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Brit Wants What Judge Has Already Ordered

1/22/2008 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Commissioner Scott Gordon has repeatedly ordered Britney Spears to undergo a psychological evaluation but she has refused to comply.

We're told the Commish has issued multiple orders -- known as a 730 evaluation. Now, as we just reported, Brit's family and professionals have devised a plan to get her mental health help in a "creative way." But given his previous orders, the Commish may not be receptive, and almost certainly K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will object.

Evaluating bipolar disorder is a long process. If it's done pursuant to a 730 evaluation, the results are submitted to the court. If the Commish were to accept the alternative form of treatment, a doctor-patient privilege could prevent certain information from making its way to the court (unless the privilege is waived).

Here's the likely scenario based on what we're hearing: K-Fed (and probably the court) will not want Brit to bypass the 730 evaluation process. That could make it unlikely for Brit's lawyers to win a bid to regain visitation in a therapeutic setting.

We'll be live streaming video at the courthouse tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.


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Well of course kaplan/k-fed want it done by the courts and not in private so they can leak all the info and make this more of a witch hunt than it already is and to embarrass her even more than she does on her own...

2474 days ago


I'm sure everyone wants those boys to have a part in their mother's life. K-Fed has said as much many times.

However, her instability and antics are an unknown quantity. Personally, I think the boys need the stability that their father has provided and seeing Britney in a "therapeutic setting" (i.e., hospital) would tend to increase their confusion and anxiety.

No, Brit. You need to be stable before you see them again. Seeing your actions third-hand through the media are unsettling for an adult, much less a child. Do what's best for the boys and seek help. Then shore up your relationship with them. They are young and don't hold grudges.

If she cares about them, she will heal herself so that she can be a proper mother to them.

2474 days ago

Lena Madrid    

does anyone with real knowledge of the legal system in California know if Britney is getting "special consideration" or not? Is her situation unusal? I`m ot sure she does? but I dont know enough about how the system works. would be interesting to find out. Anyone?

2474 days ago


I'm hopelessly curious about this whole situation but also frustrated. Britney is determined to do things on her own terms. I assumed that since she'd participated in the deposition yesterday, a motion for visitation would be filed. I think the judge should be firm and not allow Britney anything before the February 19th hearing. So she attended the deposition and allegedly has dumped her paparazzi boyfriend and now believes that she should be rewarded with visitation ahead of the next hearing. I believe that the kids would have been long been taken from Kevin or a non-famous individual for constantly defying the court as Britney has.

2474 days ago


oh come on guys! don't you all have better lives than to follow each and every thing that britney does?

anyway britney, get your head out of where the sun don't shine! your head has been in there long enough :>


2474 days ago


I don't think Britney Spears is a mental case. Because she is a "STAR" (using that term loosely), she thinks she can do whatever she pleases no matter if it's breaking a law or not. That is it plain and simple. She is just playing with the media, K-Fed and everyone else! She is using every excuse in the book and it's not flying with me. It's amazing that the California court system hasn't seen thru her childish antics. One minute she is kissing the Paps behinds and then next she is telling the to eff off and she is over them. I think she is angry because now her antics are starting to back fire. Thought she'd get the boys when she had her little tyraid and look what happened. BUT, according to the mags, she would die for her children. Not true! It's all one big game and Britney is finally realizing she may have played her last card of stupidity! Time for her to enroll in some life classes....time to join the "real" world! Spoiled Brat! You don't deserve those two precious boys!

2474 days ago

Jusst saying    

She's got stuff to hide that she doesn't want the court to find out (besides that's she's nuts).

2474 days ago

Sexy B    

If Britney does suffer from BiPolar Disorder than she should not have any access to those children until she is medicated and even then it should be supervised visitation only. I knew a women who had the bipolar discorder and she ended up driving her and her kids off a cliff killing herself and one of the 3 children. SHE NEEDS HELP. Think about your children Brit. They are whats important in life not your music, booze, or money.

2474 days ago

Jusst saying    

She's so WHACK! She shouldn't be let anywhere near her kids till they find out just how crazy she is.

2474 days ago


Seems like the problem with the order is that it doesn't designate which of her personalities needs to undergo evaluation. Maybe if it was directed to "Britney Spears, and all other occupants"

2474 days ago

Jusst saying    

Ain't she dead YET!??

2474 days ago


Hey Glitter 516, I guess they let you out of grade school early today. Now, turn off your mommy's computer & go back to doing your homework...

This is typical SLUTney manipulation. She's been ordered to have a 730 evaluation numerous times by the judge, but has, in typical SLUTney fashion, decided to do whatever she wants to do ("no one tells Britney what to do!"). Now that she's had something taken away (it could have been a car, or her license, or her kids; it doesn't matter, they're just things to her), she wants it back, but will try to figure out a way to get it back without submitting to anyone's orders. So, they concoct their little plan, so that SLUTney won't have to do the 730. Unfortunately for brain dead SLUTney & her enablers, the judge is not going to budge on this. If she wants to visit her kids, she gets evaluated. Period. End of sentence.

Choke on that, SLUTney...

2474 days ago


The Brit should be banned from ever being within 100 feet of any child, especially hers,

2474 days ago


Failure to comply with a court order, generally finds people held in contempt. Which means a judge can put her in jail. Once she is in jail, and begins to have medical or mental problems, they will take her to the hospital.. She cannot get up and leave, there is no volunteer to it.

2474 days ago


Ok, how funny was it the other day when one of the paps asked which part of England she was from.....I was rolling!

The look on her face was priceless!

2474 days ago
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