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Gwyn's Hubby: Coldplay Hothead!

1/17/2008 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After leaving the hospital with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow early Tuesday morning, Chris Martin got into a bizarre altercation with a paparazzo in the middle of the street. Respect!

Chris tackled the photog and screamed at him -- but then the pap got up and went after Chris!


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TMZ, we care less about the paps and how they are treated and more about what happened at the hospital. Are you getting too big for your britches? I don't come to this site to read about paps, I come to hear about celebs...and no I am not proud of it.

2479 days ago


I applaud the fact that he protected his wife's honor and privacy. That is just as it should be.

2479 days ago


who the hell is chris martin to be doing that?

the guy is taking a picture...and doing his job...he probably has a family to support also...chris martin what a loser

and as for ms. gwyneth she for some reason used to be cool...since getting older she has become quite conceited

2479 days ago


I'm kind of on the fence on this one. I think he shouldn't have pushed the guy down and taken his camera but instead just yelled. In no way should violence be condoned or "acceptable" accept in self defense against similar actions. Yeah, the paps are jerks. However, the paps weren't physically assualting anyone and therefore, physical assault should not have been used on them, either. Maybe if it was someone besides Gwyneth "I don't like America" Paltrow and her husband I'd feel differently. Yep, guess I'm a hypocrite.

2479 days ago


So cool, he got in their personal bubble space, I would punch anyone who got in my space like that. Britney spears should take some lessons from this guy. All she does is cuss and yell at them, she needs to start swinging, get body guards to swing, or stop buying these ankle bitter dogs and get a nice sized German Shepard like I have. With my dog, no one bothers me, not even the girl scouts.

2479 days ago


You guys are hypocrites, you're going to a pap website who takes pictures of celebs and then you complain about what they do? Everyone who goes to these sites support them by coming here. Those people are just taking pictures and it IS a job.

Chris is wrong for putting his hands on him and taking property that isn't his. Hecould have just ignored them.

2479 days ago


Can you spell L-A-W-S-U-I-T

Ok, I am all for celebrity gossip! I read tmz, perez, buy gossip mags, the whole nine. However, I do think there should be certain Pap-Free zones, like hospitals, schools, churches, funeral homes, cemetaries, etc; where it would be illegal for the paps to be there/take pictures. Celebs get followed around everywhere else they go, so they should be allowed some privacy when they are trying to leave the hospital.

Seriously, I would much rather watch a video of british britney acting crazy at a gas station than watch Gyneth Paltrow leave the hospital - yawn!

2479 days ago


who the hell is chris martin to be doing that?

the guy is taking a picture...and doing his job...he probably has a family to support also...chris martin what a loser

and as for ms. gwyneth she for some reason used to be cool...since getting older she has become quite conceited

Posted at 11:02AM on Jan 17th 2008 by ace1

Is school out this early already?

I mean really? His job is to harrass people leaving the hospital? How would you like it one of your loved ones was leaving the hospital after something happend and they shoved a camera in your face and uttered stupid sayings.

I'm sure if the tables were turned you do something to defend the honor of your loved ones. If not then your just a coward.

Since when is a person lowering their head coming out the hospital conceited?

It does not matter who it was. It was wrong for them to be jumping in their face shoving cameras.

Respect. Something most people dont have much of anymore.

2479 days ago


Oh to be human....look, his wife was in the hospital! Maybe his nerves were on edge? Maybe he was concerned and worried and didn't want anyone bothering him or her? Whatever the case...I can totally understand why he'd get upset. They really haunt these people...(the media) They have way too many privilages! People need privacy! I know it's a choice that they are stars or whatever and that's all part of it...but the media is way out of control!!

2479 days ago


The reason that stuff like this is happening is because they see the way Britney Spears and a few others are treated. It gives them a very bad taste about paps.... so they are ready to pounce when they see them. One day it's gonna go too far. You'll see.

2479 days ago


Personally, I think Chris showed remarkable restraint in not kickng the stalk-pap in the ribs while he was on the ground. That's just me, though ...

2479 days ago


If it's legal for the paps to harrass and stalk people, than it should be legal for the stars to stick up for themselves and their family. Things are really getting rediculous

2479 days ago


I like celebrity news, i admit it, but this is getting ridiculous. Especially the whole Britney madness. Seriously i just skip to the next news when i see Britney's face cause i know it's nothing but a pap getting her doing something stupid or unimportant.

2479 days ago


I hate to tell you morons, but just by visiting this site you are just as responsible for pap photogs.

2479 days ago


the pap guy deserved it. That's what they get for being in Chris' face- they need to get their own life! Go Chris!

2479 days ago
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