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Brit Wants Therapeutic Visitation

1/22/2008 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' lawyers will go to court tomorrow and ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to allow Brit "monitored visitation in a therapeutic setting."

TMZ has learned Brit's family and professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to get Britney mental help. As TMZ first reported, Britney has some sort of bipolar disorder. We know the plan is not involuntary commitment -- under the law she's simply not a candidate. It's not voluntarily commitment either -- Brit has refused to do that. The family and professionals have devised a different way of getting her evaluated and hopefully treated.

But there's a rub, which we'll explain in the next post.

The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Don't know if Brit and K-Fed will show, but it's certainly not out of the question.


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There is no reason that Britney shouldnt be allowed to see her boys in the appropriate setting. The boys may be "fine" but the long term effects of not seeing their mother is very damaging to the children. K-Fed is using his children as a way to collect"child support" payments from Britney. It is well known that men often fight for custody as a ploy and as a way to avoid paying child support to the mother. this situation is just reversed. If she gets the children, he loses the large ammount of child support that she has been ordered to pay him every month.If kfed truly cares for his children he would wants what best for them and that is to visit with their mother. Am I the only one who remembers him out partying every night immediately following the birth of his two children. If Britney is crazy, then he drove her too it! Goodluck Britney..everyone loves a comeback story!!

2429 days ago


The boys are not "suffering". They are finally getting some relief from this narcissistic substance abuser who has been causing catastrophe in their lives. So now comes "not an involuntary committment"because she doesn't meet the criteria" and not an "involuntary committment because she has refused that suggestion". But she wants to see the kids "in a supervised theraputic setting"?!!!!!!!!!! That's why they assigned a monitor to be with her when she saw the kids at home.
This woman is completely worthless. Take the kids away and let her play whatever self destructive games she wants to play until nature takes it's inevitable course.

2429 days ago


Why can't she be involuntarily committed? This seems to me to be what someone should be doing.

2429 days ago

Hey...whatever works, at least she is wanting to see her babies! Good Luck Britney!

2429 days ago


hahaha, I like the comments made by # 5.

2429 days ago


I hope that scag doesn't show up. I have it made right now, I don't have to work, I can sit at home all day and Britney sends me money. What a life I have. I even get a little nooky from sexy girls that think I am hot when I tell them my pitiful story. Please people don't mess up my dream life and make me get out and get a job. I can't handle that mean world out there. (I'm going to ask for a raise and I'll let you know if I get it)

2429 days ago


'Creative treatment', eh?! Sounds more like special treatment, cause she's rich & famous. So the system's supposed to change just for special little Britney because she doesn't want to seek the normal treatment required?! I hope she never sees her kids again for sure after that 'creative treatment' stunt.

2429 days ago

Wow - Ugliness    

45. 6. Get a frik-in life, K-Fed is the only stable one in those kid's life, It sure as hell isn't the MOM that walked out of the courthouse (not courtroom) mummbleing I'm just not into it!!! Then ran off with A the Pap freak for the weekend! Hope the judge throw's her ass in rehab, before he even let's her near those boy's! She may need help but it would come faster if she was told NO for once instead of getting her own way! By a piss off MOM with two boy's that would fight for them if it killed me!!!!

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! K-Fed, educated or NOT, is the only person who has stepped up and looked after these kids. Britney has been too busy driving all over town dressing like a skank-ho and picking up random men!!!! She's been acting like a two dollar prostitute and I CAN'T BELIEVE SOME OF YOU WANT HER TO HAVE HER KIDS!!! CAN'T YOU SEE SHE'S UNFIT?!?????!?!!?

2429 days ago


Well, at least your comment of a "creative way" to get counseling is a secret, and she's not sure to find out now that it's posted on your website.

2429 days ago


47. Brittney needs to see her kids. Kudos to her for doing whatever it takes. If the Paps could leave her alone for a month, I think she has a chance of survival and recovery.....Give those babies a kiss from me ;-)

Posted at 1:13PM on Jan 22nd 2008 by PATTYCAKES

Kudos for doing whatever it takes??? Are you as ignorant as her??? She is not even close to doing whatever it takes to see her kids....not even close. If she was, she would have the kids and not K-fed. Please don't make stupid comments agian. It weakens the nation.

thank you

2429 days ago


Kevin did not drive Britney crazy. She was having problems long before she met him. Had she not been having problems, she would not have had her 55 hour marriage to Jason Alexander and she would certainly never have taken up with Kevin. No one made her marry him or have two kids with him. She dumped him via text message while he was out of town. Kevin is not the cause of her problems, he is a symptom of her problems. Only someone with psychological and emotional problems could possibly view some fellow who already had one child with a woman to whom he was not married, and had another on the way, as good husband material.

I don't think Britney and Kevin were ever in love. They hadn't known each other but a few months when they got married. They were just highly infatuated with one another. Or......they were not in love, they were in lust.

Given Britney's behavior, I don't think Kevin is involved in any kind of ploy to get out of paying child support. How much could he pay anyway? She displayed behavior and mental condition that indicated clearly that she had no business seeing her children, at least for the time being. He would be a truly rotten and irresponsible father if he just wandered off and left his two small children in the care of a mother who engages in bizarre behavior and appears to have little, or no, impulse control.

I do hope that Britney will cooperate with the psychologists and/or psychiatrists and gets herself straightened up so that her children with have both a mother and a father who behave like civilized human beings and can both be parents. It would be best for all them, but especially for the children.

2429 days ago


If Brittany truly has Bipolor and this is a way to get her treated, that to me, should be the most important thing. If Fed-Ex and Kaplan truly care about doing the right thing, then this should be considered. Until a bi-polor patient is put on meds, she's never really going to see things rationally or as we see them. Just ask Patty Duke.

2429 days ago


Hey, number 54 and others who think K-Fed is a saint. Get over it. He has nanny's that take care of the kids, bodyguards that drop them off where they are supposed to be, frequently can be seen in Las Vegas partying, has no measurable means of employment and is using his "spousal support/child support" to pay for his parenting assistance. He's no better than Brittney and if there was a God, these two babies would be put into foster homes and adopted out to a family that knows what an honor it is to have the title "Parent".

2429 days ago


YES! She should be allowed to see her sons! SHE GAVE BIRTH TO THEM!!! If she is willing to get help; and for now, is going to see them during 'theraputic visitation', then HELL YES, she should be able to! Give the woman a break... seriously!!! Maybe the pap. a--holes can let her do this in private?! ...Oh, wait...that is SOOOO not a possibility - what was I thinking?!? ...You go, Brit, and show these jerks you'll do anything for your babies!!!

2429 days ago


Sorry, but I'd have to go with K-Fed's attorney on this one.

You can't "bait the hole" with the boys in order to lure Britney in for help. It's not fair to her children.

Britney is going to have to stand up and admit that she needs help and actively seek medical/psychological assistance. For her to slyly say "I'll get help if I can see the boys while I'm doing it" is simply a way of getting what she wants. How can a medical/psychological professional have her attention when she's otherwise occupied with her children? Too much distraction.

Nope. I wouldn't be in favor at all.

2429 days ago
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