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Kiefer Sutherland -- Free and Clorox Clean

1/21/2008 8:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kiefer Sutherland is a free man.

He was released just after midnight at the Glendale City Jail after serving 48 days after his second DUI conviction. Lots of media were on hand, because the release time and date were no secret.

Kiefer became an expert in doing laundry during his stint. Let's hope he turned the tide.


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Dude makes a smokin' hot bookin' photo!! Mmm!

2432 days ago


This whole thing is obviously an undercover operation of the CTU. Why was "Kiefer" in jail? Who did he torture while there? How many millions of people did he save by pretending to drive drunk and going through the court system? Was Nina involved.... c'mon, nobody really believes she's dead, right?

2432 days ago


is his dad still alive??? how come no one went to visit him???

glad hes out !! i love this guy.
he took it like a champ

2432 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA TMZ, Kiefer got out and you did NOT get any pictures. Stupid TMZ, you got hoodwinked by Jack Bauer.

2432 days ago


I have more respect for Kiefer than 99% of Hollyweird. He admitted his guilt, did his time without whining and didn't get special treatment.

Kudos, Keifer.

2432 days ago

Gerry K    

to JP on the prior page... He was NEVER sentenced to 90 days. You were imagining that.

2432 days ago

Jannie Baby    

He may have served less time than "Joe Blow" would have, but he was given no special treatment during that time and he didn't bitch and whine about it. Kudos for handling it like a mature adult, Kiefer. Rock on.

2432 days ago

A little too late BS    

To #49 Stumpy:

Kiefer DID NOT PAY TO STAY, he was a County inmate serving as a worker inmate at Glendale Jail. The county paid for his stay. So he got NO PAY TO STAY BENEFITS, NONEs while he was there. AND He had to serve the FULL 48 days NO MATTER WHERE HE WAS it was part of his plea deal to work around 24's shooting schedule. He chose to serve it all at once now due to the writers strike. YOU may not like it, but THAT IS THE TRUTH. Do some research before you spout your mouth off. If he had not made that deal so not to hurt the show he would have got out like anyone else after serving 10% of the time - or 5 days, instead he served all 48. 90% more than he would have had to under a regular sentence - just like any joe blow.

In the end he did the crime, took a MUCH longer sentence and did it all without whining or pandering to the media like the rest of them. KUDOS to him.

2432 days ago


This is the way it should be done-Keifer, you are a stand up guy!

2432 days ago


This is the way it should be done-Keifer, you are a stand up guy!

2432 days ago


What a hero. He did not kill anyone yet.

2432 days ago


You go Kieffer!!! Please, please, no more drinking and driving..drink, but let someone else drive you..BEFORE YOU HURT SOMEONE ELSE OR YOURSELF... I'd sure like to know what the scoop is on Kieffer and his father Donald..Love Kiefer, but never liked Donald..Something about his body language that makes me suspicious..

If your dad didn't meet your expectations, SO BE IT!! get on with your life and stop, if you are, using bad parent as a crutch..

2432 days ago

sara anne    

i loved number 53 ...the post by get it right!!! way to go kiefer you are a class act all the way!

2432 days ago

Gerry K    

Dear Poster 53... thanks for setting Stump (possibly an IQ description) right. To further prove him wrong, IF Kiefer had paid and he didn't, the fee in Glendale is $85.00 a day. Check the stories on Gary Collins, you'll learn something.

2431 days ago

Gerry Lincoln    

Congratulations to "Jack Bauer" on doing his time like a man without any whining or demands for special teatment.

It was troubling to hear that he celebrated by going on a 24-hour bender -- just like the show -- immediately after his release.

Hopefully, this was a one-time thing and won't become a habit.

It's a shame to think of such talent doing laundry when he should be entertaining his millions of fans.

Now, if only those "writers" would settle that dopey strike . . .

2431 days ago
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