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Brit's Pap Pal -- I Want to Marry Her!

1/23/2008 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Crazy, meet crazazy: Britney Spears' paparazzi bagman -- whose wife just filed for divorce -- proclaims that he wants to marry Britney, and more shockingly, that Britney wants to have his baby.

Despite everything that has transpired between the two runaway trains, Adnan Ghalib tells "Entertainment Tonight" (via People) that their relationship is "far from over." He says that he didn't get involved with Spears to sell more pics. And here's a howler: Adnan claims that when Britney was looking at pregnancy tests at a Rite Aid, she was "hoping" that she was pregnant with his child.

Brady Boot No Big Deal

Looks like Castgate was much ado about nothing, because it now appears it was just a high ankle sprain. So much for the hopes of the Giants.

Football fans were swept into a tizzy when TMZ posted video on Monday of Brady limping with a cast. But sources say the sprain is minor and won't affect Brady's playing in the Super Bowl. The Boston Globe says that medical experts tell them the boot is just a "preventative measure."

Party Favors: Scotland Yard Looking into Winehouse Snaps ... Slash Taunts Axl Rose About "Democracy"

TMZ has learned that Scotland Yard is investigating those pictures and video that surfaced yesterday, showing Amy Winehouse smoking from a pipe. No charges have yet been filed. ... Slash (that Slash) burned ex-bandmate Axl Rose in an interview, report Rush & Molloy, when he said that the next Velvet Revolver album would be done after a "quick turnaround" -- because Axl, of course, has been working on his magnum opus, "Chinese Democracy," for over a decade. The two haven't spoken for even longer than that.


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How can anybody feel sorry for Britney?

She's not a bipolar nut case...Far from it.She's a retard who does what ever she feels like at the time.

She acts like she's about 14 years old...SHE LOVES ATTENTION...She's addicted to it.

She's not even a role model for her children..or anybody else for that matter.

She don't care about nothing..or nobody in her life...Just attention..attention..attention.

2472 days ago


just because she has another baby doesn't mean she'll get to see it. once an unfit, always an unfit.

2472 days ago


just because she has another baby doesn't mean she'll get to see it. once an unfit, always an unfit.

2472 days ago


I hope she has a little girl this time. She really wants a little girl.

2472 days ago

hot snot that a bad picture of Tom Brady...or is that his normal look and some of the others are actually GOOD pictures?

i watched that pap boyfriend/stalker/liar/bff of brit's yesterday on ET...he's pretty creepy

2472 days ago


When does the live feed start?

2472 days ago


Good gawd...if mother nature doesnt stop these two freaks from reproducing the Government outta..lolol..!!

2472 days ago



2472 days ago


He's obviously got a distorted view of reality. When asked what he would say if Britney asked him to marry her, Adnan said something to the effect of "who would say no." Um, I know a lot of men who would run for the hills at the thought of marrying Britney, so it's funny that Adnan seems to perceive that all men everywhere would be leaping at the opportunity to marry her. Yeah, gold-digging creeps like him wouldn't say no because it's purely a selfish opportunity to rake in cash from the union, get untold publicity and enjoy all the apparent bedroom perks she provides.

My gut tells me there is something sinister about this guy. Wife beater, maybe? I don't appreciate how he grabs Britney around the wrist rather than taking her by the hand. A few pictures from the two days before they "broke up" showed a strange look on Britney's face when he was grabbing her, a look that seemed to say "Hey, I don't like that." Add pushy, control-freak, domineering, chauvanistic to the list, too. He has totally objectified Britney into body parts and dollar signs, both of which add up to his own pleasure. If he succeeds in marrying her, he will be cheating on her within months. Get away while you can, girl! I'm not a Sam Lutfi fan, but if he has any powers of persuasion over Britney to keep her away from Adnan, more power to him.

2472 days ago


OKAAAYYY!- So the kids she HAS are throw away items( "Big deal, I lost two. Hey Adnan, lets make a replacement set!") Groovy!!!

2472 days ago



2472 days ago


************** marry HIM BRIT*********************8 HE WILL HELL YOU AND AT LEAST HAVE A FATHER FIGURE TO GET UR KIDS BACK..... ELOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO LAS VEGAS AND GET IT DONE

2472 days ago


I think that Brit is on this entire interview with Adnan. He is going to make her look good for her custody hearing and get back visitation with the boys. Britney is crazy as a fox and is trying to revive her career. All of a sudden she is giving her depo to Kaplan and looking into theraputic child visitation. If you think about it, her VH1 appearance bombed big time and I think she was afraid that it was the end of her career. All of a suddent her lil sis is pregnant and getting all the attention (especially from Mom) and this might have clicked in her mind that she should get out there and grab the spotlight. It really doesn't matter if the press is good or bad. She will have a ready excuse for everything anyway, it is a no brainer. The industry and public tend to feel sorry for the ones that go off the deep end and want nothing more than to be responsible (save them) for reviving her career. Of course they want the publicity too and it would be such feather in their cap. Look at some of the offers (American Idol, talk show / interviews, face on all the mags) she has been receiving. If you think about it .some of the combacks are great. A quick list of bad boys and girls doing well now.
Drew Barrymore
Robert Downey Jr
MacKenzie Phillips
Russel Crow
Madonna (at one time period)
Richard Pryor
She will come back strong and although she might act crazy....she knows it sells. I am in no way saying she is in perfect mental health at all......who really is?

These are only my thoughts and I wondered if anyone else saw it my way. I am being neutral as far as Brit goes, I don't like or dislike her. I care very much for her as a human being and the same goes out to those reading this. I do want to see her come is just the American way :) Let's face it...we all love a happy ending.

I also think she will be back with Adnan, the time apart was planned to set the record straight (Brit is ok and doing well/wants her boys back, not doing drugs).

I hope you all have a Blessed day and be good!!!! :)

2472 days ago


BRITNEY - **************** M A R R Y H I M******************. ELOPE TO LAS VEGAS AND GET IT DONE.. AT LEAST THE KIDS WILL HAVE A PAPPARAZZI AS A FATHER FIGURE... THAN, HE WILLHELP YOU AT LEAST TO GET THE KIDS BACK.... elope elope elope elope to LAS VEGAS//////////////////////////////

2472 days ago

getting irritated    

The only people who were in a "tizzy" about Brady's brace were idiot entertainment reporters who do NOT have a clue.
Even most of the people to posted comments on the video on TMZ were laughing at TMZ for thinking it was a big story.

Dumbasses. Athletes frequently do things like this in a pro-active, protective effort before a huge event if there's even a hint at a sprain or something similar. But since you guys spend most of your time following celebs around trying to get cooter shots, you obviously wouldn't know much about sports.

2472 days ago
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