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Double Oh No!

1/18/2008 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, had a whale of a time on the island of Kauai on Wednesday.

Pierce was also spotted horsing around in the sand with one of his sons. This family clearly has a lot of love to give.

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And everyone on the staff of TMZ can laugh because they're all SO HOT, right? Yummm...especially Mr Levin. I just wanna jump his sexy old bones every time I watch "People's Court". Why no pics of him frolicking on the beach?

2443 days ago


No, neither one of them is "hot". They both look like crap, especially the wife. Having kids is no excuse, but even if it were, I don't think it would be worth it. No man can "respond" to that level of blubber.

2443 days ago


Harvey how dare you say crap like this. You're nothing hot yourself.

2443 days ago


Only a dog wants a bony woman. Give me the big beuatiful curvy woman every time.
Keely is very sexy.

2443 days ago


No two people are alike,so live and let live. And all I can say is, I wish I had your life Keely. A husband who adores you, two beautiful children, fullfilling work and you get to play on your own private beach on Kaui in January. You lucky lady!!!!!!!!

2442 days ago


Whats all the fuss about? She's a mom at the beach in a bikini, most people no matter what size look like crap in there bathing suits. So she's not perfect, bet that you guys at TMZ are no lookers either. Leave her alone, this isn't even worth all of the fuss.

2442 days ago


WAKE UP TMZ!!! This is what the average american woman looks like. And I'm sure many of your wives at home.

2442 days ago


It's very interesting to see that most of the negative comments are directed at your paps and not at the ppl in the photos....nice to see that most ppl aren't as judgemental as your writers and photographers are.

2442 days ago


She still looks good!! Gotta have some meat on the bones anyway.. I think meat is better than bones!! She is still very beautiful and I think Pierce Brosnan is amazing to look past the looks and love her for who she is!!

2441 days ago

Disgusted Observer    

This is disgusting. I only heard about this from reading and felt strongly enough to seek out the article and make this post.

What could have been going through the minds of the people who made this story public? The photographer, story editor, publisher... each one perhaps hiding themselves behind the protection of anonymity. Every person who takes part in tearing down a person in such a way will either have to die a little inside, or the shell of their soul has already been hollowed out.

It's not just Keely they're possibly affecting (although from what I'm reading, it sounds as if she is wise enough to steer clear of your brand of shamelessness), this is reaching out to every man or woman who is struggling with their own self-esteem. And to every impressionable mind who learns that it's OK to belittle and make fun of anyone who doesn't fall under the ever-increasing, infinitesimal umbrella of what is considered beauty.

Shame. I hope that the people involved in this story grow a conscience. Then, once it's there, they feel sorrow for what they've done... as much for their own sake as ours

2438 days ago


Jesus, take the wheel. And steer Mrs. Brosnan away from the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Damn, that's rough on the eyes.

2437 days ago


I always wished and hoped that one day, I'd look like a Hollywood star in a bikini. And now, God help me, I DO! LOL!

2437 days ago


- exactly how many kids did she . . . . eat? LOL!

2437 days ago


Keely Shaye looks like all American Women size 14-16. Not always is it easy to loose weight, but with her wealth of fortune she can afford a personal trainer and chef to help her with her baby weight. its great to have a husband that loves you for you, but when a beutiful man marries a beautiful woman something is expected of that. If he keeps in shape the same should be for the wife. Doesnt take much to order some weights and the firm tapes and spend an hour in front of the tv. God knows after having twins my body is noooot the same, but im gonna try and keep fit for the happiness of my marriage having my husband look at my body with excitement then like can you turn the lights out. men are lookers nothing you can do about that. if i had her life i would always try to keep in shape. Keely use the money youve got and put it to good use personal chef or nutrisystem(ask tori spelling for help) and personal trainer(bob from biggest looser does side gigs.) and yes i do agree if you are larger women wear appropriate swim wear and pictures like this wont be bashed.

2437 days ago


Amazing. I'd heard of this site but never looked at it until I saw this "story" mentioned on abcnews. The people responsible for it...I think I would assign to Bolgia 6 of the eighth circle of hell. (If your Dante is rusty, that's right below the lake of boiling pitch where corrupt politicians go.)

2437 days ago
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