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Great White Way Ridiculous

1/21/2008 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken's Saturday night debut in Broadway's "Spamalot" was full of absurdity -- and not because of Monty Python's material.

As Aiken made his debut at Broadway's "Spamalot" on Saturday, TMZ was in the house and -- believe us -- the Shubert Theater was full of middle-aged housewives (who comprise the Claymates) elbowed and bitched their way through a crazy throng to get their Romeo's autograph.

If Kelly Ripa doesn't want him touching her, there are definitely plenty of 40-and-overs who do!


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Seriously, I'd like TMZ to answer just what is "ridiculous" and/or absurd about being over 40?

2464 days ago


Where are all the middle aged ladies? In the video I only found 2 in a huge crowd. What's with all the nasty comments huh? He's a huge talent and apparently a big star with tons of fans.

2464 days ago


Here come the House Fraus getting their moist GAYKEN panties all in a bunch.

2464 days ago

Anonymous in Florida    

I think he looks wonderful - very relaxed for his debut on Broadway.

2464 days ago


I was at the Friday show when Aiken debuted & he knocked my socks off! Seriously.... the guy's not just a great singer, but he can act, is a laugh riot & - what shocked me most - dances competently. My buds & I love this show as we are total Python fanatics & we've seen every casting version of the NY production. We were skeptical of Aiken's ability to fit in, but he proved us wrong bigtime. Do yourselves a favor if you're in town & grab a ticket. This weekend was SRO from what the boxoffice told me.

2464 days ago


Just like Liberace, there are thousands of soccer mom's adoring an obvious homosexual. I am fascinated by that. Why is this? And now he's in THEATER---next he will be a figure skater! I would have SO much more respect for him if he had the courage to come out. But he NEEDS those soccer mom's, as gay men are not at all into him, like they are Ricky Martin. So perhaps that's why he stays behind the THINLY veiled curtain.

2464 days ago


Why don't all you haters just get off his back already!!! What has he ever done to you?

2464 days ago


Saw the original show and it was great. Good for Clay - looks like he's having a good time. I'm still trying to find all those over-40 housewives in the stage door video though. I'm seeing plenty of young women and men mixed in with the crowd. How do you know who's the housewife?

They are all stuck to their seats by their moist GAYKEN panties, that's where.


2464 days ago


Enough already. What the heck is the matter with you idiots at TMZ. Pissed because Clay had the brains to get out of Hollywood and lead a normal life.? The theater has been packed with MEN and women and a huge amount of young people.

You are telling lies and the Hollywood worshipers here are more than willing to believe you. Yeah, I'm a fan. I'm 28.

2464 days ago


TMZ You need to stick to reporting on the losers in LA and leave Broadway alone. They are way out of your league. And does the gay accusations make some of you feel better about your own love life? Losers.

2464 days ago


It's obvious that Clay only did this because his career was in the toilet, and he was jealous of other Idols getting more attention. This guy's ego is huge. Back in the day, he was the most "successful" Idol. Now, it's just a bunch of old ladies and gays who like him. Oh, well, a guy's got to pay the bills. But, Simon said he belonged on Broadway all along, so it's nice to see that Simon is right again.

2464 days ago


i saw spamalot last month -- it's the funniest thing I've seen on broadway. enough people! it's not ridiculous! i laughed my ass off.

2464 days ago


YEAH! Clay is here to stay! His performance in Spamalot was perfection. Such talent and humanity in one person!

Clay will be around for many decades to come. Get used to it, haters. He is everything you can never even hope to be. Sleazy comments about him will not make him go away or detract from the fine person that he is. The people who count (oh, and you are not them) know Clay and are happy to work with him to advance his career.

Bravo, Clay! My best wishes for your continued success. And, just remember, living well is the best revenge ('cause it gets the haters all twisted in knots...he! he!).

2464 days ago


It's official that Broadway is now the dumping ground for American Idol losers and their delusional SQUEEE fans.

2464 days ago


This is discrimination .What is wrong with you people from TMZ? What do you have against women over 40? Last year I went to The Almann Brothers concert and a saw a lot of men over 50 but nobody think there is anything wrong with that. Clay has a lot of fans, my two good friends from NY went to see him on Friday and yes they are over 40 and they look great . isn't kelly Ripper also over 40?

2464 days ago
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