiff Willie... my understanding from reading the article is that HE remarried, not her. And even if SHE remarried, he still has to pay child support... ALIMONY or spousal support is terminated when the spouse receiving support is remarried. Child support does not end until the child turns 18, or later should he go to college, which in this case is not likely. That being said, I know for a fact that while they have not shot the finale of the show, the show is not currently in production, and they may never come back. They may just decide to end the show "as is" and not shoot a finale... so indeed, the fat lady may have sung. And FYI they stopped production in December... question is, how much does he get in residuals? If it's significantly less than what he made before, he should be able to have child support reduced. IMHO

2448 days ago


At 1st I thought he was a weasel, but then I thought if someone can't support a child on $4500 a month, they need to take some serious money management classes.

2448 days ago
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