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Warner Bros. Issues a Statement

1/22/2008 8:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alan Horn, President and COO of Warner Bros. and Jeff Robinov, President, Warner Bros. Pictures Group have issued the following statement to TMZ. The studio is producing the next Batman film, "The Dark Knight."

"The studio is stunned and devastated by this tragic news. The entertainment community has lost an enormous talent. Heath was a brilliant actor and an exceptional person. Our hearts go out to his family and friends."


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People are so stupid and jump twards conclusions.... could this have been a suicide YES but then again maybe not... maybe a bad reacion to ambien which is pretty harmless you could probably pop 200 of them and not die, same with benzos like Ativan etc.... if they were prescribing stonger sleeping meds like barbituates then yes he could have popped a bunch and commited suicide but most drs will not prescribe those as the newer medications like benzos and ambien and lunesta take there place because they are safer.... we shall wait and see what happend from the medical report but dont call him a junkie drug addict etc if we dont know for sure could have been a blod clot or freak reaction thing

2466 days ago


Does this picture of Heath remind anyone else of Brandon Lee in the Crow?

2466 days ago

Michael Jones    

I was reading today's "" newspaper & the story "Conman exploits Heath Ledger's friends - January 29, 2008 12:00am" stood out, a cruel telephone prank scam fraudster conman by a man claiming to be the grieving father of Heath Ledger. Under the guise of Kim Ledger, the unknown caller attempted to procure personal details for his son's celebrity co-stars including his Dark Knight cohort, Christian Bale, Oscar-winner Halle Berry and Mel Gibson, by making an emotional plea for help to the late actor's film industry connections. John Travolta has also received calls. The conman slipped and said, "why Ledger's Perth-based parents would be calling from a British mobile phone number. This apartment death could very well be a homicide, although I wouldn't outrule Muscular Dystrophy as being the undiagnosed reason why Heath died, he also had Pneumonia. This fits the situation of the housekeeper having a key & entering the flat to then make herself at home not knowing he's asleep in the bedroom & finds money to roll a $20 bill but is startled by snoring then leaves so there may not have been any lightbulb changing order at all but just a made up story to make excuse. If a intruder already was in the flat in his bedroom that explains the messy situation whom may have had a video camera and is the CONMAN. Else a intruder came in after the housekeeper, Teresa Solomon, left the door unlocked. Whatever theres a problem in what exactly happened and the aggrevated matters of the Massage Therapist Diana

The Biker gang seems to have crafted a method of invalidating the efforts of Shirley Phelps-Roeper and her Baptist Church idea of a Freedom to harrass members of the families of soldiers being buried and the public by holding up a banner so no one sees what signs their anti-funeral gatherings are holding up. Besides that she has been arrested charged for contributing to a minor's delinquency (her son) provided flags that he chose one to trample on and that was a violation of state law. Most likely the best thing to do, I mean I don't condone burning churches but maybe a ring of fire would seperate the rest of the world from these tormented souls that believe it is a righeous thing to condemn our troops. Maybe also someone could start printing posters to get permission for the Terrorists in America to get a road map to their small Baptist Outlet to try to induct them their way so we could tag their bodies as they all try to make it to the Presidential Inaugural of whoever wins fairly. I mean its just not a legal act to say I gave the money laundered $11,000 to charity & think your out of the woods cause the illegal money still has a place in a courtroom & I don't believe in voting for a candidate that thinks this proper disposal way of cash & you shouldn't either. Both sectarians are wrongfully claiming a piece of Freedom that does not exist to claim. I mean Obama & Phelps are almost qualify for evilist doers club membership! TODAY - Indicted Obama fundraiser Antoin Tony Rezko (real estate developer and fast food magnate) arrested at his Illinois home by federal agents! $2 million bail. Whos charity has a need of a cash flow for Real Estate Occupation During An Election Campaign? I wouldn't like such a movie, but there have been worse movies made and some by Disney and some by Warner Brothers. Unfortunately she has trained her youth within the churches reach such things that are inconceivable by Christian standards. So two wrongs don't make anything right, Obama needs to forgive those working his campaign and step in and remanage the money right quickly to avoid the shame and embarrasment that will hit his campaign in the coming days and it will be to late voters will begin to get the impression he has no skills in the US legal system that they really need to pay closer attention to or they to can end up arrested and held creating themselves a criminal record cause they trusted the wrong candidate.

2461 days ago
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