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More Than Five Drugs Found in Heath's Apartment

1/23/2008 10:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath LedgerTMZ has learned what types of pills were discovered in the apartment where Heath Ledger was found dead.

NYPD sources tell TMZ that nearly full pill bottles containing the anti-anxiety medications Alprazolam (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium) and Lorazepam (Ativan) were found in the apartment. The sleeping medication Zopiclone (Lunesta) and the sedative Temazepam (Restoril) -- which is used by people with "debilitating insomnia" -- were also found.

All of the drugs were prescribed to Ledger.


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laughin' in Malibu    

"Nearly full"...yup, sounds like he just pounded those pills!! No empty booze bottle found lying near his bed or will that be your next post??

2431 days ago

chillout music girl    

The Australian newspaper is reporting that Heath's father, Kim, will be attending an event in Los Angeles at the end of the week with Aussie model Gemma Ward, the woman last romantically linked to Heath. It's believed the event will be a memorial service for the star. Gemma's mother, Claire, told the newspaper that her daughter is currently in New York.

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old's sister, Sophie (who's also a model), told the West Australian newspaper that Heath had sworn off alcohol at Christmastime amid a bout of anxiety over being unable to see his daughter Matilda, 2.

Sophie says that Heath was distressed over his split with Michelle Williams and being away from Matilda. He was "quite upset because he couldn't see his daughter as much as he'd like to," she said. "He was traveling so much and I think he was just frustrated with it all."

2431 days ago


Can you PLEASE just let Heath GO!!!
This was an accident!
He had NO intention of killing himself and leaving those who he loved behind.
Tired of seeing all of the speculations and false reporting done just so you can say you were 1st.
Please take into consideration that he has family and friends that love him dearly and all of your unfounded gossip is just furthering the pain of a horrific loss.
Would like to know for those of you that are posting as well as reporting if this was your loved one would you want to see the crap that you have been posting...?
Have come compassion...If that is possible..!?!?!?!

2431 days ago


It's all just so very tragic and sad...all these different drugs and no one that apparently "knew" or did anything about it.

2431 days ago

Jack, what's so wrong with Ativan and Valium?

2431 days ago


Of course we'll have to see how the toxicology report turns out, but if a number of these drugs show up in his bloodwork, I hope his family sues the prescribing doctor(s) for malpractice resulting in death.

Common sense would tell you this many drugs can create dangerous interactions.
Sounds like he spent too many sleepless nights watching CNN -- where drug company ads vastly outnumber any other form of advertising.
Instead of medicating an unhealthy lifestyle, change it.
(Oh, sorry, not the "American Way")

2431 days ago


If you were to look in my medicine cabinets you would find many different kinds of medications - that does not mean people take them all at the same time.

2431 days ago


A lof of people have prescription medicines, probably those same ones, in their medicine cabinets. I don't think he killed himself. I think he died due to an accidental drug interaction.

2431 days ago


That does not mean anything. It sounds like he was trying to find medication that worked. I've done the same and kept the ones that did not work too, just because I did not think about tossing them. You have to fill the entire prescription, not just get a few when you see if they work for whatever the intention is for getting them.

2431 days ago


Its been said on another site, that he was seen around 1pm lying on his stomach snoring. Is it normal to snore while lying on our stomach?

2431 days ago


The benzodiazepines are highly addictive substances. I've been taking clonazepam (clonazepam is 20 times stronger than valium) for the past 15 years and I will never get off of this drug completely. Over time the user develops a tolerance for the drug and needs higher doses of the medication in order to sleep. I can empathize with anyone who uses this medication in order to relieve anxiety.

2431 days ago


they never tell these stars no!!! those ass.kissers!!!

2431 days ago

me thinks someone's doctor is going to be paid a visit...

if it was suicide, he's an ass for leaving behind a baby girl..

2431 days ago


The type of drug isnt the cause for concern, it's the fact that he had so many RX's. Why on earth was he prescribed that my tranquilizers? I've bee on Xanax for a long time and I've never been prescribed more than one type of tranqulizer with more than 30 pills at a time. Wtf are these doctors thinking?? More needs to be done about these doctors who write off an rx for anything, it's ridiculous.

2431 days ago

charlotte quibodeaux    

why would any Dr. give all those meds in one time,he must of really been out of it,

2431 days ago
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