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Sienna Has News for The Daily News: Eat It!

1/18/2008 8:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Well, that didn't take long.
Sienna Miller letter
TMZ has obtained a letter from Sienna Miller's lawyer, sent to the New York Daily News just hours after a Rush & Molloy item about Sienna, Sean Penn and Robin Wright appeared in the paper. Miller's lawyer, Lynda Goldman of powerhouse firm Lavely & Singer, asks the gossips to retract their item and says that Miller "intends to take appropriate steps to pursue her remedies" -- that means take it back, or else.

Sienna's lawyer calls the story "outrageous," "false," and "highly defamatory," and adds, "My client will not hesitate to file suit when necessary to protect her rights."

Rush & Molloy tell TMZ, "We thought we gave ample space to Sienna Miller's defenders last week when we reported on the actress' partying with Sean Penn. But now that the blogs and the Brits are putting too fine a point on the item, we'll allow Sienna's reps to say again that she did not break up Penn's marriage to Robin Wright."


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whoa dawgs...back up a step...did robin and sean bite the bullet?

2440 days ago


I bet every bit of this gossip is true. She is a skank, who sleeps around with lots of married men. Jude was lucky to be rid of her. Penn is a bad boy like all the others, and would never turn down a chance to knock off a piece with a skank actress like her. She is such a low life, even puts the moves on Jay Leno.......who is known to be devoted to his wife. She just likes the gossip, and press.

2440 days ago


I hope not. Sienna is too good for Democrats.

2440 days ago


Sienna is too fine. Sinners!

2440 days ago


Who is sienna Miller? Like some 90's hag?

2440 days ago

Amy Silverman    

She is a common homewrecking ho-probably STD's out the wazoo

2440 days ago


She looks like a moderately attractive girl from a midwestern high school. She must have incredible agents. Marginal talent, marginal looks and a well-publicized nasty disposition. How did this woman get to be a "star?" If she was enough to break up a 14 year marriage, it must have been in deep trouble.

2440 days ago


Sienna gave Sean a lap dance because he is on the panel of judges for the Cannes this year in May, She is foul, of course its true. I am not saying she split up his marriage but it obviously doesnt help a shakey marriage to sit on someones lap all night.She'l do anything for publicity and not interested in whos to pay for it!

2440 days ago


EVERYONE IS MISSING THE POINT-Sean is definately a judge for Cannes this year thats why she did it, Robin or her Boyfriend didnt even figure in the equation!
She did it to get a nomination for a Award!!!
Sean is the director of judges this year.Research it you will get the truth.!

2440 days ago


Kate Moss Should have cleaned her clock

2440 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

LOL nailed it!

2440 days ago


Shut up sophia. WANKER

2440 days ago

belle your name implies...Sienna is..... infact.... a Slut

2440 days ago

Amy Silverman    

She should be sued by all the woment hat lost their husbands and boyfriends to this hose bag-she's got some nerve WHORE

2440 days ago


i actually came on this story to defend miller but i changed my mind, when i remember that her relationship with jude law was not exactly a faithful one. she cheated as much as he did,sienna miller is not clean cut and innocent.. she does flirt outrageously with men who are in committed relatioinships so it goes both ways.. she should just stop that behaviour and if she kept her hands on rys ifans nobody would complain. she has changed a lot. as a wannabe starlet she was nice, now she is just a loose cannon . all you american neo con wack jobs on here dissing sean penn for his anti bush views need to go and take your rmeds...get over yourself iraq is a mess what has your war mongering done for anyone on this planet.?in a choice, i will take sean penn any day of the week. you are all dimwitted fatheads with nothing to show for your existence , so back off the jealously , out of work actors who cant get a gig.!!!!

2440 days ago
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