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Lutfi Barges in on Naked, "Stinky" Brit

1/17/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's "manager" Sam Lutfi called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning -- and when he wasn't talking about Brit's mysterious pregnancy test or the possibility of her marrying Adnan, he was busy taking a peek at Spears' nekkid bod.
Britney & Sam: Click to listen
Spears is even heard yelling, "I stink!" in the background. Might be time for the unraveled Brit to get reweaved!


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Britney u suck!    

smelly scuzzball.

2471 days ago


Why is her "manager" laughing when she's running around naked? How about some "managing?"

2471 days ago


Britney does NOT need anymore children. She needs help!

2471 days ago


Re: post #3
While some of what you said about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which you are referring to as Multiple Personality Disorder (a name and disorder which does not exist) is true, you are off the mark on a number of things and I would not want people to read what you said and take it as fact or even close to entirely true. Again, there is no such thing as Mulitple Personality Disorder, it is DID look it up. Second, you not only claim that true bipolar disorder is rare (not true) but you describe the symptoms and course of it with a general description like that is typically how most individuals experience the disorder. Wrong again! While the disorder if often over-diagnosed (if that is what you are referring) it is by no means rare in terms of mental health issues. Also, your descritption of a person who falls into "catatonic" low depressive states is inaccurate and not a common occurance of symptoms in someone with true bipolar disorder. Yes most (but not all people) fluctuate between manic highs and states of depression...but your depiction of the depressive state is not characterisitc or common. Please do not post something like that with inaccurate and gerenal incorrect comments like what you are saying is expert. It is irresponsible. If you are some type of so called "expert" then you need to go back to school and re-educate yourself on accurate information and diagnosis before you go out and treat another person. I am a professional and would never act so irresponsibly to make such sweeping, general comments to a post where so many people would read it and may never do their own research to clear up the inaccurate information.

2471 days ago


Well that interview makes me think these thoughts:
Stupid is as Stupid does!!!
Britney and Sam are burnt smooth up and I don't mean that as a compliment.
Like Kevin's attorney said "This is not 4th grade".
Seacrest that interview hit the line of no return for me.
I do not want to hear or see anything pertaining to this girl anymore.
I pray Kevin has left the past behind including his drinking and drugging
and that him and his boys move forward with many blessings.
with all sincerity,

2471 days ago


69. I agree with #17. She's not bipolar and everyone knows there are ways of passing drug tests. Please!!! She's a skanky piece of white trash that doesn't deserve those precious little boys. And, now that she knows her career is down the toilet, she's out every day seeking out the paps because she's so desperate to lose her fame. LOSER!!!!!

Posted at 2:02PM on Jan 17th 2008 by kitkat
Whoa ...trashey -yes ,white -yes ....but theres no need to call anyone "white trash" that makes it a racial attack .Attack the person not the skin color Please .

2471 days ago

Rio Grande Valley resident    

Hey Britney: you should really come down to McAllen, Texas..........NO PAPS HERE!! Gorgeous beaches, Mexico nearby........Eva Longoria did and loved it.....let me know!

2471 days ago


(1) Plan a day of no Britney stories. Contact all the other celeb sites. She is loving all this attention.
(2) Adnan is getting rough on her, saw alot of arm grabbing . Don't like that.
(3) She refuses to talk to her father and Brother Bryan now.
(4) She hasn't taken her meds for awhile. Adnan tells her she doesn't need them.
(5) She passed her drug tests, but they were only looking for illegal drugs. Not medication which we all know can be very abused and just as addictive. Not counting booze.
(6) She is in the mania of high. no sleep, no eating, grandious. Very sad.
(7) Her own family keeps waiting for a call that she is dead.
(8) She is jealous of all the pregnant and birthing stars in the news. Worried that it will outdo her. She called X-tina's mgr to see if she could come see the baby, which she was told that Chritina would call her back.
(9) Called her friend and talks non stop about Justin.
(10) Is having severe hair problems. Having some baldness in areas. Her hair hasn't grown back very strong since she shaved it off.
(11) Lost her dog the other day and had to send the staff out to hunt for it.
(12) Sam is getting worried about Adnan taking his spot in the pecking order.
(13) Britney is wearing a faux ring. Adnan could't even afford that. And she paid for it heself.

Posted at 12:51PM on Jan 17th 2008 by Scoop

I think you have WAY too much time on your hands.

2471 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She doesn't sound 'scared' to me. 'Scared' to explain her little kidnapping a week ago to the good judge, maybe, because she was in violation of a court order and she damn well knew it...

2471 days ago


to poster- Posted at 3:02PM on Jan 17th 2008 by Nikki
MPD -was re-classified as DID ,they are one in the same .It was taboo
way back when and I dont believe most people accepted the "Multiple"
part .It's too hard for many to grasp that 1 person can actually be
in 13 (or more/or less) distinct parts .So the diagnosis of
"Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)" is socially more acceptable in
the mental health feild ,but they are the same thing .

2471 days ago


Re: #82
To carify I know that MPD and DID are technically the same thing. I was more trying to clarify with current and accurate terminolgy that the term MPD no longer exist in the field of mental health and has not for quite some time. The main point of the e-mail was to clarify the great number of inaccuracies in #3's posting and provide current and correct information for individuals. Thanks though for making that point, as you are correct that this was the term years ago.

2471 days ago

Lori B    

Thanks Nikki. I appreciate you clearing that up better than I could have :o)

2471 days ago

Britney u suck!    

meth and coke give you BO.

2471 days ago


Not completely related to this post, but I wanted to share to see what everyone else thinks:

In my opinion it's about time this happened! I can't believe that more celebrities who are consistently followed by hordes of paps don't file harassment suits. Sure most of them are attracted to the commotion, but others like Julia Roberts don't appreciate it (nor would I!) so why not file restraining orders?

Princess Diana's car wrecked could have been somewhat influenced by the paps dangerously the celebrity world waiting for another such accident?

2471 days ago


For some reason when you click that link it says bad request. Try here, and if this doesnt work google 4 arrested + Britney Spears,1,1305367.story?coll=la-celebrity-news

2471 days ago
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