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Dog Chapman -- Less Bark, No Bite

1/21/2008 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman surfaced in NYC for the Roy Jones-Felix Trinidad fight, but he wasn't in the mood to mix it up with the fans outside.

Everyone wanted a little piece of the Dog as he entered Madison Square Garden, but he only had one reply. One fan even tried to provoke him with a little N-word jab, but Chapman wouldn't swing back. Ruff night!


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Like him or hate him, the stupid racist comments he made was during a private phone call with his kid. Lets be real here, who here hasn't said something on the phone we wouldn't want the rest of the world to hear? So before you start throwing stones at the uber mullet think about some of the dumbass things you said in the past. (Kind of like me posting to this, I'm sure I will want to take it back in a matter of minutes)

2277 days ago


come on leave the dog alone.
i'm sure everyone has said a bad word or two.
it just so happens some body was recording it and sold it for money.
who hasn't said the n word before, but what i don't understand
if a white person say the n word we are racist but if a black person says n word it is okay.
don't make sense. leave the dog alone and let him back on tv.

2276 days ago


I met Roy Jones Jr. a couple of times in Pensacola, FL, and he was surprisingly short, maybe about 5'8 or 5"9

He has a body guard with him, most times, probably because some knucklehead would try to pick a fight.

He was pretty nice though...

2276 days ago


Now my comment on the dog, he's a prig

2276 days ago


I miss the Chapman family. Dog had a private conversation with his money hungry son and it became public. He has apologized numerous times and that is all he can do, forgive and forget and let them get on with thier lives. Are you perfect? Well I am not and I forgive you for not being perfect. I miss the Chapman family and if aetv does not pick them up someone else will-how about it FOX?

2276 days ago


As a Black female, I was insulted by Dog's remarks, but he wasn't talking about all Black women, he was talkiing about the skank his son is with. leave dog alone,, he paid enough.......

2276 days ago


him and his fat ASS ugly wife are truly racist...

2276 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

I wonder who is catching the Hawaiian criminals while Dog is in NYC?
He is a trailer park has been that got his chance of fame and flushed it down the toilet. He and his ugly wife is both far from being celebrities and should not ever be in the spotlight again. He is and always will be a JOKE.

2276 days ago


Redneck Dog. :P

2276 days ago


why is it when a white man says the n word (which i am not saying is ok) the whole world is pissed but have you ever listened to rap or walked through the "hood" maybe if black people would respect each other enough to not say the n word then the rest of the world would respect them, and why does it matter what one simple minded man has to say isnt there other things that we should be talking about, for starters the war, education, money, get over it, its done

2276 days ago



2276 days ago


EVERYONE has made some sort of racist comment to someone at one time or another...whether it be against blacks, whites or whatever. He was in a private conversation with his prick of a son and all of this erupts. It's time to get over it and move on. The son's girlfriend probably is trash....all you have to do is look at the son to figure that one out.

2276 days ago


I have watched his show a few times. i kinda think he came across as too preachy and fake. But where is freedom of speech?? I seem to recall Qween Latifah (THE most overated person in Hollywood) after the LA riots saying that there should be a week every year where blacks kill whites! And where is the bitch now? What was her punishment? A freakin TV show!!!! GO FIGURE. America- Double Standards.

2276 days ago


The Dog and Torpedo T*ts are grossly overrated. I think Dog is a joke, and Torpedo T*tis has absolutely NO CLASS. Neither of them do, in fact. I used to watch their show when nothing else was on, and I always had a good laugh. My favorite things about the show were (a) the music, (b) his son with the dark hair and braided pony tail (why can't I ever remember his name?) and (c) Tim. Hopefully the fact that we have not heard anything more about Tim means the charges were dismissed.

Dog is old and gimpy. They should spin the show off with the rest of the crew except for Baby Lisa. She's pretty useless. So is Duane Lee, but they always need an extra man to guard the back of the house!!!!! And what woman with any degree of intelligence would wear thin high heels on a bounty hunt and then try to chase the criminals? I don't care if Dog likes her trashy look. Save it for the privacy of your own home.......PLEASE!!!!!

I feel sorry for their youngest kids. What a way to bring up children. Talk about a dysfunctional family. Dog rarely has anything to do with them, and Torpedo T*ts spoils them rotten.

2276 days ago

Stop Forgiving PLEASE    

"TRAILER TRASH" is a highly DEROGATORY term and coupled with "WHITE" makes anyone that uses this phrase a total AZZZZ!!!!!!

2276 days ago
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