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Nicole Kidman: Cross Dresser?

1/20/2008 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems that the frozen-faced Aussie has a thing for men's pajamas. The expectant mom says she feels really sexy when she pulls those drawstring pants on and dons a button-down shirt (via Showbizspy).

While mama gets all hot and bothered in casual menswear, she makes sure to take good care of her husband. Nicole doesn't skimp when it comes to lingerie and loves wearing it to turn on Keith Urban. Apparently, all it took was a little flannel for Keith, and now Nicole is knocked up.

Denzel Threatens a Little Whupass

It's a problem when your girlfriend's father doesn't like you. You might as well call it a night when that father starts talking smack about you to the press. Denzel Washington has a beef with his daughter's new squeeze, according to the Daily Mirror.

Big daddy is not a fan of the earrings worn by 20-year-old Katia's BF, and gave him a heads up that he wasn't going to be nice. Since Denzel's a big time movie star, he put his son on the case to do all the dirty work -- and the "American Gangster" will "finish him."

Kiefer's Time Has Expired

The time has come. Tomorrow, Kiefer Sutherland, will get out of jail and this time, Jack Bauer won't have to escape or fight any guards to break free. The actor, busted for drunk driving, spent the past 48 days washing clothes and sheets in the big house. Kiefer was put on laundry duty, and according to prison guards (via the AP) was "very humble" and "never complained."

Party Favors: Jen's Flirting with Love ... Conan Waiting in the Wings ... Salma Hayek Got Back

After striking out in past relationships, things are heating up for Jennifer Aniston on the set of her new love story, according to Just Jared. Lonely Jen has reportedly taken a liking to her on-screen lover, Aaron Eckhart. ...In anticipation of his big promotion to "The Tonight Show," Conan O'Brien bought a large pad in Brentwood, says the L.A. Times. The house may turn out to be just a real estate investment, as Uncle Jay is reportedly having second thoughts about saying goodnight to the "Tonight Show." ... New mommy Salma Hayek is showing some skin and dangerous curves, just 4 months after giving birth, as seen in pics in the Daily Mail.


No Avatar


What's this FIRST! thing all about?

2432 days ago


So Keith can do his job. Denzel is straighting out his daughters boyfriend, Keifer gets out tomorrow, and oh forget the rest. I need some coffee.

2432 days ago


i understand denzel, guys never have good intentions! the problem is she might be drawn closer to the loser! hit and run eckhart, youre too much of a good actor to be drag down by tabloid fixation....

2432 days ago

Funny Answers    

Jennifer will never be happy. She wines to friends so they will take for her. She plays the victim so often, I am fed up. Used be my favorite television person, but now, well, every movie she makes, she is still Rachel. She seems to blame Angelina for all her unhappiness. The magazines, all of them, had Brad and Jen breaking up long before the making of the movie with Angelina. Two egos have a hard time competing. Yes, she is pretty, yes, she has a good body. She seems to like being the person Wronged! Why, it gets tired after a while. I wish her well on her new love, but it won't last. No one wants to stay with a crier who lets others speak for them, and tries to play the innocent person. Get off that track, change the type of movies you make, and stop letting others protect your sweet self. That is not the real you.

2432 days ago


Jennifer will be mine !

2432 days ago


tmz employees have the writing abilities of a 9 year-old

2432 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Gee Nicole like to wear men's pj's big deal. At least she is away from that jerk of an Ex. Mr. Washington, you go man, you got to protect your family and your name, don't let this punk drag you down. Jen deserves to be happy, geeze her ex left her for a whore turned into a saint, which we all know she is not.

2432 days ago


I hardly think Jennifer Aniston is "lonely Jen". I think it's more a case of she will settle into a relationship when she feels the individual is right for her. Not everyone jumps into relationships, especially since her husband (Brad Pitt), became attracted to his co-star (Angelina Jolie) during the filming of a movie.

It appears she is cautious as to whom she chooses to let into her life and I don't blame her. She does not "need" a man to have a fulfilling and happy life, nor does she have to rebound from one man to another, which seems to be a pattern of most Hollywood actors and actresses.

She appears to have alot of class and a clear focus of who she is and what she wants in her life and with whom she wants to share it with. I think she is absolutely stunning, intellectual,classy and unique. I for one have become "cautious" since my ex-husband had an affair during our marriage, which produced another off-spring for him. I had a six-month old at home when he decided to have his affair. Never throw caution to the wind.

2432 days ago


Cross Dresser?? WTH? I wear my husbands pajamas and t-shirts all the time and he thinks it's adorable. Thats what normal couples do. Get off it.

Maniston needs to get a life.

2432 days ago


Just when I thought it would be safe, or interesting to go back and look at TMZ or read or watch any news article, , , here is another story about the uninteresting Jennifer Aniston . She is average looking, not that pretty, not that talented , and just another overly hyped celebrity who doesnt deserve much fame of which i am sick. -There is nothing outstanding about this woman whatsoever.

2432 days ago

Lenn K.    

Kelli, I just had coffee and everything is still the same. By the way, no Britney first thing in the morning that's a good thing!

2432 days ago

Bill Hilser    

About Kiefer's stay in the lockup. Believe me, there are no "prison guards" in the Glendale jail. There are only city jailers. Quite a difference, don't you think? I put a non-lethal hit on that little slime, but no takers. He promised my daughter much, but delivered nothing. What a douche bag! To borrow a line from Bob Fosse's 'Chicago,' If you would have been there, you would have done the same!

Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

2432 days ago


Wow! Lot's to talk about. First, go Denzel, wish more father's looked after their daughters. Even if she is 20. I am very
proud of Keifer! He did not whine or complain. He did his job and his time. He took like a man. WEll done!
As for Jen no comment!

2432 days ago

Just me    

It is amazing that people find this stuff interesting or even remotely accurate. THIS IS A GOSSIP SITE!!!
Now that I got that off my chest, lets says this crap about these celebrities is accurate. Nichole Kiman-Who doesnt like wearing comfy pJ's. Especially if they are pregnant!!!! The first trimester sucks (usually). Denzel, you have a right to defend or protect your kid if shes dating a schmuck. (sp?) Kiefer you deserved going to jail, now that you paid your dues you get a clean slate and get to go back out into society and be a productive member. Isnt that the way our justice system is supposed to be?
Ok heres were I really go off....
So what "lonely" Jen is finding a little happiness? This woman is has been turned into a feel sorry for me victim by the MEDIA!!!! NOT by her own actions as far a I can tell. She seems classy and independent. It seems like the people that dont like her classify her as a whiner. She probably wants nothing more that to move on but we wont let her. How do they know she blames Angelina for everything? Have they wire tapped her phones or listen to her private conversations? Looks like she just wants to stay out of the limelight and try to live normally. Maybe why thats why the haters find her boring, because they cant constantly comment on her like they do to Britney.
By the way I am not a Brad or Angie hater-they seem happy let them be.Time to let Jen be happy too!!

2432 days ago


Jen moved on several years ago. It's time for everyone else to do the same. She is classy, independent, and busy most
of the time. You don't always have to be having a affair or a man on your arm to be happy. Besides she trys to keep
her life private so how do you know what she is really doing. I admire her, love her movies and think it is wonderful
that she doesn't feel like she has to be hanging on some man to prove herself. All this gossip is just crazy and a lot
of it made up.

2432 days ago
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