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Brit Wants What Judge Has Already Ordered

1/22/2008 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Commissioner Scott Gordon has repeatedly ordered Britney Spears to undergo a psychological evaluation but she has refused to comply.

We're told the Commish has issued multiple orders -- known as a 730 evaluation. Now, as we just reported, Brit's family and professionals have devised a plan to get her mental health help in a "creative way." But given his previous orders, the Commish may not be receptive, and almost certainly K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will object.

Evaluating bipolar disorder is a long process. If it's done pursuant to a 730 evaluation, the results are submitted to the court. If the Commish were to accept the alternative form of treatment, a doctor-patient privilege could prevent certain information from making its way to the court (unless the privilege is waived).

Here's the likely scenario based on what we're hearing: K-Fed (and probably the court) will not want Brit to bypass the 730 evaluation process. That could make it unlikely for Brit's lawyers to win a bid to regain visitation in a therapeutic setting.

We'll be live streaming video at the courthouse tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.


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just asking    

what will take a long time? reviewing her erratic behavior? family history of mental health? All they need and MORE has been spewed over TV, web and radio for a long time.
Girl is BIPOLAR.
Prescribe Lithium.
Done and done.

2403 days ago


Heidi...Yes, she does hunger for the's part of her addiciton maybe?? I agree that she is not living in reality. She had it all and has lost everything. I do fear that we will be hearing about her demise at some point. I'm sure you have heard that the Associated Press has already written her obituary. Would hope that that might be a wake up call for her. If not, maybe the sad death of Heath Ledger would be. The negative destructive path she has taken will most likely be her end.

2403 days ago


Heidi...Hitting the hay. Gotta get up early to go get and take my twin grandbabies to school in the morning. They are my heart. I am a twin so I am reliving my twinhood thru them. They live about 5 minutes from me. How did I get so lucky. Hasn't always been an easy road...but I think most of us can say that. So much to be grateful for though. Thanks, for making my day with your blog. Laughter is what keeps us young. We need to do that often. You take good care...

2403 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

172. Vanessa...KFed isn't asking for suport of his children with Shar because she is a good mother who takes care of their children.

Posted at 8:36PM on Jan 22nd 2008 by Debbie/grandmother

Um, even is Shar is a good mother, shouldn't SHE be GETTING support from K-loser for their two kids? Why should she have to bear the financial burden alone???? I've apparently missed something.

2403 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

And, please, tmz, I beg. Forget the streaming live video ...

2403 days ago


Tell us about the 730 evaluation, TMZ. Who does the evaluation? Is it a doctor? A doctor of the individual's choice. Or is it someone court appointed? How long does the evaluation take? You say it's a long process to diagnose bipolar. How long would it take for this 730 evaluation? Can it be contested? Since there's no true "test" for bipolar, the diagnosis would be purely subjective.

I've never heard a judge/commissioner could order a parent to have a psychological evaluation in a custody case. Unless the 730 is done by a top professional, the results could be erroneous and damaging.

In this case, the results of a 730 by an unknown evaluator could wind up in a wrong diagnosis that's damaging not only to Spears' custody dispute, but to her professional reputation, as well. I'd think her attorneys would be able to contest this order, and find an alternative.

2402 days ago

a mom    

Kevin pays Shar 8K/month and he has no income but the 15000 Britney gives him for the boys or that is what he says in the papers. He can`t get more unless he gets full custody, that he would have a chance to 20% of her income.
But it seems the law aren`t equal. 20% procent of what he earns is nothing, but he pays 8000 to Shar, but he is going for the 20% from Britney. 15000 is more then enough for 2 small boys.... Anyway I really want the best for the 2 boys, and if he is the best solution thn be it. But he should get a job and support his kid, without going after her money- that`s what bothers me, that hes going after the money
And the fact that si had to pay his lawyer bill made me sick, to be forced to pay someone to work against you, just not fair

2402 days ago



2402 days ago


Running off to Mexico with the married pap-beau, then pap-beau tipping off other paparazzi of times to photograph them
on the day of the court-date ($$$) Not going into court says "I don't want my kids." Also, it has been reported that her home
is filthy and she has proven herself unreliable throughout the years with her children's safety (ie. kids falling out of chairs,
driving with them on her lap, threatening to kill herself and her baby, etc).) No wonder a court monitor was with her. She is an immature, spoiled fit-throwing brat with arrested development issues. The court should appoint a young, educated professional loving couple to be surrogate parents for awhile. These little boys deserve a chance in their formative, impressionable years. Their loser, drug loving parents don't deserve to have them right now. The court is the children's best advocate and friend.

