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Queen Latifah

'Memba When?!

1/19/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before the Oscar nom, hits albums, endorsement deals and armies of hair and makeup stylists, Queen Latifah aka Dana Owens, was just another Jersey girl with a dream. Guess what she used to look like!

Queen Latifah


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Wow...she looks great!!!

2376 days ago


Oh and spammers...go to hell (Zaxk)

2376 days ago


This is in response to MAVERNE'S comment: Beauty is only skin deep, but UGLY GOES TO THE BONE.
Queen Latifah makes all the rest of the Hollywood women look like HAGS: #1 - She has dignity; #2 - She doesn't broadcast every second of her life to the world; #3 - She's a real woman - REGARDLESS of her sexuality, which is none of my business and none of yours as well. I respect her - period. You go ahead and keep idolizing Britney, Lindsey & Paris - maybe they are worthy of your admiration because they are thin and don't mind broadcasting who they're "doing" to the world. I admire Queen for keeping her private life private and for being true to herself.

2376 days ago


Looks like anouther fat bitch to me...

I guess all fat rolls look basicly the same and some dudes might do her. Roll her in flour and find the wet spot.

All you fat chicks better stand up for her and tell her how pretty she is because men are not into flab and cheese!

Queen Large Pizza sounds more like it..

2376 days ago


She is a lovely person. Can't want to see her new movie. The one with her and Steve Martin was so funny! She has
talent and heart. Hell, she made Chicago! Oh, and for age hell everybody in Hollywood is older than her. Just ask
Pam Anderson, etc, etc, All the woman on Desperate Housewives, except the lovely Eve L. Parker! Those women
look good too. Sex in the city all over 40. What is this about age in Hollywood?????Really makes me wonder!

Take a Reality Check everyone of us reading today will get older! Keep on living..You will see!

2376 days ago


I have always admired Queen Latifah's 1000 watt smile. She is gorgeous - and if people don't like her, then don't look! And, who gives a FLYING FIG regarding her sexual orientation - that's HER BUSINESS. MYOB...

2376 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

TALENT??? Please! She screams real loud and makes funny faces just like on EVERY sitcom of color in history.
Oh ... and a rapper, too. Great.

2376 days ago


She also sings. I don't think Covergirl would have her as a spokeman for their products if they did not think she could
deliver. I've never heard her rap. But, I have heard her sing! As far as comdey goes. Everybody makes faces. But,
She can bask in the thought that she can go anywhere in this world and spend her money! She is very entertaining.

She works well with everybody. I thought her and Richard Gere were both great in Chicago. Oh, remember that
Oscar nod she got. Hmmm...

2376 days ago


I think she is wonderful. A very proud, compassionate, strong beautiful woman...and talented beyond most.

2376 days ago


She is an inspiration and so down to earth. She really is a good actress in all capacties and so refershing.

2376 days ago

Bruce Wayne    

Yeah, she's a BIGGER star now. She forgot after the breast reduction she was supposed to get on the treadmill and off the junk food. At least she was been fat and busty.... now she's just fat. Not that it would matter if a man was interested or not. She's a vagatarian.

2376 days ago


Queen Latifa, you look great Girl!!!keep it up!!!!your a very pretty girl and a awesome actress, the movie I really like is beauty Shop, because you had a Dream, and Gina who you played went for the dream and got what she wanted in life;
Hope there will be a sequel to Beauty Shop: Queen hope Please do another sequel::
Keep up the good work Lady:your such a pretty Girl:
Thank You Queen Hail to the Queen:

2376 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Christina, meet English class .... English class, Christina.

2376 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

If she ever hooks up with Rosie it will take a reinforced steel bedframe for the poor bed to survive ...

2376 days ago


She wears Depends.

2376 days ago
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