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Great White Way Ridiculous

1/21/2008 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken's Saturday night debut in Broadway's "Spamalot" was full of absurdity -- and not because of Monty Python's material.

As Aiken made his debut at Broadway's "Spamalot" on Saturday, TMZ was in the house and -- believe us -- the Shubert Theater was full of middle-aged housewives (who comprise the Claymates) elbowed and bitched their way through a crazy throng to get their Romeo's autograph.

If Kelly Ripa doesn't want him touching her, there are definitely plenty of 40-and-overs who do!


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#65 "Clay's fans were out in full force for his performance, but no one yelled out during the show!! "

Just watched The View, He talked about being embarrassed by how loud the claymates were. So tell us again nobody yelled out during the show.

#66 "Noone is claiming Clay is the star of the show"

Go to his fan boards....they are proclaiming him to be the star of the show.

2433 days ago


I don't remember giving the snot-nosed brats who write this stupid blog the right to determine what is "cool" and what isn't. They aren't even relevant.

2433 days ago

jen jen    

i thought that was carrot top...

2433 days ago


Re. post # 73.You are on here arguing about Clay and you watched the view this morning and you are quoting him from it. I think you must be a Claymate!! Why don't you do something more worthwhile with your time,rather than diss Clay if you are not a fan?

2433 days ago

Panocha de la Vaca    

He is so gay and fat and ugly. How many times has been "pumped up the rump" since he's arrived in NYC? Probably not at all, unless he forked over the dough. Nasty pig that he is!

2433 days ago


I am hopefully going either in March or May to see the show. I can't wait. I love Clay and always have for the past 5 years. And I'm only 20 now. Not 40. But thanks for stereotyping us :) THe other demographic is busy working and in school, we don't have time or money to fly to NYC and see Clay right away. We have to save up from going broke over the summer and CITH tour. lol Yay for Clay though, he is doing an amazing job :)

2433 days ago


Okay I have had enough of people insulting "older" women for liking Clay. What the hell is wrong with it? I am in my 50's but I still like to go out, travel and party. Just because I am my age doesn't mean I don't know how to have one hell of a good time! I have always been known as the "party girl" but I still hold down two responsible jobs. I am a divorce single woman who has put my son through college, so now I choose to have fun. Traveling around the country and seeing Clay has been so much fun. Why do you have to spoil that?? So now I should just sit home and do nothing??

I go to see a lot of performers, not just Clay but he is definitely the best and he appreciates his fans like no one else. PLease get off our backs and treat us like real people instead of someone who should be brushed under the rug!

2432 days ago


You have some mighty big brainiacs writing for you.
They write 1 and a half paragraphs and still get it wrong:
Clay Aiken's Broadway debut was Friday night, Jan 18th--not Saturday.
Are you still saying you were at the debut? I think you may have missed it.
Wow, I am impressed with your high research standards!
How can anyone believe what you say when your lead paragraph/only paragraph is wrong? Impressive.. only not.

2432 days ago


#73 - in reference to #65, Clay was talking about the curtain call when the actors are coming out to take a bow. All the actors were being acknowledged and greeted with applause, but because so many of Clay's fans where there, the cheers for him were deafening. I think it is ok to cheer at this time, that's is what they have the curtain call for! Clay has never been one to try and steal the limelight from others, and has shown it over and over again. For those who actually follow his career and attend events where he is present, find this as one of his many admirable qualities.

2432 days ago


What these idiots in the media don't seem to realize is that the Baby Boomers comprise one quarter of the US population. We are by far the dominant demographic - by a bunch! The media and the music industry don't dictate to us; we dictate to them. Maybe if they'd ever figure that out and quit targeting the tweenies, their business wouldn't be in the toilet like it is currently.

2432 days ago

Imforunow` people trash Clay and don't even know him.....he's developing his craft...and not getting into the headlines by getting drunk, driving stoned, or forgetting that he has children...

I say grow up!!

2432 days ago
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