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1/20/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brit denied she bought a pregnancy test for herself -- telling TMZ it was for "my friend." Too bad, because another baby would be such a great idea right now.

More from the wacky Scientology video, featuring a maniacal Tom Cruise rambling about the wonders of the "religion." It's all about KSW!

Four paparazzi were arrested for reckless driving after chasing Britney's car around Mission Hills, Calif. -- and four more were pulled over for driving all crazy-like.

In a very "Sybil" move, two of Britney's inner voices were fighting for control last night -- bouncing from British Brit, "Wheah's the cah?" to Southern-fried ding dang Spears in just seconds.

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Hey're a scientologist arent' you...why don't you just admit it? Obviously you know more about the "religion" than the average person. Remember Isaac Hayes? He played chef on south partk. He was fine with all of the spoofing of religions and celebrities but when they did an episode spoofing Cruise and Scientology he was strong armed into quitting a job he held for several years. The show's creators stated this was indeed why he quit. This is extremism and this is dangerous whether it;s Scientology or Islam...Are you kidding me????

2476 days ago

here's one for ya...

2476 days ago


Scientology is not a religion-it's a cult.

I know. I was a member for 12 years.

If you aren't famous, they basically just use you for the dredge work....if you are a celebrity, you are used to lure in others.

2476 days ago


TOM CRUISE NEEDS MENTAL TREATMENT HE'S SICK! THAT'S THE REASON HE'S SO AGAINST IT, BECAUSE HE NEEDS IT. Terrible that Tom Cruise's family doesn't step in and get the guy the treatment he needs. Lot's of doctors are probably viewing this and shaking their heads. WELL KISS YOUR CAREER GOODBYE've shown us who you really insane person!

2476 days ago


Tom Cruise is the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth. Saluting an enormous picture of L. Ron Hubbard? These people are SICK. I will never watch another movie, buy another record, etc. of any person that is mixed up in this cult. Looking at this video, Tom reminds me of Adolph Hitler. For two decades now, he has tried to personify the "all-american male". Boy, has he had a lot of people fooled, including me. He is SICKENING and so is that idiot that he is "married" to.

2476 days ago

chica chic    

I am not sure what's to criticize about Tom Cruise. Let's see, he's a good father. By all reports, he's got a strong work ethic.. He arrives early for interviews. He is good to his fans, signing all autographs and taking pictures with them. He is anti-drug. And he believes in helping others. So what's the issue? He is committed to a religion/belief system must of us find "weird"? I find his tape less scary than the fact that people in this country can be so intolerant about someone else's beliefs.

2476 days ago


For the idiots who right in to say that Tom Cruise is not hurting anyone so what's the big deal? He is hurting others by poo pooing the whole psychiatric feild. Some may not take their meds or seek professional help based on what this IDIOT says is THE TRUTH about psychiatry. This man (as well as other scinetologists ) could have blood on his hands and you just don't know it.

Also, why do they call it a religion? Seems that it is nothing but a glorified mental health movement (of sorts) and not an actual religion. Seems it's a tax shelter for those guys. What kind of charity work do they do? They have a HUGE ship and gaudy furnishings. Seems the money could be spent on the homeless instead of attacking people who take their meds.

2476 days ago

Biased information    

The tabloids/media doth protest too much

Makes you wonder?

2476 days ago

dori monsun    

Tom Cruise is an egotistical idiot! He and his cult of Scientology can fly up to a far away planet and disappear. While there he can take his ignorant wife and homely child with them. He is seriously sick in the head and needs help. Its too bad he's preprogramed his humanoid stepford wife to follow in his foot steps.

2476 days ago

Kawika 3    

He's a MIDGET, & a LOSER.....
All wrapped up in 1 Bannana Peel
He's a PUNK...
His wife is waaaaaaay to good for him.
Hope she comes to her senses & leaves the Dwarf.....

2476 days ago



You're wrong. There is a significant difference between a cult and a real religion. Scientology is very clearly a cult. The members cannot make that distinction because they are too close to it and not allowed to have open minds due to their programming.

Besides, why should we listen to you? You're obviously uneducated - it seems that you cannot capitalize, use punctuation or contractions properly, or even complete a sentence. Maybe you should stop worrying about trying to KSW, and finish high school instead?

2476 days ago


There is nothing wrong with being proud of your religion, but look at him TC is out of control, I mean when you have Britney saying he's not crazy that should tell you something.
I have my own personal boycott going, I will not pay for anything that will give money to scientology, I might miss a few good movies or so but come on this is crazy spending money to get to higher levels, being space beings really!
David Koresh,Jim Jones, Heavens Gate all started out as religions and look what happened. Wake Up this is nuts!!

2476 days ago


This is one crazy guy. The retards that started scientology are happy to have him though because they can milk him for all his cash.

2476 days ago

What Goes Aound Comes Around    

Scientology/Dianetics was created by L Ron Hubbard, a man with ties to well known SATANIST Aleister Crowley. Despite the rant by Tom Cruise to Matt Lauer about drugs, medicine, and a healthy life-style, L. Ron Hubbard smoked and mixed his drinking with pill popping. He also had questionable morals when it came to women. This is all substantiated by testimony from not only his ex-wives and his housekeepers, but from his own writings.
Scientology preys on celebrities to get their "message" out because of their high profile in the public eye. They prey on the natural ego of celebrities. Unfortunately, hyper people like Tom Cruise who are searching for answers to life's questions are the perfect target for them. They use that energy for their own purposes. More reserved people like Katie and Tom's ex get sucked in and are forced to go along for the ride. They are put through a process called "auditing" where they are encouraged to open up and keep nothing secret. The "auditor" then writes all this down and the records are kept to blackmail the celebrities later if the need ever arises. Scientology has a history of harassing and threatening people who speak out against it.

These statements can be backed up by researching L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Dianetics, and various other links on Wikipedia.

Another excellant web-site about this is

Scientology fears knowledge. They don't want people to know about any of this.

Teach yourself with research and spread the truth

2475 days ago
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