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Spears to Cruise: You're Not Crazy at All!

1/20/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted Britney befriending more photogs, as a non-Adnan joined Brit for her nightly escapade! It gets weirder as Brit had a few words for Tom Cruise -- it's crazy talking about crazy!

Brit picked up her new friend outside of Adnan's house, then headed over to Goa -- where she simply sat in the car outside while the frenzy erupted! Talk about parkin' lot pimpin'!

After inviting paps to her house -- Brit Brit presto chango'd into different clothes and her pink personality wig -- grabbed her new pap friend and took off again! Wonder if this guy is the new Adnan?


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She seems to be so scared of the paparazzi! I love when she is anywhere near a courthouse she is suddenly "scared", but she lives for them any other time. I can't believe that there are still people that feel bad for this selfish girl!

2431 days ago


brits mom is on payroll too .. she wont say chit to brit as long as the $$$$$ is in her pocket too.... booohooo....sooosad..... moms blingin while her daughter is the next anna nicole tragedy...... what a waste of $$$$$.. could be feeding millions the globe over.. so whats next??? stay tuned.....

2431 days ago

To The Truth about Scientology
I agree with your post. And regarding Tom Cruise...I believe his problems started with his non-relationship with his father. He never got over it. He possesses such hate for his father and even on his father's death bed, Tom held this grudge. Tom is a short man with a short man's syndrome and is effectively dysfunction in every way.

2431 days ago

Cindy D    

I agree that Britney is acting alittle nuts! But how come no one is asking K-Fed if he has found a job yet. K-Fed and his lawyer have been on her back since she broke up with him by phone. He is so out to get her. Now, he can himself arrange for her to see her kids. He is just sitting home collecting her money(like the creep he is) and not even concerned that maybe those kids just might miss her. How come he is not doing any interveiws? He is such a coward and a creep! He cannot answer the tough questions ,can he?

2431 days ago


TMZ -- your misleading headlines and false reports are getting old. Maybe you have something you kept out of the video but as reported and shown here, Spears had nothing to say about Tom Cruise except that she thought "the baby is pretty." Some controversial and breaking news --- not. If you want to present your website as capable of reporting objective, hard entertainment news, I'd suggest you start with basic accuracy.

2431 days ago

Vanity Killz    

I blame Rap Music for all of this bs !

2431 days ago


She didn't say that Cruise is crazy but her expression did. She didn't answer because her answer would have been "yes".

Tom should save Britney. As a scientologist, he is the only one that can do it. If Britney dies, it will be the scientologists fault because only they can make a difference. Tom does not need permission from Britney or law enforcement. He can break into her house and save her. Her can do whatever is necessary to save her.

I wonder if she was on his list and she turned him down as well? I think he should dump Katie and marry Britney. He would love it because she's got the cameras trailing her 24/7...right up Tom's alley! Her face, legs, and ass are also alot better than Katie's. If he and Britney get together, he could save alot of money as well. Britney's filthy rich and Tom wouldn't have to give her any money of his. Katie has nothing....she's dead weight.

2431 days ago


#32 and #33

Huh??? Say what?

2431 days ago

the lost    

Stop comparing Britney to Anna Nicole. Anna Nicole was a GOOD mom. She was very close to her son Daniel and was very young when she had him. I don't know if she would have been good with Dannielynn, but probably better than Britney is with her neglected kids. Anna Nicole was dumber than dirt, but still a better person than Britney.

2431 days ago


Who here doesn't think Britney should be forced to have a Sex-Pre nup before she dates or sleeps with anyone? It should say there can be no pictures or videos made, and if she gets pregnant she automatically signs all rights over to the guys until she is committed and treated. If only her lawyers could hear me.

2431 days ago


Hey Brit, what do your kids call you?? Do they even know who MOMMY is? Do you think about them when you are drinking, taking drugs, screwing around and acting like an immature teenager? YOU MAKE LOTS OF PEOPLE SICK...
People that can't have kids, people that adopt kids. Maybe you could give them up for adoption to a FAMILY that cares about them..... oh, I forgot, you have lost all your parental rights. Its all about you huh?

2431 days ago


Vanity Kilz, that was funny.

2431 days ago


Somebody needs to knock her up so she will stop doin drugs.

2431 days ago


# 31
I totally agree with you about Scientology! I have done research also and everything I have found is so frightening. It's hard to believe that some people think that Scientology is harmless. I don't find what happened to Lisa McPherson harmless! Scientologists kept her in isolation for 17 days with hardly anything to eat because she was showing some psychotic tendencies. She died malnourished with roach bites on her body. Yeah.... I guess that is just harmless fun!

2431 days ago


#53.. Let me say this about K-Fed.. He is smart enough to stay out of the public eye. He also doesn't want his children growing up in it so how can that be a bad thing? He doesn't go out seeking attention like Britney and catching himself in a debacle. He has been seen on One Tree Hill so he is making some money. He is actually doing the right thing. I too used to think he was a loser but he turned it around so nothing but praise for him..

2431 days ago
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