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Judge to Denise -- The Show Can Go On!

1/22/2008 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen custody battle has ruled Denise can do a reality show with her kids, with certain restrictions.
Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards
Charlie had objected to his kids participating in the show. But, during a closed hearing, we're told the judge gave the green light, however, there were general ground rules. We don't know the nature of those ground rules, but we're told Denise was "very happy."

No comment from Charlie's side.


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You have heard of scraping the bottom of the barrel, well when Charlie found this person thats what he was doing. What kind of Mother would want to exploit her cwn children in this way? The judge who is allowing this should be thrown out, if I were Charlie, I would appeal and try to get a different judge, one with MORALS. Denise Richards is nothing, she wants to be somebody but never will, other than the two-bit whore, no talented actress she is.

2433 days ago

hell with them all    

I bet she is crap in the sack and bitches ever minute.

2433 days ago


She has just proved once and for all what a c*bag she is. I can't believe- oh wait, yes I can- that she would exploit her poor kids like that. Hope the reality show tanks like her film career. She can' act her way out of a paper bag. She should stick to growing caterpillars on her face

God, I hate this stupid bitch! She and Pamela "Sex to cover poker debts" Anderson should both just drop off the face of the earth.

2433 days ago



2433 days ago


That biotch is all kinds of crazy. Poor Charlie having to deal with her for the rest of his life because of the girls. I hope they turn out normal.

2433 days ago

31 girl    

She is truley a skank for using the girls as profit!

2433 days ago


No one will watch the show. That's like Larry Birkhead using Dannielynn to make a buck. No one would watch him either. Denise apparently wants to do the same thing with their children.

2433 days ago


Ok. So, if your a celebrity, it's ok to exploit your children and put them on tv? How awful. These kids are already going to have an irregular childhood because they have celebrity parents, but why put them theu even more? Is she really that desperate to make some more money? Come on Denise. Pull your head outta your ass, and THINK!!

2433 days ago


There should be a law against all of this. It is beyond ridiculous that these kids who are "starring" in these reality shows, have no privacy to make mistakes, have confrontations, get angry, talk about their day at school... nothing. It is the equivalent to stealing a childhood; not because they can't be themselves. In fact they are encouraged to be real to a fault. It is stealing a childhood because of the emotional and developmental hurdles it throws in front of them. I've seen so much of this in the past few years on TV; "The Little People" to "The Osbournes", and much more in between. It's not fair to the kids.

It is difficult enough for young actors to transition into adulthood. I just can't imagine what the fallout is going to be for some of these reality show kids in the future. I would guess we are watching trainwrecks from the beginning.

2433 days ago


I just don't understand. What is this reality show suppose to be about? Denise trying to find a job? Raising her daughters? If she really wanted to be on a reality show she could have just signed up for The Surreal Life or Dancing with the Stars, I think her daughters are way too young to be on tv. If she wants to be on the show herself that is fine, but to have your young children on there as well, that's just horrible.

2433 days ago


If America watches this then I know it truly is the end of socity as we know it. Why would she think we are interested in her life? What has she done besides Charlie Sheen? Honestly who gives a crap about her and her kids!! All she is trying to do is jump start her lame career with an overused idea, a reality show! Give it up and go away into obscurity, raise your children and live off of Charlies money and leave US ALONE!! you no talent waste of space!

2433 days ago


Despite I feelings that Denise was a media whore, I always thought she was a good mother. Not any more. I can't believe she would exploit her children in this manner. Has she given any thought to what the future is for then-Britney Spears. I'm shocked that any family court judge would give her permission to do this.

2433 days ago

NO NO NO    

I am not a big fan of this lady but DAMN!!! You guys are harsh.

2433 days ago


Can the point be made any clearer to the taxpaying citizens of Cali that you have a problem? This judge is permitting the USE of children to further the blind ambitions of a talentless and even more selfish individual.

2433 days ago


If this show is going to follow Denise around, her daughters are obviously going to be with her. It doesn't seem like she's 'exploiting' them at all. It's just that she is a Mother with her children, & she needed permission from their Father for them to be on T.V. I'm sure that I am in the minority about this, but I really don't see what's wrong with it. Denise can't seem to win with some people. If she doesn't work, she's a 'gold-digger'. When she does get a job, people rip it apart.

2433 days ago
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