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Kiefer Sutherland -- Free and Clorox Clean

1/21/2008 8:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kiefer Sutherland is a free man.

He was released just after midnight at the Glendale City Jail after serving 48 days after his second DUI conviction. Lots of media were on hand, because the release time and date were no secret.

Kiefer became an expert in doing laundry during his stint. Let's hope he turned the tide.


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O J Simpson    

why did he have to serve his entire time not 10% like the females rich who get dui's???????????

2436 days ago


Kiefer is the best. Such a class act.


2436 days ago


Keifer did the right thing. He didn't try to buy his way out of trouble. He is "Jack Bauer" after all!
24 is my fav show. Welcome Home KEIFER!!

2436 days ago

Gerry K    

He has paid for better conditions because Gendale is a pay jail. It is not like the hellhole the ladies have to endure.

2436 days ago

Gerry K    

31. He has paid for better conditions because Gendale is a pay jail. It is not like the hellhole the ladies have to endure

2436 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I guess next time he's asked to move his car from the front of an establishment to across the street, he'll simply hand his keys to the asker. Kiefer handled this whole thing with dignity. Now he can drive his lady(s) nuts with what he knows about doing laundry correctly, hehe. Hey from Canada, Kiefer.

2436 days ago


Why did he have to stay so long when so many others get off in hours or days?

2436 days ago


Welcom back & stay off the sauce or, at least, get a driver.

2436 days ago

Wayne Johnson    

He is only another movie star who drinks too much. Just a person like all the rest of us.

2436 days ago

Bill Hilser    

I have a friend who works for Glendale PD and says that Kiefer is clean inside and out. In addition to washing his own clothes, he spent a lot of time in the shower room dropping the soap and then bending over to pick it up.

Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

2436 days ago


He paid for it because at the twin towers he would have been out in like 10 minutes.

Paris the walking petri dish also had the opportunity of serving her time at Glendale, but her lawyer was like no, beat the system, they wont keep you at twin towers because there's not enough "room" and the sherrif won't let you stay there. her a*s got served by the judge though (and good for him) all those hollywood glamourpuss's are such silly cows.

2436 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

to sister_mary_rotten_crotch@11:30AM - I hate your handle. It's beyond disrespectful. You must be trash.

2436 days ago


Kiefer paid $75 per day to go to a vacation jail and there is no time off for that place, you have to do all the time if you are paying for better jail.

Paris got screwed by the sheriff not the judge, he could have released her after 4 days for overcrowding but instead released her to house arrest due to health problems and she was put back in jail because in that situation the judge rules.

The sheriff then released Michelle Rodriguez after 10 percent of her time and said that he felt he had to treat everyone the same no matter what the judge wanted.

Paris was not treated the same as everyone else but she has not bothered to get a really good lawyer and sue over it so she eats what was done to her.

The only really interesting question is how many violent offenders were released early while she did her time. Was she taking up a bed doing her time while someone convicted of a violent crime was released early?

2436 days ago

Gerry K    

To anyone who thinks Kiefer is a pay to stay inmate... HE'S NOT... that's why he was doing laundry. He was there as an inmate worker. He had the option of paying and refused it. He spend the time doing the laundry of the homeless the jail takes in and mopping and emptying the trash and doing various cleaning dutiies.

Just some info: Kiefer spent to periods of his life homeless in pursuit of his career to maybe the did have some special impact on him. he also kept to himself and had no one but his attorney visit and that only ONCE. I dare anyone complaining about him here to have done the same thing... and I also think he deserves special praise for how he handled this coming from the environment he did. The guy knows how to work but he's got an illness that affects his judgment... He's not afflicted with voluntary stupidity like Ms. Hilton.

I hope this has all been really terrible for him, actually (not that he ONCE complained) but so bad that he never finds himself facing this sort of thing again for his own sake. He's a genuinely good dude with a bad problem. Therapy , is he's honest about it, is actually gonna be a lot tougher to man up to but I have faith he can do it if he wants to.

He didn't ask and did get special treatment. If you want to criticize him... do it on the facts. Oh, and ignore my second post. I was trying to correct someone else with this dumb opinion he was weasling and paying to sit on his tail but it didn't pick up the rest of the message.

2436 days ago


Prior to the writers strike - Kiefer split his 90 days in two - serving some now & some at a later date so as not to interfere with his show's schedule & fellow workers/crew/actors. This was pre-approved by the court. I read this but now no-one is mentioning it so maybe I was dreaming!!??

2436 days ago
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