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Adnan's Wife Files for Separation

1/22/2008 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Adnan Ghalib's wife has filed for legal separation, citing irreconcilable differences.
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AzLynn Berry filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court today, asking for legal separation effective January 18. The couple married in December 2003.

Adnan tells TMZ it's not a big deal and calls it "purely procedural." "She's had the papers for a while," he tells us. "This is old." Coincidence that Brit came into his life recently? We think not.


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Julie G.    

We have the other better things to think about than think about this Adnan!

2409 days ago


You do know kfed is probably writing a book....I wonder if she can keep him from doing it without shelling out a bunch of money such as if he tries it extortion.

2409 days ago



2409 days ago


Uh yeah..."purely procedural, she's had the papers for a while." Riiiiiiiiight. Considering the date of sep is listed as Jan. 18, what does "awhile" mean? He might wanna refer to that lovely Manfer case in CA for some precedent. Open mouth, insert foot, i.e., she finally had enough and actually split from him four days ago.

California Court Says That The Date Of A Couple’s Legal Separation Is Determined By When They Decided To Separate And Not When They Made The End Of Their Marriage Known To Others
The Fourth District Court of Appeals in California says that the date when a couple becomes legally separated is based on when they privately decided to separate rather than the date they set for court purposes. This decision reverses an earlier decision by a San Diego Judge in Orange County Superior Court.

The case involves Maureen and Samuel Manfer. They were married in 1973 and then mutually decided shortly after their 31st wedding anniversary in 2004 that they were separating. Samuel moved out, but both of them decided to keep the news of their separation private until after the end of the year because they didn’t want to upset their children before the holidays. The couple did not have sex together or share their finances, but they attended social occasions and traveled together from time to time.

When Samuel filed for divorce in April 2005, he cited March 15, 2005 as their date of separation. Maureen disagreed, saying that their separation date was July 1, 2004. The date of separation was significant, seeing as Maureen had made more money than Samuel, so Samuel was entitled to half of her income during the time that they were together—whether this time was until July 2004 or March 2005.

2409 days ago


No surprise right?

In his interview he still wants Brit back - talked in an awful somber voice hoping for a miracle lol

Have a great night to all.

2409 days ago




2409 days ago


This guy is a nobody...He's an annoying arse who chases people around town with a camera for a living.

He got some good pics I'm sure,and had a reason for taging along with the nut case Britney to begin with...Who's he gona date next?...Paris..or Lindsay?

I think not...Jerks like this live off other people.The words out that this guy is just another flake who had his 10 minutes of fame..:)

Last we'll ever hear about this LOSER.

Birds of the feather flock together..and he's the kinda folk that Britney likes to hang out with.She's just as much as a loser in my book as well.

2409 days ago


Appears the funeral he soo abruptly left to attend on friday--the 18th--was the funeral of his marriage---we're not as stupid as this guy would like us to believe-----IF and I say IF there was a funeral friday of a family member i am sure his wife of 4 yrs would be involved and she wouln't be running around doing separation papers this guy is trying to manipulate the public people==he has ulterior motives people

2409 days ago


yeah, another ground breaking story on britney and her no name least his wife is getting some well deserved publicity.....I'm actually shocked...I thought it was true love...

2409 days ago

huh, missing some documents    

Me smells something stinky - and it ain't just brit. Brit dumps him??? Adnan does "unpaid" interview where he is oh so sweet and has gushing things to say about ther. "Wife/green card enabler" files for divorce. A lot in one week huh? What's the catch with all this. Mark my words, there is some master plan.

2409 days ago

huh, missing some documents    

Me told you I smelled something stinky - OK is reporting they had dinner together tonight and held hands and then took a drive all the while smooching. Can you all say BIG setup by the master mind herself - Miss Britney Spears.

2409 days ago


who cares. I don't think he took advantage of Britney. They used each other. She does anything for press

2409 days ago


Didn't Kevin Federline have a pregnant girlfriend when she hooked up with him. I guess Britney doesn't care when she wants a man.

2409 days ago



Britney's boy Adnan Ghalib, paparazzo/speed racer, hit a motorcycle today with Brit in the car, according to X17 photographers.

Adnan was driving Britney's white Mercedes SL, heading east on Sunset about 30 minutes ago in the mild LA rain when the accident occurred.

Apparently Adnan was passing the motorcycle on the right when he sideswiped the bike AND the man on it. Adnan stopped the car, screamed at the guy, not even asking if the poor guy was okay, and then sped away!

more details coming ...

2409 days ago


Yep, I’m certain that this past weekend Britney ORDERED Adnan to get a legal separation from his wife. I also think she was furious when it took more than 5 minutes to do it. That’s the real reason Adnan had his cell phone turned off.

Since she’s spending the night with Adnan, does she even know that she is going to court tomorrow?

2409 days ago
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