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Heath Had Substance Abuse Problem

1/22/2008 7:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Heath Ledger had a substance abuse problem. A Ledger confidante tells us he had been clean for a year.

Contrary to several published reports, we're told Ledger had not been in rehab.


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PRAY for His Family, his Child, and his friends. they have to be devestated right now. Pray for Heath ! R.I.P. Heath. What an amazing actor. So sad.

2464 days ago


He probably O.D. on a SpeedBall. They also Found a Gerbel in His Broke Back

2464 days ago

BOEING 787    

People with substance abuse problems should seek treatment and should not be a taboo as it
is in the entertainment industry. this has nearly costed the life of Luke Wilson and HAS costed
the life of Brad Renfro, and Heath Ledger, this epidemic has to stop.

We discuss the the drug problems of Amy Winehouse, and Lindsay Lohan and how they should
go to rehab and pretend that this does not exist with the men but in the mean time these guys
are falling dead on the floor. This should be a call for everyone to get on everyones cases when
drugs are in the equation.

2464 days ago

Steve King    

I wonder if Steve King of Los Angeles hung out with Heath too- like he did with Brad Renfro? Let us get Steve’s thoughts on this latest tragedy. I;m sure he is glued to this message board

2464 days ago


i'm telling you heroin is huge in the hollywood circles,if you dont beleive it sit back and watch,i'm telling you.

2464 days ago


most of these stuck up hollywood people could care less about the little guy,there are plenty of other every day people dieing the same way,and you wont here one word about it.

2464 days ago


It's a scary thing when you read some of the nasty comments that are being written about this guys death. I can't criticize TMZ for showing any of the pics or videos that they do, because otherwise why are we all on their website anyway? But there is something that I do have a problem with, people who say the most nasty, ugliest, inhumane, unintelligent, and just down right moronic, heartless things about a human being that has passed who was a little girl's father and a great entertainer for the rest of us. Now go ahead and say something else stupid.

2464 days ago


Stop speculating and let the police do their job. If you have a confidante that is telling you this, then please enlighten us as to which drug he had a problem with?

Let his family heal without all of your slandering rumors.

2462 days ago


109. Tragic. An amazing talent.

Questions? Who, exactly, has pills of any kind "scattered" all over the room? Ever? For what reason?

Sad, sad.

Posted at 10:04AM on Jan 24th 2008 by NormaBates

Umm... my grandpa was found with pills scattered all over his room when he was found dead. Reason: was trying to take an advil because he was having chest pains, but his chest pains were a heart attack and he ended up flinging pills every where trying to get to a phone.

2462 days ago


There are people out there that have lost a son,brother,daddy,and lover .
I think that it is so ignorant yet not surprising of how much negativity that
is out there......

2461 days ago


I do not believe Heath had a drug problem. He was smarter than that. On the other hand, I am sure being stalked by the paparazzi 24/7 causes stress which causes people to act in ways they would not normally act. Even if Heath did have a drug problem, according to this "report" he had been clean for one year. This gets back to my belief that Heath was too smart for that. "If" he did try some drugs, he realized that it was stupid and quit.

2456 days ago


Let the man rest in peace because remember, even though Heath was an actor and always in the public eye, he was a person who has a family and friends. His young daughter is the one that will be most affected by these rumors and his death. Her father will not be there to teach her how to ride a bike or drive a car. Heath will not be able to hold his little girl when her heart has been broken by a boy or walk her down the aisle when she gets married. Matilda's dad won't watch her grow up and become a woman and she will always feel like a piece of herself is missing because she never truly got to her father. With these rumors it will only do more damage because Matilda might grow up questioning if he was an addict. Though Heath was far from perfect in his time here on earth I want to know who out there is? We all have our demons and sometimes they the best of us. Most of us are lucky and are able to go through our lives without the stupid mistakes that we make being viewed by the world. I find is horrible and in lack of taste to constantly spread rumors about Heath after his death and taping his body being removed and then being moved from the funeral home was detestable. How would you feel if that was your loved one?

Heath was an incredible actor who's life ended in tragedy. He was never comfortable in the spotlight and his anxiety, along with his sleeplessness, travel schedule, and demands of a high profile life, could explain some of his behavior in interviews and other public appearances, As someone who suffers from anxiety and insomnia I know all to well the feelings associated with these problems. I have a hard time sitting in a classroom at times, I cannot imagine sitting in front of the world. I hope that the media can start showing some respect for the man, and if not for him then for his daughter, and stop spreading rumors and leaking tapes that only prove that Heath did not appear to be an addict. Leave it alone. So what if partied, drank, and was playing the field? If that was a "normal" person people would only say that he was living life and having fun. Why is it that because he was an actor these everyday and normal actions are looked at as such drastic and problematic issues? He was young and single...there was nothing wrong with him living a little.

2455 days ago
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