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Brit's Lawyers to Commish -- We Have a Plan...

1/23/2008 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brit's lawyers did exactly what we told you they would do -- they asked Commissioner Scott Gordon today for visitation in a therapeutic setting, but it went over like a lead balloon.
Britney Spears
As we first reported, Britney's lawyers know they're up against it -- their client has some sort of bipolar disorder but has refused to commit herself to a mental hospital for evaluation and treatment. She cannot be involuntarily committed. So, her lawyers and family have devised a "creative way" of treating Brit, and they wanted the Commish to let her visit the kids while she undergoes treatment.

We're told Commish Gordon was unmoved, especially since he has repeatedly ordered Brit to undergo a court-ordered psych evaluation, but she has refused.

We're also told Brit's lawyers said this "creative" treatment has not yet commenced.


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7. What happens if a person disobeys a court order? (the psych evaluation). Is she breaking the law ?

Posted at 1:55PM on Jan 23rd 2008 by Cake
WOW. That is an EXCELLENT question. If the judge has ordered an evaluation, and she refuses, isn't she breaking the law? Can't she be arrested for this?

2463 days ago

darrell curnow    

i know you know i know i know your watching me watch you watch me you revo ruiners

2463 days ago

W T F ?    

She doesn't want her kids. it's obvious. Besides, she wants new ones with Ahab or whatever his name is. Her attorneys are just trying to rehab her piss poor image. Good luck with that! There ain't no cure for that!

2463 days ago


If she is not doing everything in her power ( herself ) in order to get her kids back, shame on her. She doesnt deserve them.
Enough already, keep her out of the news and off TMZ!!

2463 days ago

W T F ?    

33. Suck it Britards! SUCK IT!!! She just walked out on her Own Kids! Suck it!!!

Posted at 2:19PM on Jan 23rd 2008 by FINALLY!!!*************************************************************************************

AMEN, FINALLY! I'm sure the Britards will come up with some lame ass excuse that will put the blame on someone else, never where it belongs - ON TWITNEY! I can just hear them whining now..

2463 days ago

Lori B    

I believe this next court date is the one where her attorney's are going to try to get out of representing her. Can anyone blame them?

2463 days ago


TMZ: Why do you insist on calling this "some kind of" bipolar disorder? Yes, there's a "Bipolar I" and a "Bipolar II" but they're both bipolar disorder. It makes you sound ignorant... like saying someone has "some kind of" pregnancy or "some kind of" bulimia.

2463 days ago


The woman doesn't want treatment. She feels like she is "O.K." Sanctions don't work, not seeing her children isn't working. There is nothing more important to Britney (apparently) than being and staying in control of her destiny.

She hasn't yet hit rock bottom and is not only not ready for help, she's defying the rules and denying that she needs help. Part of it is her "divaness" and the other part is probably bulletproof mania. It's hard to know where the mental issues start and the immaturity ends.

2463 days ago


high five to the commish!

She started this legal fiasco, He should just end it. Case closed with prejudice due to the petitioner's unwillingness to participate. It CANNOT be more clear..

Though she doesn't care, the skank got what she deserved.

Why not go along with the court's order? SImple.... She's not bipolar. She continues to fool everyone of you who think she has mental issues. It's called immaturity.

For the kids sake, let's hope she grows up before her kids do. Seriously doubt it.

Now she can go celebrate her continued freedom with lunch at LA airport while parking her car on the runway

2463 days ago


I wish Britney the very best in getting well & getting custody of her kids again. The media should be looking into what K-fed does instead of hounding Britney day & night.

2463 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Quit wasting tax payer money on this tramp's need for publicity-she has her lawyers call they meeting and she doesn't go inside-why didn't she just go get gas or Starbucks

2463 days ago

Amy Silverman    

slut whore human waste

2463 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

10. I love how you say 'as we first reported'...TMZ, do you realize how much crap you 'first reported' that is WRONG.

Leave Britney alone.

Posted at 2:00PM on Jan 23rd 2008 by cj

Hey CJ

WHY THE HELL do we have to leave her alone, why can't she leave us alone?????? stay home, take a bath, let someone else run for you but noooooooooooooooooooooooo she's a loser and needs to be hit in the head with a parenting stick. I wish they would let me do that part.

after she dies her career will be a blip on a footnote to someone more important.

2463 days ago


She's not as crazy as people think. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is a spoiled brat who has never been disciplined in her life. She truly believes the world owes her. SHE DOES NOT WANT THOSE BOYS. Her attitude is "I can always make more of them". She should be spayed or neutered - where is the old host of the Price is Right When you Need Him

2463 days ago


What did Kaplan say?

2463 days ago
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