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Kiefer Sutherland -- Free and Clorox Clean

1/21/2008 8:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kiefer Sutherland is a free man.

He was released just after midnight at the Glendale City Jail after serving 48 days after his second DUI conviction. Lots of media were on hand, because the release time and date were no secret.

Kiefer became an expert in doing laundry during his stint. Let's hope he turned the tide.


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I heart him. Its so hot that he served his time without crying for attention and thinking he deserved to get off early. Gosh I wish I was the girl receiving the after jail f$&@ cause you know its gonna be amaizing with Keifer.

2444 days ago


The Glendale Jail is the Ramada compared to LA County Twin Towers, its a brand spanking new facility. Jail is jail, but again a Hollywood celebrity gets star treatment to serve time in such a facility.

2444 days ago

Maeva S    

Your coverage is way behind, so who was all that media there? Anyway, to everyone who thinks Kiefer got off easy, what the book sentences are mean nothing to what's served. Kiefer has served about three times what an average person does and at his request.... so whatever, you're wrong about him.

Kiefer... if your publicist is checking this all out to monitor it and sees this, I hope you get some help. You have a drinking problem and it's great that you faced the sentence like you did... BUT, this will happen again and something else worse could happennext time. You need to take care of your health and get help. Help doesn't mean you're weak... it means you know how much youre loved and that you deserve to reach out and be with us for a long, long time. Hope Kiefer's REAL friends step up and intervene. Enuff''s enuff. Your family loves you and so do your fans

2444 days ago


Jack is back..............................

2444 days ago

Gerry K    

His health is going to be affected soon if he wont stop and the next time he drinks and drives (which can still happen after he gets his license back) it's in prison where a short, 150 pound rich blond boy would be a fun target. Hoep his lawyer has warned him about that in the meanest terms she could and scared him to death.

hope he gets real help and he gets a great doctor and treats his therapy seriously. Next time he could kill or hurt somebody else with a car... but car or no car, he's hurting himself

2444 days ago


Awesome Actor!!!!!!!

2444 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I add my 'good for him' sentiments to the mix. And I hope his example of 'do the crime, do the time' is remembered the next time a celeb gets sentenced. He handled it with class and respect, not the "gimme a jail-cam so I can milk this as a publicity stunt and Dave had better NOT ask me about this when I appear his show right after I serve all these hours of hardship."'

2444 days ago


I thought he went to jail on Dec. 24th. That only makes 28 days not 48 days.

2444 days ago


Man, what a raw deal he got when you think about the IDIOT Paris Hylton and her tiny stint in the clink. Guess he didn't cry enough or throw enough of a hissy fit about going....

2444 days ago


Keep your nose Clean ,Kid!

2444 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

If he speeds, he might be able to make some of the parties at Sun Dance up in Park City!

2444 days ago


My love and respect for you, Kiefer. You`re a man with capital letters. Welcome to the real world. Again.

sherylal24: Kiefer was in jail since Dec. 5th. Not Dec. 24th.

2444 days ago

Gunter Hallowgreen    

I can understand why he did not complain during his time in jail.

He has paid for better conditions because Gendale is a pay jail. It is not like the hellhole the ladies have to endure.

The taxpayers could have saved a lot of money by letting the rest of them pay for their time too. Then they also could not have given sentences for hours instead of days.

The only person, who served more than 10 percent this year and did it in a hell-hole was Paris Hilton. Maybe the judges should take a minute to serve the tax-payers also by forcing the rich people to pay for full time. We all know that we have three types of justice in this country:

One for the poor
One for the rich
One for relatives and friends of people employed in the D.A office.

2444 days ago

Lenn K.    

This man done the crime and done the time. No fanfare like Paris Hilton, just did want he was told and now it over. congrads to you. you are the man!!

2444 days ago


Good for Mr. Sutherland. He did the crime and he did his blubbering like Paris, no less than 2 hours like the Ritchie brat. I hope he never drives under the influence again...hopefully he realizes he is a danger to others as well as himself when he drinks and drives. Do it right Keifer.

2444 days ago
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