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Brady -- Maimed or Messin' with Heads?

1/22/2008 4:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just caught Tom Brady and Gisele emerging from their downtown lair in NYC, and guess what -- he's not wearing that walking cast!

He also looked pretty comfortable amblin' around, which raises the question: Could the whole Castgate have been a ruse to throw off the New York Giants as they prepare for the Super Bowl?

Remember, earlier this season the Patriots got caught spying on their opponents' signals. This team knows how to play head games!

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It was said on one of the blogs from new england that the patriots are classy.......... First let me stop laughing ha ha ha, classy does not cheat, classy isn't wearing a cutoff gangster shirt to the nfl games, classy isn't having Rodney Harrison, one of the most penalized and fined defensive backs (because he plays so dirty) on your team. This team has only done wll over the past few years obviously from cheating or somehow doing other lowlife tricks that helped them gain some kinda of edge. They were warned before about pic taking and refused to stop so billicheat saying he didn't know it was illegal also makes the NO CLASS IDIOT a liar also... It is not jealousy, it is contempt from a cheat ass team who deserve to be stripped from everything this yr and previous yrs. Patriot fans look stupid sticking up for the cheaters and need to own up to the fact that the only reason the team has done so well is because they cheat!!!

2435 days ago


There is a reason why jealousy is called the green MONSTER. It turns people UGLY!

All you NY cry babies sure sound PATHETIC!

Brady is the most amazing QB ever to play the game. He has broken every offensive record there is on the books. Listen to any analyst of the game. Anyone who denies his greatness knows nothing about the game. That's fine too.

Cry babies cry!

If you think ELI MANNING can beat TOM BRADY... well.. whatever. Keep dreaming. It'll be a good game...but the Giant's are going down.

Go Patriots.

NY is going down.. To another New England team! The way it should be!

2435 days ago

patsfan 711    

1st...mind your business. How do you know Tom doesn't see his son?? Also, what's the fascination with Bridgette? Gissy does NOT have a horseface, she is stunning!

2435 days ago

pats fan in ky    

Nah, not head games. He sported the cast after the game and anyone who knows anything about sports would know that. He is pretending to be injured with this...have you guys forgotten that he has been on the injury list for the last what, 3 years on the NFL website with a shoulder injury?

2435 days ago


I hope that the Giants kick the crap out of New England...I'm so tired of the Tom Brady hoop-la. Following him around for what? How stupid.

Brett Favre is THE man!!!

2435 days ago


"Dharma, I still don't understand why he can not be a little bit more sociable. He always acts like a prick! He has a beautiful girlfriend and great career. Put a smile on that face Brady!"

If YOU had numerous paparazzi following you and your girlfriend around including standing outside your girlfriend's house and being in YOUR face, would you put a smile on your face????

2435 days ago

Paul Kyler    

I cannot believe these two,Brady an Giesel walk around without close security. That is nuts in this day and age.

2434 days ago


Do any of the other players have injuries? These men use their bodies for a living. Their not mouse_pushing_cubicle_nitwits like most who post here. I suppose you people always have smiles on your faces when your walking around. I know when i'm in NY, i'm amazed at all the smiling faces. Yeah, right. I do know that NE didn't bad mouth any team and always said they were playing a good team and were just getting ready. They have their tools, they have their plans and they have their players and their coming to play. The giants have a good team and they are getting ready also. I just hope it's a good gme and not a blowout. I heard Eli had inquired about sex change surgery. Does that make him a lesser QB? I think not.

2434 days ago

Paul Kyler    

My concern is that Bush, Cheney and the rest of the Neo-Con gang will orchestrate something against Brady and blame it on terrorists. For this reason alone I would have trusted friends and family securing my health if I was Brady.

2434 days ago


When he is in Boston no one photographs him. At least when he was with Bridgette he smiled and was social. Now he looks like at jerk and she is even worse, can;t just say "hi". Have to cover your face? Oh yeah, that is right, she has to be paid for that face to be photographed.

2434 days ago


To the person who posted #57........ Just get over spygate that happened in game #1..... EVERYONE else has.......It didn't affect the games outcome what-so-ever..... What the PATRIOTS did that day (EVERY TEAM HAS) they just got caught...... Do you watch or listen to the sports reporters??????? ........ Get a life....... You know nothing about it...... Can you say "JEALOUS" ........that's what you are...... Say "JEALOUS"......... Better still, Just write 5000 times ...... "I am JEALOUS of the #1 football "NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS".........Because that's what you are!!!!!!!!!

2434 days ago

patriots suck brady is a whiner    

One could only hope that Tom Brady broke his foot. He is such a whiner and a poor sport. I have never seen a quarter back who pouts on the field or sidelines if something does not go his way. Grow up Tom.

2434 days ago


Why do people care how many times Tom sees his son? Bridget got pregnant without telling him. The entire time they dated he said he did't want kids and she said she did (she's ten years older).

Also, I've never seen TMZ staking out any of the Yankees so can you just leave Tom alone or show Eli doing whatever he does, oh right, he's neither cute nor dating a supermodel

Tom has places in Boston and NY/unless he got rid of his NY place and just stays with Gisele

2434 days ago


#61 That is still no excuse to act like an ass all the time. He could put a smile on and at least pretend to be happy. He won't answer anybodys questions and walks around like he is the most miserable man on the planet. A camera doesn't change a personality, it only brings out what you already are!

2434 days ago


I agree he still doesn't have to walk around like he is so miserable. Put a smile on that face!

2434 days ago
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