2402 days ago

Georgia Mae    

I love Brittany Spears. I just want her to get it together because I know she still has it in her. The tabloids always make things worse than what it really is. I love you Brittany Spears. I still have faith in you. Get your kids and become the best pop star/mother you can be. The folks cannot say anything if you don't try.

2402 days ago


After reading many of the comments posted here, it seems quite obvious that many of you believe you are not only qualified as a psychologist and psychiatrist, but you are so qualified that you can diagnose her mental state without talking to her or even meeting her in person, but simply through what's written about her in the tabloids (which we all know is completely honest, right?).

What I wonder is if you all know the reasons why Britney is behaving in the manner she is, then why bother with a psych exam? You have all done it for the doctors!

Until you walk in her shoes, you have no idea what she's going through. Until you are formally educated and have completed a formal psychological and psychiatric examination of her, then all your talk of somehow "knowing" what she's doing and why — based on the extremely unreliable tabloids (those paps you are all so fond of) — is nothing but a display of YOUR psychological issues.

Have you no compassion for a human being who's clearly in trouble?

While I do not condone her *reported* behavior, at the same time, I cannot possibly pretend to know what's going through her mind. I can't know if she's faking it or if she's bipolar or has multiple personality disorder. Or for that matter, I can't know if she has narcissistic personality disorder, for example, but if she does, could have it been created by her early stardom? Could she have borderline personality disorder. Or maybe paranoid personality disorder? She'd probably have good reason for that one. I wonder if she has schizotypal personality disorder, and if so, has it manifested itself to schizophrenia? Do you all know when and how schizophrenia first appears? It's symptoms? And if she does have schizophrenia, is she having problems with delusions? It wouldn't surprise me if she has histrionic personality disorder, and the sexual issues would fit that one, but then I can't say if she truly meets the criteria to be diagnosed with that or not. What is the criteria? Do you all know? And what about avoidant personality disorder or dependent personality disorder (now why would she be dependent?) or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder or cyclothymic personality disorder? I think it's probably safe to say there's a high probability she's dealing with some kind of depressive disorder, be it major depression, postpartum depression or perhaps dysthymia?

For that matter, does anyone even know positively if her disorders are behavioral or organic? Do they fit into cluster a, b or c?

Or what combinations of these disorders, which for the most part don't even skim the surface regarding psychiatric illnesses, could she be dealing with?

And then, what coping skills are we seeing her use? Is she splitting? Projecting? Acting out (it seems)? Or are we seeing her being aggressive towards her own self? Fantasizing and/or Hypochondriasis?

And this doesn't even come close to the various mental illness problems any person could be suffering from which would explain a person's bizarre behavior.

Since so many of you believe you are qualified to diagnose Britney from your favorite TV or computer, why not at the very least NAME the actual mental illness from which she is suffering and NAME the coping skills she is using? You could start by looking here:

That's the Mental Health Disorders section of the Merck online medical manual. It's not anywhere near as comprehensive as the actual DMV-IV, but it's a whole lot better than talking out your ass, condemning a woman who's clearly in need of help, pretending you know what's wrong with her, her motivations behind her actions, and her mental health diagnosis — as well as — being judge, jury and executioner. Who the hell are you people to say such horrendous things about ANY human being?

Makes me wonder about the mental health of some of you. Anyone with Anti-Social Personality Disorder in the crowd? Wouldn't surprise me.

I'm not a fan of Britney, but I am a compassionate human being that does not take pleasure in kicking a person when they're down. If agreeing to this "creative" request will resolve the problem of getting Britney to the help she needs so her children can grow up with a healthy mother, then why not. The point isn't to teach Britney a lesson. The point is to give those children the best life they can have, and if it is at all possible to give them a mother that is mentally healthy, then it is in THE CHILDREN'S BEST INTEREST that it be done. "Creatively" or otherwise.

2401 days ago
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