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Double Oh No!

1/18/2008 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, had a whale of a time on the island of Kauai on Wednesday.

Pierce was also spotted horsing around in the sand with one of his sons. This family clearly has a lot of love to give.

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Come on, people - quit with the excuses. Just because "she's a mother" doesn't mean she has to be unhealthily overweight. Sure, she may not be a hardbodied 21 year old anymore, which of COURSE is not even expected. But just being at a healthy weight for her heart and the rest of her body is what I'm talking about. She does need to lose weight - she doesn't have to be rail thin, but she is quite overweight. Let's be real.

2441 days ago

Frank Olivo    

They look happy and like they are having fun....both are beautiful. What is the perfect weight??? If "they" are too thin they're called anorexic and if they're full figured they are made fun of with lame jokes. What .....not enough Tom and Britney to mock today!??

P.s...your sight is my dirty little daily habit....:)

2441 days ago


Oh please, TMZ is hardly promoting anorexia by pointing out that this actress (yes, she's an actress) is now obese. First of all, she obviously knows she is overweight and is still comfortable enough to wear a 2-piece. So it's great that she's comfortable with herself. And if she's not, she can lose the weight. She can be the next to represent Jenny Craig if she wants to. She has much more money and resources than the average person, so she could do this if she wanted to. I was surprised to see this, but it's up to her to look like what she wants and have the healthy (or not) lifestyle that she chooses.

2441 days ago


Yeah #47, because this post was all about TMZ's health concerns. Please...

2441 days ago


On another note, and before some of you keep bashing her for how she looks, has it occured to you that she may have this thyroid problem that keeps her weight going up? It's possible. But still, leave her alone.

2441 days ago


Perhaps she is on some meds that cause weight gain, either way she is smiling and that's ALL that matters!!

2441 days ago


If they love each other who's business is it what the other one looks like. Would this be considered racist since you are implying she is overweight? What if she were black would you have commented on that?

2441 days ago


Correcting Your Mistakes - do you think that half the women in Hollywood that weigh 100 lbs are healthy? absolutely not. I'm so sick of women having to look perfect all the time. Either TMZ and most of their commenters are ripping them down for being too fat or being too thin. No one is perfect, no one!!

2441 days ago



2441 days ago


Thank you Donovan. You've said it all. This item is uncessecary, unclassy and its just downright nasty to a perfectly normal family.

2441 days ago


Just Tellin Da Truth,

Maybe she needs to lose weight and maybe she doesn't, but don't you think it's a little presumptuous for freaking TMZ to be telling her that, as well as a bunch of strangers?

2441 days ago


Ya know MOST guys like women with curves(especially natural) no matter how much the media wants to try and portray otherwise. And some guys like heavier women. And some women that are heavier are still healthy. It's all about exercise, but some people are naturally heavier. I personally think a nice average healthy ideal weight for the individual is the way to go. I think people should not be sheep, like what they like, and live and let live. I do know one thing, the anorexic look really shouldn't be admired by anyone.

2441 days ago


you guys are TERRIBLE. i cant believe you would print something so mean. why do you care if she put some weight on, its none of you business. you have truly reached a new low.

2441 days ago


I find it hard to believe that's his wife. His wife was skinny last pic I saw of her. Wow. If it is her she obviously has health issues to put on that much weight, or she's given into the temptation of burgers, pizza and fries. Yum!!

2441 days ago


To all employees of TMZ: this is what the average American woman looks like, not the unrealistic rail-thin, sick looking celebrities you cover. This is the face of the American woman who is on average a dress size 14. With your rude comments about a normal looking woman, what message are you sending to women like me.....just your average everyday woman who has none of the problems that you highlight every day. Please show some respect once in awhile. For those of you on staff who are married...what does your spouse look like? Do they look like Keeley or one of the stick-thin models with limbs that look like they would break in a stiff breeze? If they look like the former, what does it say about YOU when you make such comments? She's the face of America, people, and there's nothing wrong with the way she looks; obviously she doesn't hate her body and that's a healthy thing. So please....if a woman is other than a size 0 (or smaller)...she's in the abnormal category, not women like Keeley who's in the normal give it a rest.

2441 days ago
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