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WWE Beefcake in Milan

Molto Bene!

1/22/2008 1:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Massive hulk John Cena appeared in Milan to promote the WWE -- looking like he's been eating his Wheaties -- and some kind of super duper bulk-up shakes! Who could hit that face?

Even his dimples are cut!

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I think he is a great wrestler. Plus he's cute and sexy. Who wouldn't love him?

2475 days ago


Can't people come up with something original for once? Not every well muscled man uses steroids, and I think the fact that he's never failed a random drug test proves that besides the fact that you have no idea what he does when he isn't on camera. Find something more important to whine about.

2475 days ago


wheaties???? hmmmmm.... should be more like "steroids anyone??" puh-leeze the only way someone gets THAT big seemingly overnight is with roids!!!!

2475 days ago


For all you guys out there believing Cena is taking steroids, get your facts straight....even CNN was put on blast for lying on Cena....its on the net look it up. Granted some of these guys do take steroids, for whatever reason, but there are those out, whether the number be few or great that DO NOT TAKE STEROIDS. Your assumptions on this one guy based on your generalized opinion on pro wrestling/sports entertainment is ridiculously IGNORANT. There are more than enough photos out here of Cena going all the way back from college, when he was a lineman, other photos when he was a bodybuilder, and then when he first got in to the wresting biz, where he was ALWAYS muscular and big. do your homework, before you assume on one person or anyone for that matter..

2475 days ago

Mike P.    

Any of you idiots who are criticizing the guy without even knowing who he is should just shut the hell up.

2474 days ago



2474 days ago

Joe Mastronardo    

He's juiced out of his mind. That's alot of growth right there...

2474 days ago

red rocket    

For those of you on the "hey wait a minute before you call him a roider" soapbox, you are missing and/or forgetting one VERY IMPORTANT piece of info regarding his 'natural' physique. This guy just had pec reattachment surgery 2 or 3 months ago. For you "Cena has always been muscular" idiots who are so upset that people would make the steroid accusation, think for a minute (it shouldn't even take that long!). P-E-C R-E-A-T-T-A-C-H-M-E-N-T S-U-R-G-E-R-Y!!! That also means NO upper body lifting for weeks after the surgery. Yet, he is THAT big this quickly after having a major pec (chest)surgery, and it is natural.

How freaking in the dark are you to believe that?

2474 days ago


Damn....Milk Does A Body Good!!!! Can't wait for John's RETURN!!!!

2474 days ago


He's maybe a nice guy but wrestling is borning when he's in it

2473 days ago


1st of all John Cena is sexii azz hell I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE HIM!!! N 2nd how come when people see sum1 wit big old muscles they think that they're usin steriods I mean we don't know if he is or if he isn't, but y can't it be that he goes to the gym to work out. I mean I have a friend in my high school with big old muscles and let me tell u they're from working out cuz our school has a cario room...I should know I have it as a class with that same boy in my class. So the people saying that he takes steriods are probably fat or they're probably jealous cuz they'll never have a body like MY BABII DADDY John Cena. Ya'll haterz need 2 get a life 4realz n stop hatin!!! like ma boo alwayz sayz "WordLife"!!!!!

2473 days ago


if any of u cena haters would take a min and actually watch his new dvd john cena my life u will realize that he was a scrawny kid who just started working out and eatin right, and as far as his surgery goes, go to wwe.com and watch the videos, both cena and the doc said that he could start upper body training a week after surgery, so do us all a favor and actually research something before u start making comments junior

2469 days ago
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