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Lutfi Barges in on Naked, "Stinky" Brit

1/17/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's "manager" Sam Lutfi called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning -- and when he wasn't talking about Brit's mysterious pregnancy test or the possibility of her marrying Adnan, he was busy taking a peek at Spears' nekkid bod.
Britney & Sam: Click to listen
Spears is even heard yelling, "I stink!" in the background. Might be time for the unraveled Brit to get reweaved!


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Junie T.    

Well, this confirms it. I have to do some other job that doesn't require me to sit at my computer all day. It's too tempting to put stuff away and check out the gossip pages. I can't even believe I care about this and keep coming back to this web site to see what's up. It's sick. Truly, I don't care --- I am getting a life. So good-bye peoples.

2471 days ago

from Canada    

Filthy Whore !

2471 days ago


Seacrest you have a lot more problems to deal with than Britney.....and I would refinance my house to give that girl a bath

2471 days ago

Rest in Peace    

I have to admit, not only am I addicted to reading TMZ daily, but I am addicted to reading the funny, imaginative, goofy, posts people write. TMZ really needs to hire some of the more talented ones, I'm sure you know who you are. I laugh out loud sometimes, just too darn funny! I'm talking about the creative ones, not the ones which include profanity, they should not be used. Time for some of you to write articles, books and scripts!!!

2471 days ago

chillout music girl    

Britney Spears' Friend: She Doesn’t Want Another Baby
Thursday January 17, 2008

Britney Spears in Hollywood on January 16, 2008.
MBF-WCP/X17online.comDespite her recent wacky behavior, Britney Spears' pal Sam Lutfi said "everything's fine" with the singer.

"Everything's back on track," he said on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM show this morning. "She's handling it."

After her visitation rights were suspended indefinitely, Lutfi told Seacrest she'll get to see her boys "hopefully very soon."

Lutfi also explained Wednesday's wild night. Despite witnesses saying she went shopping at 2 a.m., Lutfi said, "It was midnight, I think."

When asked if the late night spree at L.A.'s Kitson was "retail therapy," Lutfi said, "that was pretty much what it was."

What prompted the late night rendezvous? "Boredom," he said.

(He also said she was "definitely not topless" last night, despite reports.)

And those photos of Spears shopping for pregnancy tests with paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib?

"I don't even know what the hell that was," he said. "I don't know if they even bought one... I think it was probably for Chad."

(Chad Hardcastle is Lutfi's friend who accompanied them Wednesday.)

Does Spears want another kid?

"No, not at all," Lutfi said.

As for reports Spears wants to marry Ghalib, Lutfi told Seacrest, "That’s not true."

At one point during the interview, Lutfi said he "just busted" into Spears' room as she was showering. "Get out," she said. "I'm naked. Get out!" Spears had previously been "running around upstairs" while Lutfi spoke to Seacrest.

It is a fake story people...................... so stop calling the woman filthy names........ Kevin's lawyers must be buddy, buddy with harvey... because no one on the staff checked this crap story before posting it

2471 days ago

Britney u suck!    


2471 days ago


Are you kidding me #3? My brother is bi-polar (the "real one" as you put it) and this girl fits model! She has extreme lows (like running away from her responsibility to her kids) and then extreme highs (like running out in front of the cameras and hanging around with her loser boyfriend.) To say that she has moderate depression is a SERIOUS understatement and if she did have people like you hanging around her, whispering that she really isn't as bad as she truly is, it is no wonder that she hasn't gotten some serious help!

2471 days ago


K-Fed's lawyers are lappin it up!!!!!!!
What track exactly are we "back on" Lutfi???
- the meth track?
- the "I don't wash" track?
- the "I don't wear panties" track?
- the "I live like a vampire" trak?
Oh,no, I know...
- the "if Sam is back in his puppetmaster role we're ok" track
Hope you end up in jail and some boys can teach you what a mouthpiece is for!!!!!!!!!!!!

2471 days ago


Sam is trying to do damage control but it's not working too well!
OMG PriceLess! "I STINK!"

Happy to see that Adnan left her side for a second.. not that Sam is much better.

2471 days ago


I agree with #17. She's not bipolar and everyone knows there are ways of passing drug tests. Please!!! She's a skanky piece of white trash that doesn't deserve those precious little boys. And, now that she knows her career is down the toilet, she's out every day seeking out the paps because she's so desperate to lose her fame. LOSER!!!!!

2471 days ago

Amy Silverman    

I bet she does stink-looks like she would,greasy face and nasty weave,wearing clothes 2-3 days in a row. I bet her house stinks.I still do NOT believe she tested negative for drugs-had to be someone else's pee-she seems high on crystal to me

2471 days ago

Lori B    

It is a fake story people...................... so stop calling the woman filthy names........ Kevin's lawyers must be buddy, buddy with harvey... because no one on the staff checked this crap story before posting it

Posted at 1:46PM on Jan 17th 2008 by fake story TMZ
Why do you keep posting this as an inaccurate story? Check the website yourself...

What about this story is supposed to be fake?

2471 days ago



2471 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I have to echo here what someone said on these boards recently. This is no longer amusing or interesting.

We are watching this girl die.

Can't someone stop covering her and help her? Someone help her.

Just like Anna Nicole. Didn't we learn anything?

We are watching her die.

2471 days ago


3. People, please, please, please stop calling this girl bi-polar,
and even worst yet, muliple personality. Multiple personality is a
very rare disorder that has only been diagoised in a handful of
cases. And even those were heavily disputed. True bi-polar is also
pretty rare, although not as rare as MP. A true bi-polar will
experience waves of very extreme ups (mania) followed by very extreme
lowes (major depression). A typical bi-polar will remain in an almost,
if not completely, catatonic state until they come out of their "low".
It is amazing how many people are getting pushing into the bi-polar
label because they have some days when they are really up and other
days when they feel really down. There is a name for that: It's
called mild to moderate depression. Does not mean you are bi-polar.

Posted at 12:03PM on Jan 17th 2008 by Mouse Trap
How do you know she's NOT MPD ?That has been(MPD) on my mind for a
while .Let me tell you why ,I WAS diagnosed as MPD when I was 11
years old by none other than the late Mrs.Cornilia Wilbur .It took
many ,many years of therapy and complete understanding by my family
for my "Personalities" to integrate .Although I still have my
"Protecter" personality ,she still wil come out on rare occassions if
I am unable to "Protect" myself .Now with that said Britney may or may
not be MPD or Bi-Polar ,but she does seem to have some sort of
"Personality disorder" .Those not familiar with it would be sceptic
to think such a thing is possible but if you focus on the Mania she
puts out there you might see that she can flip like a switch .Facial
expressions ,voices ,mannerisms ...I would go on but alas you ARE a
sceptic and I cant really say much more than I have .

2471 days ago
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