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Paps Busted After Crazy Britney Chase

1/17/2008 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that four paparazzi were arrested for reckless driving last night after chasing Britney Spears' car around Mission Hills, Calif. -- and four more were pulled over for driving crazazy-like.

Around 11:20 PM last night, according to law enforcement sources, police pulled over a total of eight vehicles driven by photogs, after they were observed driving evasively at a high rate of speed and making dangerous lane changes in and around Mission Hills. Four of the drivers were arrested.

We're also told that Britney herself told cops that one of the cars may have tried to "run her off the road," but she couldn't ID which car it was, so no action was taken. Also, we spotted her going to Kitson -- the clothing store -- at 1:30 in the morning. Yes, she made them open up the store.

TMZ has also learned that cops were pleasantly surprised when Britney forked over a valid California driver's license.


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Vanity Killz    

Garrett I'm sure I'll burn in hell for agreeing with you :/

2450 days ago


Anyone who will defend brits actions is an IDIOT! She's simply doing what mama lynne taught her. Be a media w%$re. Do anything you can to bring attention to yourself. Destroy your children. The law does not apply to you. Do what you want when you want. Show a complete and total lack of respect for everyone. Good girl Britany. Now, give Jaime Lynn a call and tell her to throw out all her panties and screw every guy who gets within 2 feet of her. Good girl.

2450 days ago

K man    

I don't know who is more nuts. Brittany or the paps that are so obsessed by her. Both need psyic help.

2450 days ago

just wondering    

What i don't understand is why her own parents do not have this girl committed and treated before she kills herself or someone else and the more publicity she gets for her stupidity the more money she makes and she loves the attention...what mother in their right mind would be proud to advertise that her OTHER daughter age 16 years old is "proudly pregnant"...i think the whole bunch belongs in the loony bin....We will be hearing where the guy who got britneys sister pregnant try to get sole custody of that baby too....all of the spears are kooky if you ask me and britneys mother nor father is no better and i think all they are looking at is the dollar signs...they could care less what she does...if they cared they would get her help and by law them being the closest to kin they CAN get her committed without any chance of her signing herself out...she doesn't love her kids if she did she would straighten up and do what she is suppose to do in order to have time with them..i am GLAD efed got them at least he is looking out for their best interest by keeping that kook of a mother away from have to give the man credit for stepping up to the plate and taking his kids into considerationn first and foremost...

2450 days ago


I don't have an ouce of sympathy for her.
She's made her bed with the media..... At this point she's just as responsible as the paparazzi are. Without her constant attention whoreness and seeking out the media, the paparazzi would have nothing. It takes 2.

2450 days ago


NO HEADLIGHTS! Shes's such a dope!!!

2450 days ago


Its about time the paps got stopped and arrested!! I can not believe the way Britney has to live her life!!! Something needs to be done about this. Im speaking for all celebrities, its just not right. No wonder Britney is acting the way she is, I can only imagine what it is like to live under constant scruntiney. And for those who like to critize her, try walking a day.... no a week in her shoes..... its just disgusting the way she is hunted like an animal!! I hope the government soon passes some kind of law that will put an end to this kind of tourture.

2450 days ago


Num 13 I like what you had to say! Its about time these idiots were arrested. They need to leave her alone!!!! Yahoo they got busted!!!! I'm so happy!!!!

2450 days ago


The hateful posters on this subject amaze me. First of all the paparazzi should be penned up for an extended length of time for harassment. They have hounded these young women to the brink of insanity. In Brits case that could be true. I am so pleased that the paparazzi were finally gathered up and held accountable. The fines and jail time should be substantial. Paparazzi caused the death of Princess Di and are well on the way to causing injury and death in Hollywood. Pen those creeps up. Forever would no be too long for me.

2450 days ago

Lori B    

Hey everybody, the BIG news in this story is that Britney stopped speaking with her British accent. Could it be that she is out of her psychotic episode? Maybe the British accent is Britneys other personality. And where's Adnan? Hmmmmm..

2450 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Wish they would throw ALL of the Paparazzi in jail Britney is mentally ill, but the paps are just plain Vicious Stalking Vultures !! What's it going to take? Someone getting killed?

2450 days ago


Oh I see! So Britney drives the same way, running red lights, making u turns, driving the wrong way and the paps get busted when they do it?

2450 days ago


Another night, another crazy incident. It's nice to see the cops busted some of the paps though. These guys are getting more and more crazy and are now putting OTHER people in danger in their chase for the picture. Wouldn't be surprised if Spears was speeding, too, but giving her the benefit of the doubt I can see her sneaking off or being able to pull ahead somehow and leaving the paps behind (red light?) only to have them rush to catch up with her.

2450 days ago

Jusst saying    

And she pulls off without her headlights on! I do believe they should have charged her, too. The paps are just trying to make some money. What's her excuse???? Oh, yeah... I, post-partum, K-fed and his lawyers, etc,, etc. Ugly, crazy, no-talent, has-been, attention-hungry, egotistical, brain-less, slut is more like it.

2450 days ago


Comment #7: Paps were "driving evasively at a high rate of speed and making dangerous lane changes in and around Mission Hills." Just because they were driving at a high rate doesn't mean Brit was. Nothing states they (paps) were trying to "catch up" with her. " Four paps were arrested for reckless driving last night after chasing Britney Spears' car around Mission Hills, Calif. -- and four more were pulled over for driving crazazy-like."

2450 days ago
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